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We have talked with 21 athletes who mention kettlebells.

Amanda Cartner
Amanda Cartner (female, 56)
How I Biohack to Stay the Best Version of Myself at 56 and Beyond
Fortunately I have a barbell, weights, 12.5kg dumbbells, a few Kettlebell, a wallball, a TRX and chin up station – in fact quite a lot of gear: so I can keep going. Maintenance is the name of the game here!!
Helga Gudmundsdottir
Helga Gudmundsdottir (female, 45)
This Is How I'll Maintain My Sixpack Until Age 70
I usually just join a class and do the workout of the day in the gym that I work. But now I have some gym stuff at home, the virus is controlling everything so I work out at home. I have an Assault bike, a Bike Erg, some sets of dumbbells and kettlebells, a pullup bar-a-box, wall ball… some stuff to keep me going.
Lynn Montoya
Lynn Montoya (female, 50)
How I Made Fitness Part of My Life and Now Train 20+ Times a Week
For example, kettlebell swings in-between sets to get the heart rate up and burn calories, or pushups to failure after the chest exercises are complete, or jump squats in-between back squats. Performing supersets helps save time so a typical strength session takes no more than 30 minutes.
Alec Enkiri
Alec Enkiri (male, 31)
I'm a Strength Coach and Personal Trainer. This is How I Came Back Stronger After a Hip Injury
Other than that I try to incorporate a squat or deadlift variation throughout most of the year, 1-2 pressing and pulling variations for the upper body, something explosive for the lower body (sprints, resisted sprints, different jumping variations, weighted jumps, modified Olympic lift variations, kettlebell swings, etc.), and some form of loaded carry.
Steve Cotter
Steve Cotter (male, 50)
I'm the Founder of IKFF. This Is How I Combine Martial Arts and Fitness
Shortly thereafter, I was one of the first adapters to kettlebell training and was one of the first senior instructors with Pavel Tsatsouline and Dragon Door/RKC at the beginning of the kettlebell training phenomenon in the early 2000s.
Allie Edwards
Allie Edwards (female, 32)
How I Keep Myself Fit and Help Fellow Mothers Get More Healthy and Active
In our house, we have workout equipment in varying weights to accommodate each kid. That way the days they feel up for jumping into my routine with me they are more than welcome and it’s so easy to hand them their own little kettlebell or resistance band and count out their reps right along with mommy.
Bruno Salgueiro
Bruno Salgueiro (male, 35)
I'm a Professional Stuntman. This Is How I Train to Be Ready for Anything
Kettlebell swings, pull-ups, push-ups, sled push, sled pull, hammer strikes, lunges, dumbbell snatches, core work, and rope jumps to name a few of my usual choices.
Danielle Natoni
Danielle Natoni (female, 41)
How I Became a Full-time Fitness Professional and Got Featured in Fitness Infomercials
There is no lane of fitness I don’t love. Barre, kettlebells, battle ropes, CrossFit, HIIT—you name it, I have done it. I love training at home mostly, but will take it to the gym when needed.
Olly Esse
Olly Esse (female, 34)
How I Moved to India and Became a Powerlifter by Day and DJ by Night
I don’t do cardio, only heavyweights, max 4-5 reps and obviously 2’6 sets depend on what I’m doing. I start with kettlebell workout + just grab two plates and do all the other exercises with those, and I end with sets of deadlift or squats.
Veronika Mikulasikova
Veronika Mikulasikova (female, 25)
How I Got into Fitness and Started Feeling Proud and Invincible
For home workouts, I use the one with handles mainly for training my upper body (rotator cuff exercises, shoulder presses, various kinds of rows, bicep curls, crossovers, lateral raises). The short version without the handles is the one I use for my leg days (abductions, kickbacks, donkey kicks, hip thrusts, glute bridges, kettlebell squats, deadlifts with either using it to fix your tights for better contact or as a weight replacement).
Marc Mullen
Marc Mullen (male, 38)
I'm a Vegan Personal Trainer and Fashion Model. This is How I Push and Motivate Myself and My Clients
I would attend kettlebell classes to pick up technical skills from well-trained coaches and adapt them to my own strengths. There are so many great tutorials on YouTube so I was able to learn how to effectively use kettlebells over a long period of time.
Mallory Reilly
Mallory Reilly (female, 27)
I Was Diagnosed with Depression at 13. This is How Fitness Helps to Regulate It
Before and after school hours and on the weekends, I train clients in the city. Education and empowerment best describes my style of coaching. Training others to lift and work with kettlebells are my favorite.
Brittany Noelle
Brittany Noelle (female, 30)
I'm a Luxury Personal Trainer. This Is How I Train, Eat and Compete
For example: Pull day, Knee Dominant Leg Day, Push Day, Hip Dominant Day, and Core. Another example would be: Kettlebell day, TRX day, Barbell day, Resistance Band/Cable day, and VIPR day.
Azad Singh
Azad Singh (male, 28)
I'm a Vegan Personal Trainer. This is How I Developed My Passion for Fitness
Trying to go a decade of purely hypertrophy training probably would have bored me to the point of not entering a gym again. By switching in strength training, strongman, Olympic lifts, kettlebell workouts and very very limited grappling I’ve managed to always enjoy the process of improvement for over a decade so far.
Scott Shetler
Scott Shetler (male, 44)
I'm a Vegan Strength Coach. This is How Fitness Has Been Part of My Life for 28 Years
In addition to my degree, I am a certified personal trainer through the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) and have the following specialty certifications: Westside Barbell Special Strengths Coach, Tai Chi Healthways Standard Tai Chi Instructor, and World Kettlebell Club Kettlebell Coach.
Ben Palacios
Ben Palacios (male, 30)
How I Went From Hating Sports To Loving Calisthenics, Crossfit and Outdoor Training
When I train my clients, I use parks equipped with parallel bars and pull-up bars, and I bring resistance bands, a few dumbbells, and a kettlebell. It may not sound like much, but it’s all I need for a killer workout. Let nature be your gym!
Eva Tretjakova
Eva Tretjakova (female, 42)
How I Juggle Being Mom, Wife, Fitness Instructor and Bodybuilding Champion
I also have certificates in Step Aerobics and Kettlebell training, also Nutrition advisor where I educate clients about their dietary needs and how they can change their diets to improve their health.
Flaviano Silva
Flaviano Silva (male, 24)
How I Coach Entrepreneurs to Go Vegan, Train and Optimize Their Overall Health
My favorite things to use when working out are kettlebells, so my workout often revolves around multiplanar kettlebell exercises.
Daniel Austin
Daniel Austin (male, 36)
I'm a Vegan Competitive Powerlifter. This is How I Got Fit, Strong, and Powerful
The other ways I address low back strength and recovery on the other training days leading up to that heavy deadlift day are by doing deadlift variations with lighter weight and pronounced speed (deficit deadlifts are typically my go to for the increased hamstring stretch and activation), and lately I have been doing more high rep work with reverse hyperextension machine, as well as kettlebell swings.
Samantha Shorkey
Samantha Shorkey (female, 37)
I'm the Host of Jacked on a Beanstalk. This Is How I Became the First-ever Vegan WNBF Bikini Pro
Well, it sure has changed since having a baby! What used to be a solid two hour “BEAST MODE” workout in the gym every day has sadly turned into a 30 minute bodyweight/kettlebell workout at home during Harry’s naps (if I’m lucky.)
Taco Fleur
Taco Fleur (male, 45)
How I Run Cavemantraining and Stay Fit with Kettlebells While Traveling the World
After we closed our last gym, the main effort has been to produce high-quality kettlebell education covering all aspects of training and taking any person from zero to kettlebell superhero.
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