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Protein Bars

We have talked with 20 athletes who mention and reviews protein bars supplements.

Rebekah Misiura
Rebekah Misiura (female, 26)
How Lifting Weights Helped Me Lose 50 Pounds in One Year
We do like to travel, but when we do, I usually pack our breakfasts in the yeti, we eat some trail mix or a protein bar for lunch, and then for dinner we will eat out.
Christopher Keverian
Christopher Keverian (male, 25)
How I Got into Fitness and Hustled to Get a Big Supplement Sponsor
I then always take EHPlabs protein shake after my workouts and creatine. I keep protein, different singlets, belts, wrist wraps, headphones, protein bars in my gym bag.
Alyssa Hotrum
Alyssa Hotrum (female, 26)
How Feeling Tired All the Time Made Me Change My Lifestyle and Get into Fitness
When it comes to social events or gatherings, I simply bring a protein bar with me or just indulge on one unhealthy snack there, I know it’s not going to kill me especially if it’s one night out!
Kayla Ross-Jackson
Kayla Ross-Jackson (female, 28)
I'm a Dance Choreographer, Fitness Instructor and Model. This is How I Make My Workouts Fun
My favourite exercises include cardio dance, barre, cyclefit, aerobics, yoga, and intense core workouts. Drinking a lot of water during a workout is essential, as well as eating a protein bar or adding my favourite protein powder Six Star Pro Nutrition Whey Protein. All I need is my towel, water, my best running shoes, and some good tunes to get my workout going.
 Barbora Labidi
Barbora Labidi (female, 32)
I'm a Strongwoman Competitor. This is How I Became Strong and Powerful
Sometimes I also eat protein bars if i don’t have enough time to cook but I know it is not so good.
Fa Biente
Fa Biente (male, 28)
I'm a Lifestyle, Travel and Fitness Influencer. How I Went from Overweight to Fit
In my sports bag, I carry my sports outfit for the session with gloves, shorts and a t-shirt, compression tights, as well as running shoes, a jump rope, a protein shaker, a booster and a protein bar that I’ll take at the end of my session.
Yash Vardhan Swami
Yash Vardhan Swami (male, 25)
How I Lost 44 Kg and Became an Online Transformation Coach with over 2000 Clients
Whey protein is an amazing source for convenience! Protein bars, snacks while travelling can help us.
Gabriele de Biagi
Gabriele de Biagi (male, 29)
I Love Training! This is My Plan to Become a Better CrossFit Coach
I use supplements such as protein powder and omega-3, I buy them on Prozis and i’m pretty much happy of their quality; on this website I buy many other products and healthy food, such as lean protein burgers, rolled oats, protein bars, peanut butter (which is my favourite product!) and many others. If you want to take a look, remember you can save 10% with the code COACHGABRY.
Kwesi Orr
Kwesi Orr (male, 37)
I'm an Entrepreneur Bodybuilder. This is How I Eat and Train to Become Awesome
In my gym bag: Lifting straps, a belt, knee bands, change of clothes (usually work attire), protein bars, water bottle (with creatine), towel.
Terry Tomlin
Terry Tomlin (male, 29)
How I Keep Moving Towards My Fitness Goals After a Total Car Crash
I usually eat a protein bar instead of a candy bar. I try to stay lean year-round. I always make sure my meals are prepped daily and that I bring my gallon water jug with me wherever I go. I try to time my meals so my blood sugar levels don’t drop.
Bruno Salgueiro
Bruno Salgueiro (male, 35)
I'm a Professional Stuntman. This Is How I Train to Be Ready for Anything
I do about 3 to 4 meals a day and snack a bit during the afternoon or mid-morning. My supplement sponsor Prozis has great options, anywhere from protein muffins to smoothies or protein bars.
Olly Esse
Olly Esse (female, 34)
How I Moved to India and Became a Powerlifter by Day and DJ by Night
And yes, when I travel I can stay even the whole day without food, so I make sure my protein bars and sups are there to save me. I just don’t like junk food.
Deniz Saypinar
Deniz Saypinar (female, 25)
How I Trained to Become the First Turkish Woman with IFBB Pro Status
Off-season I always aim to stay clean, but I eat more fitness food like protein bars, protein ice creams and luckily more basmati rice and oats 🙂
Debarghya Das
Debarghya Das (male, 27)
How I Went from 95kg to 65kg in Eight Months and Got a Sixpack
The easiest way to prevent cravings is to never have anything to eat at home. However, I typically keep generic brand no-carb protein bars to snack on, which are tasty enough to satisfy cravings but filling enough to prevent me from doing more than one.
Jeff Grant
Jeff Grant (male, 36)
I'm a Bit Fitness/Fashion Model. This Is How I Get Featured in Bodybuilding and Fashion Magazines
For supplements, I take preworkout and whey isolate protein powder, I also eat a lot of protein bars for meal replacements.
Tshireletso Madibo
Tshireletso Madibo (male, 30)
How I Made the Choice to Keep Training Even When Things Get Difficult
I prefer the paleo diet because it’s effective and old school. It focuses on whole foods with a higher protein intake, which helps with cravings. I’d have fruits, a protein bar or healthy fats like nuts when I have cravings. They help big time.
Rishiraj Kapur
Rishiraj Kapur (male, 40)
How I Went from Being Overweight to Living the Bodybuilding Lifestyle and Becoming a Fit Dad
I consume between 1800-2200 calories depending on what I am training that day. I have been able to manage my insulin better and hence don’t have hunger pangs. I love eggs in every form and just can’t get enough of it. I consume different kinds of protein bars (I go for the low sugar and no or low carb ones)
Eric Leto
Eric Leto (male, 33)
How I Became a Vegan WBFF Pro Fitness Model and European Vice Champion
I generally have backup meals like vegan protein bars (PhD Smart Plant Protein Bars and No Cow Bars), nuts and rice cakes in case we got stuck somewhere or flights are delayed. Especially in contest preparation, I prepare all my meals for at least 60 hours so in case something goes wrong I have everything in place.
Lars Besand
Lars Besand (male, 43)
How I Trained to Become the Strongest Man in Denmark at 105 Kg
I lied to you! I usually, during offseason, rush to the shower, and off to work with a protein bar in my mouth because my days are quite packed.
Mohamed Radi
Mohamed Radi (male, 25)
How I Trained Hard, Gained 34 Kg and Stopped Being Too Thin
If I feel hungry during my fat loss period and it’s not cheat day, I try to take a protein bar (usually a protein bar from Snickers).

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