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Yash Vardhan Swami
How I Lost 44 Kg and Became an Online Transformation Coach with over 2000 Clients

Yash Vardhan Swamis Stats When We Talked with Him 💪

25 years
193 cm
(6 ‘4)
75 kg
(165 lbs)

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👋 Hi! Tell us about yourself and your training

So, My name is Yash Vardhan Swami (better known as YVS in my country, India).

I am 25 Years old.

So, talking about myself, I have pursued law, I run a real estate and an online coaching and education company as my passion project.

All of this started with me, transforming myself.

So, I was an obese kid. 120 kg with very very bad lifestyle habits, which included hours of gaming, having junk food in every meal, poor sleeping patterns, poor posture. When I was 18 (back in 2012), I decided to change and then it all started.

Ended up losing 44 kg in almost a year but throughout the process, I made a LOT of mistakes because there was no one to guide me and due to a LOT of misinformation esp. in our Indian industry, which led to me wasting a lot of time ‘doing’ the wrong things, training and eating the wrong way, wasting money on supplements.

But, that ignited a spark of learning more, reading and understanding about human physiology, nutrition, lifestyle, health and psychology(which is very very important!)

Then, helped a couple of friend lose fat and transform. The ‘euphoria’ I got from helping them ignited that spark of changing lives. Because my own transformation was kind of life changer for the way I looked, my mental and physical health, confidence and what not!

Helped a few more people, made a lot of mistakes (in my own transformation, gaining muscle, regaining fat, eating disorder, etc., etc.) but those mistakes helped me learn more and more, make more mistakes, learn more and so on (this actually helps me coach better and understand my clients/teammates better!)

Officially started Trainedbyyvs (Online education and coaching business) back in 2017 and realised that how much people needed ‘right’ information and never looked back.

The response was amazing. People loved, trusted and supported our work, service and here we are!

Post that, just got hooked on studying more (pursued several certifications, travelled internationally for multiple mentorships, workshops and seminars) learning more, applying it and helping more and more people!

As I am typing this, I am in Bali for a fitness seminar with Ben Pakulski, one of the best movement coaches in the world!

⏱ Describe a typical day of training

A lot of times, we think we are training hard, but it’s not the same as training ‘right’.

Okay so, over the years and working with/transforming over 2000 clients, I have come to a conclusion, it’s not just about training. It’s about the WHOLE LIFESTYLE.

Training is just a piece of the puzzle.

So typically, my day starts with some sunlight exposure and earthing, having a lot of fluids, performing some sort cardiovascular and breathing work (very dynamic), eating, then I shoot off to my work (real estate and construction!), make some Instagram content (try my best to connect with our Instagram family and spreading knowledge on wide array of topics.

I train in the evening, post that, I work for a bit, spend some time with family, prepare myself for sleep, wind up and ensure we get eight plus hours of sleep.

Talking about training, I train for around 60 minutes daily, which includes weight training (remember, More is NOT BETTER. Smart work > Hardwork).

Best tip I can give for training is: A lot of times, we think we are training hard, but it’s not the same as training ‘right’.

Also, it’s not just about training but it’s also about how you train and the environment around it. The mindset, the nutrition, internal health, relations, sleep and the list goes on.

For body composition and health: Weight training coupled with cardiovascular work.

For mental health, mobility: Yoga and breathing!

For just burning calories: Any form of training/cardiovascular, which gets our hear rate up and we enjoy!

As for cardio, walking is my #1 due to convenience, ability to multitask and low stress on joints. Others being: jogging, cross trainer, stairs along with breathing practice are my favourites. I like to track my heart rate!

👊 How do you keep going and push harder?

Earlier, it was the quest to get better, get leaner, get vascular, get abs.

But from the past couple of years, it’s my clients #TeamYVS who have been working so hard whose journeys motivate me to work hard and practice what I preach along with the quest to experiment new things, get better, become a better and healthier human and making sure my clients do the same!

🏆 How are you doing today and what does the future look like?

Oh, life’s amazing. No regrets, feel like I am on the right path.

Aiming to help more and more people and change their lives in whatever way I can. Be it nutrition, training, health or just being a better human!

In five years, I do not know where I will be but will try my best to be a better and more aware version of myself!

🤕 How do you recover, rest and handle injuries?

I use the downtime to realign my motivation and focus on other aspects of life.

Best way to handle injuries is to not get injured. Haha.

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Best bet would be to leave ego, take a step back and learn how to take care of things. esp. nutrition and lifestyle to support the recovery.

Injuries in a lot of cases are just a disconnect between above three.

Also, if I do get injured, I think of it as a new chance to learn, make sure that I REST instead of pushing it and aggravating it (or work around it, if resting is not an option).

Also, I use the downtime to realign my motivation and focus on other aspects of life. Life should NOT be just about training or just about our ‘body’. They are important but they are NOT everything.

🍎 How is your diet and what supplements do you use?

Depending upon the phase (goals and lifestyle) I am on, I eat at least four meals daily with three to four servings of protein, seven to eight servings of fruits and vegetables (for micronutrients), carbohydrates around workouts (more on days I train harder) , enough fats to support absorption of essential micronutrient status, hormonal and joint health.

I tend to fast at least once a week (duration depends on goals and how I am feeling at the moment).

While travelling, I inculcate a lot of fasting, lot of PSMF’s (Protein sparing modified fasts).

Supplements; I think this answer should be different for everyone and highly based upon blood markers, lifestyle, health and goals.

For example: While traveling or for vegetarian days, I add in some whey protein, omega’s, a good multivitamin, vegetable extracts, greens, fibre.

For me: If we can get it from our diet, we do not supplement it. Real food is the king and supplements are an accessory, which can be used in specific cases (esp. in cases of deficiencies, genetics, lifestyle, epigenetics, travel, stress, food availability issues, specific goals, etc., etc.

Coffee is my favourite! But I make sure I go off it every once in a while due to stimulation of catecholamine pathways (which can eventually add up to stress if other stressors are not controlled). But on the other hand, it’s full of polyphenols and great for energy and focus!

So, a coffee in the morning and afternoon (not after 4:00 p.m.).

Night time regimen includes pre sleep chamomile tea (on some days) and ginger lemon tea here and there due to the health benefits!

As for social events, Balance. If I have a goal in front of me, then I only have Diet Cokeee! If not, I enjoy some bbq snacks here and there (which I preplan!). But I do enjoy my food while travelling. Using our #TeamYVS Travel Guidelines.

We are team #MyProtein. One of my favourite brands! So, I use supplements as an alternative to real food. I regularly use: Multivitamins, omega’s and vitamins catering to specific deficiencies. Vitamin d3 in my case.

Whey protein is an amazing source for convenience! Protein bars, snacks while travelling can help us.

👍 What has inspired and motivated you?

Now, my team/clients is the biggest inspiration, support from family, friends and the quest the learn more and get better and help more and more people and change their lives, like I changed myself.

Trying to become the one, old me needed!

✏️ Advice for other people who want to improve themselves?

It’s NEVER TOO LATE. There’s no deadline!

This is a complicated one. It would depend upon the person’s psychology and their experiences and situation.

But I would like to say that: If old me can do it, you can do it too.

If 2000+ members of teamyvs can do it, you can do it too and trust me, all of them have a different story, mindset, struggles. Hard in their own way.

Check them out: @trainedbyyvs

And last thing: It’s NEVER TOO LATE. There’s no deadline!

🤝 Are you taking on clients right now?

Yes, we are taking on clients right now (We do have openings every now and then due to limited slots (to maintain quality) and high demand.)

For slot availability: [email protected]

Grateful to have a very smart and resilient and like-minded team to support me and help me handle so many teammates and help them transform in the best way possible.

Working hard on improving our service day by day to give our clients the BEST EXPERIENCE EVER.

My common training questions:
Would weight training stunt my height?
No, it won’t.

Would weight training injure me?
Yes it might, if you don’t do it the right way and ego lift.

Does weight training make women bulky?
No. Gaining lean muscle would essentially help women gain lean body mass which would help them get that ‘toned’ look and eat more as we strip fat off (#CaloricDeficit!)

Is there any magical way of training?
Yes, the one which you enjoy the most and the one which you can sustain to!

Morning workouts or evening workouts?
Best timing for training is the one which is convenient for us!

Because sustainability is #1.

📝 Where can we learn more about you?

So, we have made over 1400 posts on our Instagram, full of transformations and knowledge (trust me, we have covered most of the topics, we have weekly Live sessions, Q n A’s, daily stories, full of motivation, knowledge and what not!)


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