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We have talked with 14 athletes who mention gluten.

Mindaugas Grazys
Mindaugas Grazys (male, 28)
How I Eat, Train and Maintain My Eight-Pack Abs
I’ve never tried any specific diets in my life, also I’ve never counted any intakes, etc. Nevertheless, I follow some rules as I want to be a healthy person and I have intolerances to gluten, lactose, eggs, pork, beef and some other difficult to avoid daily products.
Mariah Stock
Mariah Stock (female, 26)
How Fitness Taught Me Discipline, Confidence, Strength and Happiness
I have tried eliminating dairy/gluten/wheat/nuts/soy… pretty much everything delicious and seen no positive changes from it. So back to my delicious, balanced diet I went.
Christina Dy
Christina Dy (female, 44)
I'm a Pole Dancer. This Is How I Kept Training after Losing the Use of My Hands
I used to be very strict with my food — no gluten, no sugar, no dairy etc- that was the only way to alleviate my eczema. But now, post-cancer, I’m a bit more flexible with my food. Hey, life is short, I’m gonna eat cake on my birthday.
Erin Pash
Erin Pash (female, 29)
This is How My Pregnancy Got Me into Fitness and Nutrition
I don’t eat meat, dairy or gluten if I can avoid it, I do. Although I have a strong sweet tooth and my favourite chocolate is full dairy milk packed fruit & nut ☺ not the best for health but good for the soul.
Steve Silver
Steve Silver (male, 67)
How I Stayed Fit and Strong after Serious Powerlifting Injuriesjj
My diet is based on Keto and intermittent fasting. I limit my intake of carbohydrates and maximize my intake of protein and healthy fats. I have removed bread, anything made with processed flour, gluten and high sugars.
 Barbora Labidi
Barbora Labidi (female, 32)
I'm a Strongwoman Competitor. This is How I Became Strong and Powerful
I love meat like chicken, beef, pork, vegetables, fruit, yogurts, eggs, rice, potatoes, pasta, bread. I have also intolerancy to gluten and lactose so I need to be careful of it.
Marie Luo
Marie Luo (female, 24)
I'm a Yoga and AcroYoga Teacher. This is How I Eat, Train and Practice
My diet is far from perfect. I know what makes me good. Which is no gluten, less sugar, and cooked vegetables. I think everybody is different when it comes to the needs of his or her body, so one good thing is to try out different dishes, reflect how you feel afterward and read a lot about nutrition.
Sebastian J. Flowers
Sebastian J. Flowers (male, 31)
I’m a Transman Bodybuilder. This is How Fitness and Diet Helped Me to Transition from Female to Male
I am currently taking on-line clients and real-life clients in Brooklyn, NY. I also run a vegan food delivery service and cook foods, such as gluten free pizza and soy free teriyaki burgers.
Jada Kelly
Jada Kelly (female, 38)
How I Help Women Transform Their Bodies and Live a Sustainable Fitness Lifestyle
I’m allergic to gluten and dairy (sensitivities showed up after my second baby) so those items are not included in my life-giving foods. Generally, I stick to veggies, lean proteins, healthy fats and moderate complex carbohydrates. Treat meals work really well for me and I like to have 1 or 2 per week.
Daniela Leccisi
Daniela Leccisi (female, 36)
How I Stay Strong and Compete in Bodybuilding Despite Having Hashimoto's Thyroiditis
What I do now is keeping gluten and dairy to the minimum, no nuts as they give me a terrible water retention, and try to eat a good balance of macros.
Damien Rider
Damien Rider (male, 44)
I'm a Poly Athlete. This Is How I Train to Do Extreme Sports Around the World
I’m gluten free, dairy free and pretty much refined sugar free. Not because it’s trendy at the moment but just how I’ve been for 17 years.
Paul Chelemen
Paul Chelemen (male, 31)
How My Training Changed from Bodybuilding to Functional Movements after I Became a Vegan Father
I try to avoid gluten too and don’t consume any fatty products with trans fat or foods with any excess oils.
Adam Neth
Adam Neth (male, 26)
How My Training Has Changed and Improved since I Started at Age 12
Fast forward to 2019, where my approach to nutrition has pretty much come full circle. My diet now consists of mainly gluten free and diary free food sources because I have identified a food allergy with consumption.
Magda Xantopol
Magda Xantopol (female, 44)
I'm a Vegan Coeliac. This Is How I Went from Financial Controller to Fitness and Health Professional
5 years ago I have been diagnosed as Coeliac, that same moment I went Gluten Free for my health’s sake, becoming also plant based – vegan – the next year.
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