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We have talked with 39 athletes who mention vegetarian fitness.

Nick Stahl
Nick Stahl (male, 24)
This is How I Train and Eat to Maintain My Dream Physique
I follow a Flexitarian type diet. I previously followed a vegetarian diet for the prior three years but added back in fish a few times a month to have a more versatile dinner palate to enjoy with my partner @Naonavarre and of late we have added meat back into our diets a couple times per month. This changes are examples of a flexitarian diet. In simple terms, it’s when you follow a primarily-plant based diet with meat & fish on occasion.
Stephanie Dunlap
Stephanie Dunlap (female, 36)
How I Went from Couch Potato to Marathon Runner in Less Than a Year
By the time I crossed the finish line of my first marathon in 2012, I had lost 60 pounds and became a vegetarian in the process. I now inspire other women to lose weight and regain their health through movement and eating nutrient-dense foods.
Anna Laurell Nash
Anna Laurell Nash (female, 40)
How I Train and Exercise After Retiring From 20 Years of Boxingjj
Sometimes I spent hundreds of hours training but destroyed it all with a bad diet and then had to cut weight by losing fluids. The key to a good balanced diet for me lies in long term solutions. I also chose to become a vegetarian for various reasons many years of my career.
CaliMarco PT
CaliMarco PT (male, 45)
My Body is My Gym. This is How I Eat, Teach, and Train Everywhere
I have tried everything in nutrition. I was hygienist, vegetarian, vegan, fruitarian, pescatarian and in my specific case (everybody is different and everybody needs a different approach).
Gelie Dela Pena
Gelie Dela Pena (female, 31)
How I Use Yoga to Cope with Anxiety and Stress
I follow a vegetarian diet as much as I can. With some days as an exemption when I would eat fish or chicken.
Nat Bardonnet
Nat Bardonnet (female, 45)
How I Became a Successful Celebrity Personal Trainer in LA
I am 80% vegetarian . Let me explain, I am French! I grew up with fresh, organic, tasty home cooked meals.
Alice Grandi
Alice Grandi (female, 33)
How I Combine Fitness with Blogging and a Busy Job in IT
I chose to follow a vegetarian diet about ten years ago for health, animal respect and environmental reasons.
Rafael Santos
Rafael Santos (male, 30)
I'm an International Circus Artist and Acrobat Gymnast. This Is How I Train and Work
I’m doing a Cabala Diet (21 days duration) and I’m really trying to be a vegetarian person, it isn’t easy but I’m trying!
Christina Dy
Christina Dy (female, 44)
I'm a Pole Dancer. This Is How I Kept Training after Losing the Use of My Hands
I’ve been a vegetarian for a year now, mostly because post-cancer, different doctors would tell me to avoid different food groups, and the common thing they allowed me to eat were veggies.
Hedda Liukkala
Hedda Liukkala (female, 29)
How I Got into Circus Training and Became a Cyr Wheel Artist
I am vegetarian, always going towards veganism. I think I have felt best when I was one year vegan and that’s my goal. I have been a vegetarian since 2014.
Peter Corbett
Peter Corbett (male, 27)
How I Got into Pole Dancing Without Having Any Fitness Experience
I’ve always been averse to animal products but just never understood why and one day I decided to try being vegetarian because I had a friend who was.
Amanda Cartner
Amanda Cartner (female, 56)
How I Biohack to Stay the Best Version of Myself at 56 and Beyond
I’ve been vegetarian for most (but not all) of my adult life. I don’t drink alcohol or coffee.
Tertia Dippenaar
Tertia Dippenaar (female, 30)
This is How I Prevent Injuries While Performing Eight Shows a Week
I went vegetarian four years ago so I aim to be predominantly plant-based and I think intuitive eating so I don’t have to track calories. I’d say I’m about 70% whole foods and 30% junk.
Katherine Petronaci
Katherine Petronaci (female, 35)
I'm an International Pole Athlete. This is How I Went from Pole Teaching to Winning Competitions
I’ve learned to really listen to my body and respect what it needs to be healthy and strong. So I don’t use any supplements at all, I stick to a primarily vegan/vegetarian diet. But I guess you can classify me as a flexitarian.
Aimee Corry
Aimee Corry (female, 26)
I'm a Personal Trainer. This is How I Combine Fitness and Acting
Since October I have been a vegetarian. I make sure I keep my protein intake high through vegetarian protein sources such as Quorn products, tofu, egg whites and Misfits Vegan Protein Powder.
Mirka Henriksson
Mirka Henriksson (female, 27)
How I Became a Competitive Crossfitter after Less than a Year
I take supplements like vitamin D and iron (when I’m eating mainly vegetarian food). I also use creatine and whey protein.
Haniyyah Tahirah
Haniyyah Tahirah (female, 30)
How I Became a Professional Dancer at an International Dance Theatre Company
My diet is mainly vegetarian, plant based. I love black beans, lentils, and small white navy beans for my protein and salmon occasionally.
Andi Bañez
Andi Bañez (female, 30)
How I Moved from Dancing to Yoga and Became a Full-Time Yoga Teacher
I don’t do any super strict diet but avoid eating meat as much as possible. There are months that I go vegetarian but not to the point that I am incredibly strict although I stick to it 95% of the time.
Austin Dotson
Austin Dotson (male, 28)
I'm a Hybrid Athlete and Influencer. This is How I Stay Fit After Football Retirement
Very recently I chose to cancel meat from my diet and I truly believe it was the best decision I’ve ever made as I feel the best I’ve ever felt. I chose to have a vegetarian/plant based diet, which consists of beans, lentils, quinoa and of course fruits.
Holly Noll
Holly Noll (female, 33)
I'm a Plant-Based Sports Nutritionist. This is How I Eat, Train and Stay Motivated
While waiting for a ride and aimlessly flipping through a rack of various types of reading in a co cop in San Francisco, I found a “zine” with a short article on the connection between the dairy industry and it’s oppression of female reproductive and sexual freedom. This made the hypocrisy of the feminist vegetarian lifestyle I was currently living immediately apparent. I went vegan that day.
Sebastian J. Flowers
Sebastian J. Flowers (male, 31)
I’m a Transman Bodybuilder. This is How Fitness and Diet Helped Me to Transition from Female to Male
The diet that I follow is called Alkaline Veganism. I’ve been following this diet for nearly five years. Before that I was just a vegan for another five years. And before that I was vegetarian for seven years. I’ve been living a health conscious life for about 17 years.
Pamela Jean Noble
Pamela Jean Noble (female, 31)
I'm an Actress and Model. This is How I Stayed Healthy During My Pregnancy
The only situations I have run into now based on that I don’t follow a meal plan is if there are vegan or vegetarian options at an event. Which at that point we will normally leave early because I can get hungry.
Caroline Klebl
Caroline Klebl (female, 42)
How I Got into Yoga and Have Been Teaching for Over 20 Years
I maintain a lacto-vegetarian diet. According to yoga philosophy, a vegetarian diet is considered to be sattvic or pure. It is said to improve your health, purify consciousness and eliminate unethical thinking.
Ashlee Carignan
Ashlee Carignan (female, 37)
How My Body Has Improved after 15 Years of Pilates
I’m a vegetarian and a finicky eater! I 100% don’t eat enough throughout the day, which is not the healthiest approach to any diet. However, I’m working on implementing a new system either by juicing through the day—protein meal at night OR a meal delivery service.
Olly Esse
Olly Esse (female, 34)
How I Moved to India and Became a Powerlifter by Day and DJ by Night
My diet mostly goes from vegan to vegetarian, but yes, I occasionally eat everything I really look at my blood results every 3 months.
Matteo Maximilian
Matteo Maximilian (male)
How I became a CEO, Plant-Based Athlete, and Wildlife Conservationist
This cause inspired me to go vegetarian at age 10. Quickly after discovering how easy the transition was, I ended up going full fledge read-every-single-product-label vegan by age 12.
Morgan Mitchell
Morgan Mitchell (female, 33)
How Training Makes Me Love the Way I Feel Physically and Mentally
I went to a holistic doctor who told me that he believed in the blood type diet. I am type A positive, which according to my doctor means I should be vegetarian if not vegan. So I gave it a try and I felt and continue to feel amazing.
Nidhi Mohan Kamal
Nidhi Mohan Kamal (female, 35)
I'm a Nutritionist, Strength and Yoga Trainer. This is How I Eat, Train, and Meditate
I am on a 100% plant-based vegan diet. I have been completely off any supplements or animal-based foods for four years now. I was a vegetarian before that so there was a lot of dairy and eggs in my diet, I stopped consuming both to improve my acne.
Ryan Rakes
Ryan Rakes (male, 29)
How I Become Stronger and Leaner After a Decade of Bodybuilding
I’ve been vegan for four years now so I follow a 100% plant-based diet. I was also vegetarian before that for another four years. I’m vegan mainly for moral and environmental reasons, although I do also believe it’s a very healthy diet that has specific health advantages as well.
Wendy Broekx
Wendy Broekx (female, 51)
How I Started Competing in Natural Figure Bodybuilding in My Late 40s
Together we have also developed another business called Body Design by Wendy with range of Vegan and Vegetarian protein and superfoods.
Marc Mullen
Marc Mullen (male, 38)
I'm a Vegan Personal Trainer and Fashion Model. This is How I Push and Motivate Myself and My Clients
I found the less animal products I consumed the better I felt, digestion was easier, and I had more sustained energy, these were all instrumental in me continuing with a vegan diet. My wife was a vegetarian so I already had experience of eating plant-based and still feeling nourished and consuming enough plant-based protein.
Kuba Firkowski
Kuba Firkowski (male, 23)
I'm a Strength and Conditioning Coach. This is What Calisthenics Does to My Body
I’m a vegetarian for almost two months but I was thinking about vegan diet because vegan diet is becoming more and more popular, so I decided to try it, I’m just testing it. Few guys on Instagram I’m following are on vegan diet too.
Ines Schubi
Ines Schubi (female, 27)
I’m a Plant-based Fitness Coach. This Is How I Help Traveling Women Stay Fit and Healthy
I’ve been eating mostly vegan for 3 years now. That is to say that 90% of the time I’m vegan and 10% I’m vegetarian.
Azad Singh
Azad Singh (male, 28)
I'm a Vegan Personal Trainer. This is How I Developed My Passion for Fitness
Hi to all the readers here at Bulk Hackers. I’m Azad Singh, a personal trainer from Birmingham, UK. I turned vegetarian in 2011 and further went vegan at the end of 2015. I’m not protein deficient. 😀
Scott Shetler
Scott Shetler (male, 44)
I'm a Vegan Strength Coach. This is How Fitness Has Been Part of My Life for 28 Years
I don’t really take many supplements. I use Sprouts Vegetarian Glucosamine, Complement Plus (a combination of B12, D3, and a vegan sourced EPA/DHA), and MRM Creatine.
Shelli Beecher-Seitzler
Shelli Beecher-Seitzler (female, 46)
How I Earned My WNBF Fit Body and Masters Figure Pro Cards in Less than Half a Year
At 46 years old, I feel I have accomplished what others have trained decades for – I believe simply by the advantage of my vegan diet. I turned vegetarian around 21 years old after exposure to seeing the ‘real deal’ of animals being made into ‘food’ while traveling in Asia.
Kristyn Mahoney
Kristyn Mahoney (female, 25)
How I Went Vegan, Replaced 50 Lbs of Fat with Muscle and Became a Pro Bodybuilder
Immediately following the videos and watching a couple documentaries (Forks Over Knives and Earthlings), I decided to go vegetarian.
Amy Newton
Amy Newton (female, 28)
I'm Vegetarian and Living Proof That You Can Grow Muscle Without Eating Meat
I’ve been vegetarian for 25 years and am living proof that not eating meat doesn’t affect your ability to grow muscle in any way!
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