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We have talked with 115 athletes who mention and reviews pre-workout supplements.

RhondaLee Quaresma
RhondaLee Quaresma (female, 51)
How I Keep On Training Despite My Health Issues
I use their 3-whey protein source blend and Isolation whey Isolate, Juiced up Phytoformula Greens, Hype Nitric Oxide Booster Pre workout, Viper Rx focus energy fat burning good mood supplement.
Kiko Dos Santos
Kiko Dos Santos (male, 28)
This is How I Eat and Train to Build Muscle and Strength
There is no specific ritual that I follow to the tee. Although I do like to zone out when I work out, this is where owning a headphone company has its perks. Constantly having different prototypes to trial while working out. Saying that I could not preach to you how deadly the combination of having both good music and the right pre workout can be!
Jason Luv
Jason Luv (male, 35)
This is How Fitness Makes Me Stay Lean and Strong
Inside my fitness bag you’ll find two knee braces, gloves, patellar straps, a high altitude mask, pre workout packs and a jar of peanut butter.
Cindy Leach
Cindy Leach (female, 46)
How Fitness Makes Me Stronger After Breast Implant Illness
Vit D Glucosomine Potassium/Magnesium/Zinc Vit C Multi-vitamin Iron (every other day) Pre-Workout for the early morning sessionsSince I’m no longer competing my diet stays the same – cheating typically at least once a week.
Edir Terry
Edir Terry (male, 32)
How MMA and Weight Lifting Became My Lifestyle
As far as supplements I take BCAA, joint support and pre-workout. I do my best to provide my body with what it needs naturally.
Christian Wilson
Christian Wilson (male, 34)
How I Went from Living in a Tent to the World Stage of Bodybuilding
My gym bag contains a weight belt, chalk, straps and knee sleeves as well as gummy bears for those extra gruelling sessions. I rarely use pre workout and rather take EAAs and maltodextrin during workout.
Derina Wilson
Derina Wilson (female, 40)
How I Got Stronger and More Motivated After Breast Cancer
I take a pre workout from my sponsor Nutrition53 before my workout and I eat a clean meal of protein and veggies after my workout or a protein shake from Nutrition53.
Jaime Cerda
Jaime Cerda (male, 36)
How I Eat, Train and Stay in Shape to Achieve My Pro Card
Before any session, a good preworkout party ritual is always the best start to a workout. Preworkout, creatine and tunes. The best. My favourite pre at the moment is C4 HD by Cellucor. It just feels like such a crisp burst of energy and focus. Creatine, whatever is going cheap at point of purchase, it’s pretty hard to fuck up creatine.
Massimo Arad
Massimo Arad (male, 39)
How I Eat, Train and Recover to Get Good and Long-Lasting Results in Fitness
In terms of pre-workout. I am very peculiar, what works best for me is a cup of good espresso and that’s it and creatine every three months more or less.
Sami Rose
Sami Rose (female, 34)
This is My Plan to Achieve Double Bodyweight Deadlift
The only thing I really take regularly is EHP Labs OxyShred – I use this each morning as a bit of a pick me up – it contains caffeine and vitamins so it’s a great replacement for coffee, with almost no calories, and helps me drink a lot more water, so I prefer this to coffee. It also makes a great mild pre-workout with no crash!
Christine Phan Perrella
Christine Phan Perrella (female, 24)
How Working Out Helped Me to Stay Motivated and Cope with Sports Injuries
I start off my days by taking a multivitamin, echinacea, having caffeine and also taking fish oil. Throughout the day, you can find me using a mass gainer, regular whey, a preworkout, casein and occasionally a BCAA.
Sharon Orval
Sharon Orval (female, 56)
How I Keep My Body Healthy and in Good Shape at Age 56
The first thing I do after getting up is have a hot lemon water and head to the gym. (I don’t use a pre-workout, I don’t like the crash they give you), instead I have a black coffee on the way to gym.
Mandy Harbin
Mandy Harbin (female, 33)
This Is How I Fell in Love with Bodybuilding and Plan to Get a Pro Cardn
I take pre-workout and beta-alanine pre-workout, I take BCAAS during workout.
Annabelle Lemay
Annabelle Lemay (female, 24)
How My Father Inspired Me to Compete in Both Bikini and Figure
I do not take pre workout very often anymore as I usually workout in the evening and it affected my sleep. Other than protein and BCAA’ I am not huge on supplements to be honest.
Christopher Keverian
Christopher Keverian (male, 25)
How I Got into Fitness and Hustled to Get a Big Supplement Sponsor
My perfect ritual would be to blast progressive house music while drinking my pre workout and just amping up and vibing to myself.
Allan Ray Enriquez
Allan Ray Enriquez (male, 37)
How I Went from Running Marathons to Working as a Freelancer Coach and Myofascial Practitioner
I used to take pre-workout with BCAA and then drink twice after workout and before sleep of protein shake. It helped, however, when I was already taking yoga, I shifted to a high fiber, high protein, low carb diet.
Aakash Kehar
Aakash Kehar (male, 30)
How I Combine Fashion Modelling with Working in Engineering
In my gym bag, I carry fitness gloves, pre-workout, headphones, face towel, wrist support and chalk.
Taylor Bradley
Taylor Bradley (male, 27)
How I Got Into Dancing and Became a Professional Dancer for Cirque Du Soleil
If I’m lifting really heavy I will sip on some BCAA’s during my workout. I’m not a huge fan of pre workout as I don’t vibe with the chemically taste most have and feeling insane in between sets.
Maeve Kavanagh
Maeve Kavanagh (female, 29)
How I Stay Strong and Fit Without Having to Suffer and Do Endless Cardio
Before my training sessions I usually take a pre workout, I like trying out different ones every month to be honest, but my favourite is probably Anabolix loaded, it’s pretty hectic!
Brad Feinberg
Brad Feinberg (male, 31)
How I Work as Personal Trainer to Imagine Dragons' Dan Reynolds
I train with Dan Reynolds, you could say he is my training partner even though I am his personal trainer. I take AI supplements both pre workout and intra workout. Dan and I both train at Life Time Fitness in Summerlin, Las Vegas.
Christian Wall
Christian Wall (male, 34)
How Injuries Taught Me the Importance of a Strong Body
I also take limited amounts of supplements. I use a pre workout, creatine/dextrose/BCAA’s in my intra workout shake and have a carb meal after training.
Alexa Towersey
Alexa Towersey (female, 41)
How the Gym Made Me Fitness Guru, TV Host and Head Trainer
If motivation is an ongoing struggle for you, I suggest taking before and after photos (visual progress is a powerful intrinsic motivator), finding a good pre-workout that will pump you up (a shot of espresso is simple and effective), downloading a new playlist, and/or visualizing yourself and how good you’ll feel after you finish.
Kory Beck
Kory Beck (male, 24)
I'm a Pro MMA Fighter. This Is How I Train to Compete in the UFC
Before my workouts I like to use the pre-workout Stage One from the company Clean Victory and post workout I use Optimum Nutrition protein powder.
Tertia Dippenaar
Tertia Dippenaar (female, 30)
This is How I Prevent Injuries While Performing Eight Shows a Week
I am not into supplements so my pre workout is sometimes strong coffee/green tea, and a piece of 70% dark chocolate, everything has to be sustainable for me.
Renny Hunter
Renny Hunter (female, 20)
How Fitness Helped Me Battle Eating Disorders and Depression
I cycle on and off supplements and vitamins, some days I need an extra boost with some kind of pre-workout.
Kevin Toy
Kevin Toy (male, 23)
How Fitness Help Me Stay Positive as I Pursue a Hollywood Breakthrough
Super-sets and Tri-Sets are incorporated in most of my workout sessions. I also use supplements but only 2 things. Ghost lifestyle pre-workout and Vivo life plant-based protein powder are incorporated in my diet.
Lulu Rentie
Lulu Rentie (female, 31)
No Excuses. This Is How I Worked out Every Day of My Pregnancy
I take a preworkout which is tested because of breastfeeding and a catalyst which is an amino. I use the company called AdvoCare, I’ve been using them for 5 years.
Aimee Corry
Aimee Corry (female, 26)
I'm a Personal Trainer. This is How I Combine Fitness and Acting
So, I walk in the door, get changed instantly, have my gym bag already prepared, headphones in, grab my pre-workout snack and leave. No time to second guess or talk myself out of it. In and out, music on. As soon as I am in my car and on the way, I am glad to be going.
Cody Stover
Cody Stover (male)
How Rocky Inspired Me to Get Fit and Become an Actor and Model
I feel welcome there whether I’m training alone or with friends. They also have great equipment, especially Powerhouse. Before I train, I have a pre-workout meal that consists of cream of wheat and a scoop of protein.
Kandiss Lewis
Kandiss Lewis (female, 35)
How I Combine Running and Weights to Stay Fit and Work as a Model/Actor
I don’t take any pre-workout and I don’t use any protein powders. I keep it clean and all natural. I don’t need to take anything to go workout…I just go!! I usually train solo. I have a couple of girlfriends that I can train with, but normally I go by myself.
Danny Walker
Danny Walker (male, 35)
I'm a Personal Trainer. This is How I Stay Fit Training at Home
My diet is fairly conventional, I eat to fuel myself but also to feel good. I want to move, look and feel good. I eat to support that. I haven’t taken a pre workout drink before training apart from coffee for years now.
Ivan Polanco
Ivan Polanco (male, 26)
I'm a Singer-Songwriter and Martial Artist. This is How I Balance Bodybuilding and Music
I often joke with friends that the only pre-workout I need is reading a Batman graphic novel or watching a Bruce Lee movie.
Assane Diop
Assane Diop (male, 27)
How I Started Powerlifting After Dealing with Sciatica Pain
My preworkout is coffee and a banana, they allow me to feel a quick kick and feel energized to push the hardest at the beginning of the workout, I then pack my bag that includes a strength belt, some amino acids, strength bands, airpods and a shaker bottle.
Brian Pankau
Brian Pankau (male, 32)
How I Work as a Strength Coach and Educate Powerlifters and Weightlifters
Usually I consume a Legion pre workout beverage and Performix pre workout. Both are simple in ingredient profiles such as citrulline, caffeine, beta-alanine, and creatine. I’ve learned those high stimulant based pre workouts just crash the body and had more negative impacts to my lifting than beneficial.
Helga Gudmundsdottir
Helga Gudmundsdottir (female, 45)
This Is How I'll Maintain My Sixpack Until Age 70
My diet is usually balanced and healthy. I just keep it pretty clean but on the weekends I allow myself some treats. I take protein in my oats, and sometimes I drink preworkout. I like the FoodSpring stuff, and also from Leanbody. But that’s about it.
Austin Dotson
Austin Dotson (male, 28)
I'm a Hybrid Athlete and Influencer. This is How I Stay Fit After Football Retirement
I’m open to training alone but I love to train with others with similar drive and goals. I’m not a big fan of pre workout as my mind is the only energy and motivation that I need to get me going.
Nyla Fuller
Nyla Fuller (female, 34)
How I Work as a Canadian Fitness Model, Bikini Competitor and Business Professional
Pre-workout drink: my favorite now is Allmax Amino-Cuts because it has 127mg caffeine, 250mg glutamine, 500mg L-carnitine and 725mg BCAAs per scoop. It gives me energy and focus without feeling “buzzy”. For bulking, I also add creatine and carb powder;
Chyl Robinson
Chyl Robinson (male, 27)
I Started Working Out at Age Four. This is How I Stay Disciplined and Motivated
I always use a pre workout. My current favorite is JAck3d. I take a scoop of that 30 minutes prior to workout. While stretching, I work on meditation. I enjoy having my protein in the form of an all fruit smoothie after my workout.
Gabriele de Biagi
Gabriele de Biagi (male, 29)
I Love Training! This is My Plan to Become a Better CrossFit Coach
I practice intermittent fasting so when I train in the morning, my pre-workout is just gallons of water and my post workout meal is lunch; when I train after lunch (this is my pre-workout meal), I prepare myself my favourite post-workout meal: a tasty Frozen Porridge!
Chyanne Jacomini
Chyanne Jacomini (female, 34)
How I Became an IFBB Pro Bikini Competitor After Giving Birth
Besides BCAA, I also drink protein powder once or twice a week. I prefer to get my protein from the direct source. I rarely take pre-workout, but when I do, its from steelfit. I take a raw powdered vitamin from Sport Formula as well as greens.
Shammara Abdulkhaaliq
Shammara Abdulkhaaliq (female, 45)
How I Feel in Love with Bodybuilding and Became IFBB Pro
My training lasts between 45-90 min with a scoop of BPI One More Rep Preworkout. In every workout, I
Hulda Waage
Hulda Waage (female, 35)
I'm a Vegan Powerlifter. This is My Plan to Become World Champion
I also use Optimum Nutrition Plant Protein Powder and Optimum Nutrition Pre Workout. All their flavours are amazing.
Lesley Maxwell
Lesley Maxwell (female, 63)
I am 63. This is How I've Competed and Won Over 30 Fitness Titles
With regards to supplements – I only use whey protein isolate (organic of course). I spend my money on quality food – all organic – and I eat fats quite generously – including saturated fats. I prefer to get my energy from fats rather than pre workout supplements.
Antonio Laborte
Antonio Laborte (male, 21)
I'm a Weightlifting Coach. This is How Fitness and Sports Impact My Life
The supplements I use are Ghost Pre-Workout, GNC Creatine Monohydrate, and Whey Isolate Protein Powder.
Goran Borkovic
Goran Borkovic (male, 32)
How I Made a Remarkable Comeback to Bodybuilding After a Serious Motorcycle Accident
As I said already, I don’t have problems with injuries so often because I’m careful with all the pre-workout prep and controlled movements and overload I’m using in my training especially, because I suffer lower back problems caused by four road accidents, especially the last one that was the hardest.
Terry Tomlin
Terry Tomlin (male, 29)
How I Keep Moving Towards My Fitness Goals After a Total Car Crash
I prepare me for training by pre-workout supplementation and pre-workout meal. And I take BCAAs after training for recovery.
Alex Serrano
Alex Serrano (male, 24)
I'm an NPC Bodybuilder. This is How I Plan to Become IFBB Pro
For supplements, I keep it pretty simple, with BCAAs, health vitamins, fish oil, protein, and of course pre workout mix.
Albert Shao
Albert Shao (male, 33)
How I Plan and Prepare for Bodybuilding Contests
At night when I train, I take a scoop or 2 scoops of pre-workout. I am currently using Pulse by Legion and I love it.
Allison Vaeth
Allison Vaeth (female, 28)
I'm an IFBB Bikini Pro. How I Train People to Become Successful in the Bodybuilding World
When it comes to pre training, I make sure I get in my pre meal. Normally a balanced meal is heavier on fats and carbs than my other meals. I am also a pre workout junkie. To warm up, I walk, roll, and do mobility stretches.
Lonnie Boe Pedersen
Lonnie Boe Pedersen (female, 44)
I’m a Champion in Body, Athletic and Bikini Fitness. This Is How I Became Strong and Fit.
My rituals before training are drinking two cups of espresso as a pre-workout. I always train in my own studio except from the above mentioned.
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