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Vertical Diet

We have talked with 4 athletes who mention a vertical diet.

Dan Stephenson
Dan Stephenson (male, 31)
How I Became a Competitive Powerlifter and Performance Coach
My diet is basic, and I do not follow any diet specifically. My diet mostly resembles Stan Efferding’s Vertical Diet in which I eat a lot of same foods that are suggested to cover your micronutrient consumption and I tend to eat a fair amount of steak and rice.
Nicolas Cambi
Nicolas Cambi (male, 30)
How I Train, Eat and Recover as a Competitive Strongman
I like the vertical diet by Stan, and follow something similar. Four main meal per day works best for me and 2-4 small meals depending on if its training day or off training. I like a lot of rice, it’s a great carb and I switch between brown and white.
Stan Efferding
Stan Efferding (male, 52)
I'm the Founder of the Vertical Diet, IFBB Pro and World Record Powerlifter. This How I Eat and Train
I started competing in bodybuilding since 1986 and weighed 158 pounds in my first show. I own The Vertical Diet, which is available in eBook format currently and the hard copy will be published in the spring of 2020.
David Liang
David Liang (male, 35)
How I Decided to Improve Myself, Got into Bodybuilding and Fitness Photography
Currently, I’m a big fan of Stan Efferdings vertical diet, I don’t follow all his principles but it’s worth reading, there’s a lot of good ideas in there.
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