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We have talked with 2 athletes who mention INBF bodybuilding.

Lesley Maxwell
Lesley Maxwell (female, 63)
I am 63. This is How I've Competed and Won Over 30 Fitness Titles
I won my first competition which gave me the thirst for more. Then I broke many records by competing in the Open divisions – often against women half my age – and I won many titles including US Figure INBF World Title in New York to Open Classic Figure (ICN) even last year. So I’m still passionate in doing what I love. Plus, I love inspiring other people to be ageless.
Shelli Beecher-Seitzler
Shelli Beecher-Seitzler (female, 46)
How I Earned My WNBF Fit Body and Masters Figure Pro Cards in Less than Half a Year
Previously, I had randomly worked out maybe three days a week before I decided as a ‘bucket list’ goal to enter my first bodybuilding competition. I had about four to five months of training before my first International Natural Bodybuilding Federation (INBF) competition in September of 2018.

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