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We have talked with 17 athletes who mention and reviews CBD supplements.

Ty Lucas
Ty Lucas (male, 29)
How I Help Personal Trainers Become Great Coaches
Currently, I am also using CBD oil in the evenings and some magnesium citrate. I am a strong believer supplements only need to be used to fix deficiencies and the only supplements I use all the time are post workout and magnesium. I also rotate different proteins and magnesium to get the most benefit from usage.
Sara Pereira
Sara Pereira (female, 23)
How Fitness and Determination Helped Me to Accomplish Weight Loss
I try to sleep five to six hours a day, it might not seem like a lot but it works for me. My preferred recovery methods are: hot baths, stretching, mobility work, foam rolling and cryotherapy. I am also a big user and fan of CBD, which is 100% legal so do not worry.
Derina Wilson
Derina Wilson (female, 40)
How I Got Stronger and More Motivated After Breast Cancer
My other sponsor is Kannaway…a Top 3 in the world CBD company that helped tremendously in my recovery from my double mastectomy with zero chemotherapy, radiation, or Tamoxifen needed because my tumor shrank 75% after using pharmaceutical grade CBD for two months before my surgery.
Nick Stahl
Nick Stahl (male, 24)
This is How I Train and Eat to Maintain My Dream Physique
I try to get six to nine hours of sleep depending on the week and workload. I am a big advocate of CBD and implement most days. Especially when I am feeling a little run down.
Greta Rachel
Greta Rachel (female, 26)
How I Awoke My Passion for Fitness
Sometimes I use Vital Proteins Performance Recovery Powder, but typically, I actually use cannabis edibles or CBD oil.
Sharissa Reichert
Sharissa Reichert (female, 53)
How I Became a Popular In-home Trainer for Seniors in New York
I do take CBD oil for my arthritis pain. CBD has been a life changer for me. I have gotten benefits such as less anxiety, loosing water weight, less pain and I believe it helps lower my blood pressure (my pressure had been high due to not being able do cardio for 5 months).
Danae Vasileiadou
Danae Vasileiadou (female, 32)
I'm a Swimming Instructor and Personal Trainer. This is How I Inspire Women Through Fitness
On top of that, I am loyal to my cbd oil that has helped me so much with my sleep, anxiety and menstrual pains. It works wonders for recovery as well. I use oil from
Taylor Bradley
Taylor Bradley (male, 27)
How I Got Into Dancing and Became a Professional Dancer for Cirque Du Soleil
I’m not a huge supplement person aside from whey protein after a workout and some melatonin & CBD before bed (have I mentioned I love sleep yet?).
Chyanne Jacomini
Chyanne Jacomini (female, 34)
How I Became an IFBB Pro Bikini Competitor After Giving Birth
However, I do have a nagging ache with my hip flexor. To take care of that issue, I use a CBD topical pain reliever and a massage gun, it’s a deep tissue massage gun similar to the Hypervolt gun. ☺
Holly Noll
Holly Noll (female, 33)
I'm a Plant-Based Sports Nutritionist. This is How I Eat, Train and Stay Motivated
My current supplements: Magnesium for sleep, CBD topically for inflammation, Turmeric, Creatine, and AMF (always moving forward) from Run Everything Labs which has been a game changer for my joint health. Besides that, I eat Run Everything Labs Protein Powder and lots of food, lots of coffee.
Lynn Montoya
Lynn Montoya (female, 50)
How I Made Fitness Part of My Life and Now Train 20+ Times a Week
I’ve recently implemented a nightly stretching routine to help keep my muscles and tendons loose and limber. If my muscles are tight, I’ll foam roll; if there are knots, I’ll use my backnobber to apply deep pressure to the trigger points, along with Souljah CBD Intensive Relief Rub Lotion with Emu Oil.
Ciara Martinez
Ciara Martinez (female, 34)
How a Ketogenic Way of Living Has Helped Me with My Fitness Journey
I shoot for 7-8 hours a night and always make sure that fueling my body is a priority. I take Natural Calm magnesium and use Specktra CBD oil at night and this really helps with muscle recovery and a quality sleep.
Lucas Parker
Lucas Parker (male, 30)
I'm a 6x CrossFit Games Veteran. This is How I Plot My Comeback
CBD oil (extracted from hemp) is my newest tool. It feels like it acts on both the brain and the muscles. I get a good feeling of calm and relaxation pretty quickly after using the drops under the tongue. It is a more expensive product, but the ease, effectiveness, and speed of use are excellent.
Beth Castell
Beth Castell (female, 31)
How I Compete in Bodybuilding to Prove You Can Build Muscle on a Vegan Diet
On work days, I train at Your World Fitness in the Adelaide CBD and on weekends or after work I train in my home gym.
Amy Newton
Amy Newton (female, 28)
I'm Vegetarian and Living Proof That You Can Grow Muscle Without Eating Meat
I take a lot of supplements, depending on where I am at the time – some regulars are vitamin D, magnesium, marine collagen, various probiotics, lysine, CBD and vitamin C.
Alex Carneiro
Alex Carneiro (male, 31)
How My Motivation Has Changed the Way I Train, Eat and Recover
Additionally with the incorporation of hot yoga, stretching, foam rolling, stretching and some CBD muscle creams; personal favorite is MyaDerm Extra Strength I tend to recover efficiently.
Erik Wachter
Erik Wachter (male, 28)
How I Trained and Became Really Fit after Excelling in Football and Lacrosse
I am considering experimenting with CBD oil from Element Health Supply to enhance sleep. I just purchased my first fitness tracker band. Its called “Whoop” and it tracks a lot of different health metrics.

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