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Classic Physique Bodybuilders

We have talked with 11 athletes who mention classic physique bodybuilding.

Alex Serrano
Alex Serrano (male, 24)
I'm an NPC Bodybuilder. This is How I Plan to Become IFBB Pro
Hi guys! My name is Alexander Serrano, I’m 24 years old, and currently live in central FL, and I’m currently an NPC bodybuilder, on the course of going pro. I compete in the Classic Physique category, which is where I plan on staying.
Tabraiz Gondal
Tabraiz Gondal (male, 36)
How Bodybuilding Gave Me Purpose and Taught Me to Work for My Dreams
My goal is to win Olympia and Arnold’s classic physique. I am working with a great coach and I have full trust in my coach.
Sean Harley
Sean Harley (male, 40)
I'm the Founder of Rock Solid Nutrition, IFBB Pro and 12x Cover Model. This Is How I Stay Strong and Fit
The next year I switched over to the NPC and earned my IFBB Pro card that same year. In 2016 I reached a major bucket-list goal by competing in the Olympia for the inaugural class of Classic Physique competitors.
Derek Duszynski
Derek Duszynski (male, 37)
Here's My Plan to Get on the Arnold Classic and Olympia Stages Multiple Times
My main goal over the next five years is to establish myself as a legitimate Classic Physique competitor in the IFBB and get on the Arnold Classic and Olympia stages multiple times.
Brandan Fokken
Brandan Fokken (male, 40)
How I Have Appeared on 31 Fitness Magazine Covers and in over 300 Magazines
2011 Minneapolis Gopher State Classic Physique 1st place
David Liang
David Liang (male, 35)
How I Decided to Improve Myself, Got into Bodybuilding and Fitness Photography
I’m currently trying to go for my pro card in Men’s physique, though next year I’ll be switching to classic physique.
Daz Hallett
Daz Hallett (male, 49)
How I Won Mr. Universe, Got Surgery and Then Won Mr. Universe Again
Now the Classic Physique division is growing in the USA, in both the IFBB and PCA federations, I have moved to the USA to carry on my career.
Ivan Blazquez
Ivan Blazquez (male, 40)
I'm a Vegan Bodybuilder and Triathlete. This Is How I Compete in Both Sports at the Same Time
In 2016-2017, I had some injury issues that emerged and sidelined me from bodybuilding competition but I still did some bike rides and triathlon races. This year, I’ve stepped back onstage in the classic physique division and have landed two 1st place finishes in master’s classic physique and a 3rd and 4th place finish in open classic physique.
Jae Griggs
Jae Griggs (male, 37)
At 237 Lbs, I'm One of the Biggest Vegan Bodybuilders. This Is How I Eat, Train and Get Big
Today my current weight is 233 lbs. I am working on putting on some lean muscle and maybe hit 240 lbs before I start cutting weight for my next classic physique show. I’ve had some bad bulks in the past so I’m doing this one right.
Shane (male, 35)
How I Prepare for the Classic Physique Division after 20 Years of Training
In 2017 I got my Pro card in Men’s physique and right now I am building up my body to compete in the Classic Physique division. Been training for 20 years.
Faisal Ali
Faisal Ali (male, 20)
How I Lost 30 Kg and Got Lean by Dieting and Doing Smart Gym Workouts
I just want to work hard enough so that in the next 4-5 years, I can enter major powerlifting competition or get into classic physique competitions.

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