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We have talked with 121 athletes who mention and reviews creatine supplements.

Ty Lucas
Ty Lucas (male, 29)
How I Help Personal Trainers Become Great Coaches
I love using supplements however, I am not taking many supplements any more as my nutrition covers all my bases. I use a post workout drink which is a hydrolyzed collagen protein peptide formula with creatine monohydrate by ATP science.
Christian Wilson
Christian Wilson (male, 34)
How I Went from Living in a Tent to the World Stage of Bodybuilding
I occasionally take creatine, glutamine and/or multi vitamins but this will be for a limited period and not often. There are some things I will be trialling to see the impact on my physique and health shortly but you’ll have to follow me to see what they are and how they work!
Rob Gallagher
Rob Gallagher (male, 43)
This is How I Keep Myself Disciplined and Consistent
My diet is enjoyable and varied. Quality Meats, fruit, vegetables. Sometimes I supplement with creatine. I don’t like the phrases “cheat days / cheat meals”, it implies you are doing something you should feel guilty about. I’ll eat some ice cream, chocolate or have a fry etc when i want.
Jaime Cerda
Jaime Cerda (male, 36)
How I Eat, Train and Stay in Shape to Achieve My Pro Card
Before any session, a good preworkout party ritual is always the best start to a workout. Preworkout, creatine and tunes. The best. My favourite pre at the moment is C4 HD by Cellucor. It just feels like such a crisp burst of energy and focus. Creatine, whatever is going cheap at point of purchase, it’s pretty hard to fuck up creatine.
Massimo Arad
Massimo Arad (male, 39)
How I Eat, Train and Recover to Get Good and Long-Lasting Results in Fitness
In terms of pre-workout. I am very peculiar, what works best for me is a cup of good espresso and that’s it and creatine every three months more or less.
Mariah Stock
Mariah Stock (female, 26)
How Fitness Taught Me Discipline, Confidence, Strength and Happiness
Things that you can find in my bag include: liquid chalk, creatine, snacks (I love food), prepped meals. I try not to use anything which I may become overly dependent on such as caffeine, music or gloves, regularly. I don’t ever want to find myself saying ‘I can’t train because I don’t have XYZ’.
Brock Ashby
Brock Ashby (male, 26)
This is How I Make My Fitness Programs to Achieve Better Results
I only use creatine as a supplement and don’t really recommend supplements to my team members. The 1-2% difference is not where their focus should be. Mastering the basics is what brings results, not fat burners, BCAA’s or glutamine.
Jonathan Ferland-Valois
Jonathan Ferland-Valois (male, 34)
How Fitness and Discipline Make Me Stronger and Better at Handstands
I have never taken many supplements, but I experimented a bit with creatine and beta alanine last year. I didn’t feel much of a difference, but at around that time, my weight increased to 165 lbs (at 5’5”). That could be due to many factors, such as squatting daily, plus doing multiple sets of 20 twice a week, forcing myself to eat even more, and drinking more milk in order to bulk up a bit.
CaliMarco PT
CaliMarco PT (male, 45)
My Body is My Gym. This is How I Eat, Teach, and Train Everywhere
When I train very, very hard, I supplement with creatine monohydrate, ZMA to help me to recover fast during the night and that’s it! Vitamin C every day!
Fadil Jun
Fadil Jun (male, 26)
How I Kept Training and Stayed Motivated After I Broke My Hand
The only supplements I use are before and after a workout: bcaa’s + creatine before training and extra carbs + whey + glutamine + bcaa.
Bijou Matumona
Bijou Matumona (male, 33)
This is How I Do My Full-Body Workout to Stay Fit and Strong
Before the workout, I drink 300ml Water with 3mg of Creatine. The right nutrition is very important in my diet. After that my workout starts with a warm up 10 minutes long to prevent injuries.
Albert Samuel Sackey
Albert Samuel Sackey (male, 21)
I'm a Fitness Buff. This is My Plan to be the World's Fittest Software Developer
I also don’t use supplements but the only supplement I tried once was creatine.
Ben Andrews
Ben Andrews (male)
How I Got Back to Full Fitness After My Ligament Tear
My personal experience with supplements did not help me improve much. However, try protein and creatine, you do not need anything else apart from good food, do not waste your money on all supplements out there, you could spend it on a nice meal out or a holiday instead.
Christopher Keverian
Christopher Keverian (male, 25)
How I Got into Fitness and Hustled to Get a Big Supplement Sponsor
I then always take EHPlabs protein shake after my workouts and creatine. I keep protein, different singlets, belts, wrist wraps, headphones, protein bars in my gym bag.
Chris Davis
Chris Davis (male, 49)
How I Got into Yoga and Started to Love Hand Balancing and Inversion
As far as supplements, that changes a bit. I take creatine from Bulk Supplements, vitamin C and D, collagen, ashwagandha, magnesium, and a few other things.
Sharissa Reichert
Sharissa Reichert (female, 53)
How I Became a Popular In-home Trainer for Seniors in New York
I do not promote the use of supplements. At my age, I probably would look a little better if I took creatine. I won’t, because I do not believe in supplements.
Christina Longobardi Paradiso
Christina Longobardi Paradiso (female, 35)
How Losing Everything Helped Me Focus My Strength and Dedication
30 min before training I have black coffee and a protein shake with micro dosed creatine. I use Humapro as my vegan protein of choice as well as con-crēte for my M-F micro dose of creatine.
Uracha Teerawanitsan
Uracha Teerawanitsan (female, 27)
How Crossfit Has Made Me the Fittest Woman in Thailand
Skipping rope Gymnastics grips Whey protein/BCAA/Creatine and shaker White board marker Tape with me all the time!How do you keep going and push harder?
David Wang
David Wang (male, 25)
How Fitness Gave Me Confidence and Took Me from Scrawny to Muscular
I don’t always use supplements, and typically the only evidence-based supplements I use are whey protein (Optimum Nutrition Natural Whey), creatine from time to time, fish oil and vitamin D if I’m not getting a lot of sun during specific times of the year.
Maeve Kavanagh
Maeve Kavanagh (female, 29)
How I Stay Strong and Fit Without Having to Suffer and Do Endless Cardio
Supplement wise, as well as having a pre workout and whey shake before/after my workout, in the morning I will take a multi vitamin, vit C, fish oils, probiotic, apple cider vinegar, and creatine.
Christian Wall
Christian Wall (male, 34)
How Injuries Taught Me the Importance of a Strong Body
I also take limited amounts of supplements. I use a pre workout, creatine/dextrose/BCAA’s in my intra workout shake and have a carb meal after training.
Cru Blanchard
Cru Blanchard (male, 17)
I'm a Football Player, Powerlifter, and Shot Put Thrower. This is How I Train to Boost My Strength
The only supplements I take are any protein and creatine. I have no big name brands that I gravitate towards, just whatever they have in stock at the store. The supplements don’t work unless you do.
Kyle Spears
Kyle Spears (male, 29)
This is How Competitive CrossFit Lead Me to a Career in Coaching
As far as what I recommend to athletes now from a coaching perspective: Creatine, Vitamin D, Fish Oil, Beta Alanine, and Magnesium. Outside of that a lot of supplements are pretty worthless, and you can get most of your protein and carbs from diet alone.
Mirka Henriksson
Mirka Henriksson (female, 27)
How I Became a Competitive Crossfitter after Less than a Year
I take supplements like vitamin D and iron (when I’m eating mainly vegetarian food). I also use creatine and whey protein.
Fa Biente
Fa Biente (male, 28)
I'm a Lifestyle, Travel and Fitness Influencer. How I Went from Overweight to Fit
Now, I use a program that helps for losing fat, with “Like a champion” for 12 weeks. I use the brand “FITADIUM” for food supplements like creatine, protein whey isolate, fat burn, booster, etc., and I eat healthy like white meat, vegetables (broccoli), rice , fruit, white cheese 0%.
Alex Crockford
Alex Crockford (male, 29)
I'm the Creator of Crockfit. This is How I Eat, Train, and Maintain Good Mental Health
I use reflex nutrition (feel free to use my discount code PTCROCKFORD50) and my day-to-day supplements are a protein shake, from whey and also a plant based one, a multivitamin, creatine, vitamin D, omega 3, and ZMA. 
Cristian Duque
Cristian Duque (male, 27)
Why I Love Sports and Fitness Despite Having Osteoarthritis
The supplements I have taken have been protein and creatine. I do not see an obligation having to take supplements but it is true that when you lead such an accelerated lifestyle, it makes everything much easier. 
Assane Diop
Assane Diop (male, 27)
How I Started Powerlifting After Dealing with Sciatica Pain
I usually take some creatine in the morning with breakfast, some amino acids during the workout and some protein afterwards. I usually go with ‘BSN’ or “ON’.
Brian Pankau
Brian Pankau (male, 32)
How I Work as a Strength Coach and Educate Powerlifters and Weightlifters
Usually I consume a Legion pre workout beverage and Performix pre workout. Both are simple in ingredient profiles such as citrulline, caffeine, beta-alanine, and creatine. I’ve learned those high stimulant based pre workouts just crash the body and had more negative impacts to my lifting than beneficial.
Francesco Pelizza
Francesco Pelizza (male, 33)
This is How I Earned My Recognition in Competitive Powerlifting
Near to competition, I also use Creatine-Ethyl Ester as it is the only creatine really useful for the human body without creating useless water retention and giving the best muscle functionality.
Landree Fleming
Landree Fleming (female, 35)
How I Work as an Actor, Personal Trainer, Nutrition Coach and CrossFit Trainer
Supplements-wise, I take Kaged Muscle Creatine, and depending on the day Bulletproof collagen, Optimum Nutrition protein powder, for plant-based proteins I like Vega and Nuzest, and ALWAYS COFFEE.
Nyla Fuller
Nyla Fuller (female, 34)
How I Work as a Canadian Fitness Model, Bikini Competitor and Business Professional
Pre-workout drink: my favorite now is Allmax Amino-Cuts because it has 127mg caffeine, 250mg glutamine, 500mg L-carnitine and 725mg BCAAs per scoop. It gives me energy and focus without feeling “buzzy”. For bulking, I also add creatine and carb powder;
Christopher Melancon
Christopher Melancon (male, 23)
I'm a Bodybuilding Coach. This is How I Lost 15 Pounds in Four Weeks
I do not take many vitamins or supplements. I take the Great Value vitamins along with C4 Pre workout and Optimum brand whey protein and creatine. Keep it simple until you have to get more advanced.
Alessandro Giovanniello
Alessandro Giovanniello (male, 26)
I'm a Personal Trainer and Online Coach. This is How I Eat, Train and Recover
For my diet, I follow the zone diet (40-30-30). Being a subject that I tend to quickly accumulate fat when I eat a lot of carbohydrates, I found refuge in this very valid diet. Even if it doesn’t, I use food supplements like whey protein, glutamine, creatine because they help recovery after workouts.
Janusz Kania
Janusz Kania (male, 25)
I'm a Powerlifting Coach. This is How I Plan My Powerlifting Competition Comeback
In terms of supplementation I take a multivitamin, vitamin D and creatine. My favourite brand for all supplements is Bulk Nutrients.
Holly Noll
Holly Noll (female, 33)
I'm a Plant-Based Sports Nutritionist. This is How I Eat, Train and Stay Motivated
My current supplements: Magnesium for sleep, CBD topically for inflammation, Turmeric, Creatine, and AMF (always moving forward) from Run Everything Labs which has been a game changer for my joint health. Besides that, I eat Run Everything Labs Protein Powder and lots of food, lots of coffee.
Kwesi Orr
Kwesi Orr (male, 37)
I'm an Entrepreneur Bodybuilder. This is How I Eat and Train to Become Awesome
In my gym bag: Lifting straps, a belt, knee bands, change of clothes (usually work attire), protein bars, water bottle (with creatine), towel.
Hulda Waage
Hulda Waage (female, 35)
I'm a Vegan Powerlifter. This is My Plan to Become World Champion
I use supplements to be sure that I get everything I need to be the best I can. So I use a multivitamin in the morning and also take 5g of Optimum Nutrition Creatine.
Adam Kuncicki
Adam Kuncicki (male, 25)
How I Work as a Vegan Bodybuilder and Supplement Ambassador
While preparing for the competition, I already eat 100% clean and reduce the calories from carbohydrates to about 2500Kcal. I also use, “Siła Roślin” supplements (primarily whey protein, creatine, B12, D3), because for me it is equally important that not only food but also nutrients be of the best quality.
Lynn Montoya
Lynn Montoya (female, 50)
How I Made Fitness Part of My Life and Now Train 20+ Times a Week
I used to take a LOT of supplements, but now I just take the basics… vitamin D, B12, zinc, magnesium and Omega 3/6/9. The only “lifting” supplements I currently take are Doctor’s Best L-Carnitine Fumarate and Optimum Nutrition’s Creatine.
Snir Azoulay
Snir Azoulay (male, 20)
How Superheroes Inspired Me to Become a WNBF Bodybuilding Champion
I don’t have any partner in my training, but if I would, I believe it would be nice but not necessary. I don’t have any pre-workout/intra workout shakes. Only after the workout, I consume a post-workout shake that includes: Whey Protein + Creatine, Glutamine, Beta-Alanine.
Antonio Laborte
Antonio Laborte (male, 21)
I'm a Weightlifting Coach. This is How Fitness and Sports Impact My Life
The supplements I use are Ghost Pre-Workout, GNC Creatine Monohydrate, and Whey Isolate Protein Powder.
Alec Enkiri
Alec Enkiri (male, 31)
I'm a Strength Coach and Personal Trainer. This is How I Came Back Stronger After a Hip Injury
I don’t take many supplements, just a few vitamins/general health things and I keep some protein powder on hand to mix into my oatmeal. The vitamins are D3, zinc, magnesium, fish oil, and creatine. I don’t stick to any one particular brand for these, I’m mostly just looking for highly bioavailable forms of the vitamins, but none of that Walmart stuff.
Goran Borkovic
Goran Borkovic (male, 32)
How I Made a Remarkable Comeback to Bodybuilding After a Serious Motorcycle Accident
Since I’m not a big fan of supplements and I tried a lot of them, I can tell I have experience and the only one that showed me it works it was and still is creatine. It keeps your muscles hydrated and gives you a bigger fuller look.
Simone Collins
Simone Collins (female, 33)
I'm a Vegan Bodybuilder. This is How I Eat, Train and Compete
My go-to supplements are Creatine, Protein Powder from PranaON, and a MyProtein Vegan Omega 3. I also use Multi Force by PranaOn (a natural vegan multivitamin supplement) and Super Greens.
Nicolas Cambi
Nicolas Cambi (male, 30)
How I Train, Eat and Recover as a Competitive Strongman
I both train alone or with others. I generally like a prework, creatine, carbs before work out. I like to make sure my body is ready, the right muscle group is activated for the exercises I’m focusing on that day. I warm up between 20-45 minutes depending on what I am doing.
James Anthony Emmerson
James Anthony Emmerson (male, 35)
I'm a Teacher and Model. This is How I Maintain My Six-Pack Abs All Year Round
When I halved my protein intake, including throwing out tubs of protein, creatine amino acids, I went on regardless, through the summer, while upping my cardio and dropping body fat. By the end of the summer, my bicep size was still the same, but well-conditioned and solid as a rock.
Albert Shao
Albert Shao (male, 33)
How I Plan and Prepare for Bodybuilding Contests
I also take creatine monohydrate year-round and I make sure I take my vitamins and fish oil. Post-workout, I do take a pre-workout shake to make sure I hit my protein intake!
Allison Vaeth
Allison Vaeth (female, 28)
I'm an IFBB Bikini Pro. How I Train People to Become Successful in the Bodybuilding World
I also use creatine, protein, and BCAA from Bowmar Nutrition when I need it. I utilize beta alanine and pre workout too. To add, I use BIOHM for my Probiotic, while everything else I normally get from Nutrishop.
Moaad El Maguiri
Moaad El Maguiri (male, 27)
I'm a Fitness Model and Online Coach. Here's My Plan to Get My IFBB Pro Card
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