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We have talked with 175 athletes who mention alcohol.

Michael Zerafa
Michael Zerafa (male, 28)
How I Motivate Myself to Become the Middleweight Champion
I don’t drink coffee and not a fan of alcohol so it makes it easy for me at social events as it doesn’t affect me in any way.
Rob Gallagher
Rob Gallagher (male, 43)
This is How I Keep Myself Disciplined and Consistent
With regards to alcohol, I did a 90-day alcohol-free challenge a few years ago. Ended up alcohol free for over nine months. Since then I’ve had an odd glass of wine but it’s always an anti-climax. I rarely drink.
Mariah Stock
Mariah Stock (female, 26)
How Fitness Taught Me Discipline, Confidence, Strength and Happiness
I have a very addictive personality and try to limit my coffee intake. I stopped drinking alcohol about eight years ago. I still go out, dance and have a good time though! I drink way too much tea… can’t have scones without tea.
Stephanie Dunlap
Stephanie Dunlap (female, 36)
How I Went from Couch Potato to Marathon Runner in Less Than a Year
In the way of coffee, tea, and alcohol, I drink one cup of coffee every morning, herbal caffeinated tea in the evenings sometimes, and alcohol on occasion with friends. I believe that life should be lived and enjoyed as opposed to living in restriction and starvation mode.
Christine Phan Perrella
Christine Phan Perrella (female, 24)
How Working Out Helped Me to Stay Motivated and Cope with Sports Injuries
When it comes to drinking alcohol, I make sure I don’t consume it the day before a game just to make sure I’m not dehydrated or hungover.
Anna Laurell Nash
Anna Laurell Nash (female, 40)
How I Train and Exercise After Retiring From 20 Years of Boxingjj
I drink a lot of coffee and tea. I used to drink energy drinks but I stopped that when I first got pregnant and never got back into it. I drink alcohol every now and then but not regularly.
Mayara Faria
Mayara Faria (female, 28)
How I Stayed Motivated and Fit After Three Major Surgeries
I have followed the Paleo diet for six years and it has always helped me a lot during my training and performance periods. Average consumption of 5 to 7 thousand calories per day. and it depends a lot on how my nutritionist sets up my pre-season and off-season diet. We try not to have so many restrictions, but I don’t drink alcohol and I’m not a smoker.
Kenny Cheung
Kenny Cheung (male, 25)
How I Eat, Train, and Prevent Injuries as a Professional Juggler
I drink plenty of water throughout the day and I eat fruit daily after lunch or dinner. Most of my meals consist of rice or noodles with vegetables and meat particularly chicken and beef. I don’t take supplements. I don’t drink coffee. I seldom drink alcohol.
CaliMarco PT
CaliMarco PT (male, 45)
My Body is My Gym. This is How I Eat, Teach, and Train Everywhere
I don’t drink tea and alcohol only occasionally during lunch/dinner with friends (red wine and rhum are my favourites). Coffee is one of the only two supplements that really works (the other one is the creatine monohydrate) so when I workout a lot I have coffee to boost my energy.
Clemens Schattschneider
Clemens Schattschneider (male, 28)
I'm an Olympian Athlete. This Is How I Went from Pro Snowboarder to Personal Coach
I do love coffee once or twice a day and I love tea as well. I don’t drink alcohol very often.
Muneeta Aneja
Muneeta Aneja (female, 21)
How Training Helped Me to Reconstruct My Body and Manage My Depression
When I crave for chips, I go for homemade oven baked chips. So, that’s the art of switching. I have never touched alcohol in my life and neither do I smoke, I have two cups of tea, one cup of green coffee and one cup of a green tea per day. I use applications like, “Google fit” for health and activity tracking, and additionally, I go for “pacer” to count my daily steps.
Gelie Dela Pena
Gelie Dela Pena (female, 31)
How I Use Yoga to Cope with Anxiety and Stress
Coffee, tea or alcohol are all in strict moderation.
Bijou Matumona
Bijou Matumona (male, 33)
This is How I Do My Full-Body Workout to Stay Fit and Strong
I don’t drink coffee. Not my thing, prefer more tea, like green tea and I am straight edge, I don’t drink alcohol. I avoid junk food as much as possible.
Kara Wirt
Kara Wirt (female, 32)
This is How My Yoga Training Makes Me Calm and Supports My Mental Wellbeing
I drink coffee with oat milk and I also have herbal teas. I enjoy a glass or two of wine about once a week.
Anielka Azarian
Anielka Azarian (female, 31)
How Yoga Made Me Realize Self Awareness and Self Love
I do drink coffee, tea, alcohol but all of it in moderation.
Joana Varbichkova
Joana Varbichkova (female, 33)
This Is How I Became a Personal Trainer and Pilates Teacher after My Pregnancy
Once in a while I have a cheat meal and a glass of wine.
Albert Samuel Sackey
Albert Samuel Sackey (male, 21)
I'm a Fitness Buff. This is My Plan to be the World's Fittest Software Developer
I do not drink alcohol but sometimes I take a cup of coffee before I set off for the gym.
Nat Bardonnet
Nat Bardonnet (female, 45)
How I Became a Successful Celebrity Personal Trainer in LA
On the other hand, live a little….a glass of wine here and there, a dessert, have a salad the next day!
Chryssy Payne
Chryssy Payne (female, 28)
How Boxing and Fitness Training Help Me Get Less Stressed
I do not drink coffee or alcohol. I tend to drink natural teas in the evening.
Annabelle Lemay
Annabelle Lemay (female, 24)
How My Father Inspired Me to Compete in Both Bikini and Figure
That was enough to get my butt in gear and get back into my routine. I started doing fasted HIIT again every morning, eating all my clean meals, no alcohol, no restaurants and I did what I know best.
Christopher Keverian
Christopher Keverian (male, 25)
How I Got into Fitness and Hustled to Get a Big Supplement Sponsor
I rarely drink alcohol, only on special occasions but usually once every 2-3 months.
Paul Takunda Bako
Paul Takunda Bako (male, 28)
How My Mind Helps Me Train and Become a Master of Fitness
I barely drink alcohol but I do like my coffee and other hot beverages especially before training. They give me the type of jolt I need to really push myself.
Chris Davis
Chris Davis (male, 49)
How I Got into Yoga and Started to Love Hand Balancing and Inversion
I rarely drink alcohol — maybe a glass of wine once a month.
Kristina Angeli
Kristina Angeli (female, 26)
How I Combine Powerlifting and Bodybuilding with a Busy Career
I love a glass of red wine any day of the week but I’m pretty restrained and don’t have it too often.
Chloe Richards
Chloe Richards (female, 32)
How CrossFit Helps Me Overcome Many of Life's Challenges
I drink my coffee black and I don’t consume alcohol very regularly at all.
Karen Plum
Karen Plum (female, 47)
I'm a Sports Performance Coach & Figure Champion. Here's My Plan to Work with Motorsport Athletes
I drunk lots of black coffee – it’s what kept me going lol – I did not drink alcohol when prepping and throughout my bodybuilding career. Now, I will have the odd drink. Black coffee and green tea were staples of my Figure competing life – and I still enjoy them.
Yasubey Enomoto
Yasubey Enomoto (male, 36)
How I Train to Win World Championships in MMA and Muay Thai
I drink gingertea with honey. No alcohol as it does not support my job, and no coffee as I never got into it somehow.
Katie Sampayo
Katie Sampayo (female, 28)
How I Quit My 9-5 to Become a Thriving Fitness Nomad
Ideally I’m only drinking alcohol 1-2 days a week maximum and I’m limiting the amount of sugar I eat each day.
Connan Murray
Connan Murray (male, 28)
How Rugby Got Me into Fitness and Running My Own Gym
I don’t drink alcohol much at all, but I will schedule time to go out with my friends and I’ll plan my calories around junk food and social drinking.
Wayne Bester
Wayne Bester (male, 32)
How I Work as a Dancer and Run the Biggest Dance Convention in South Africa
My wife and I don’t drink alcohol at all.
Eleni Quartana
Eleni Quartana (female, 26)
How I Overcome a Serious Injury and Got Back to Dancing
Protocol10 MSM & Glucosamine Fish oil Power BI like to eat well but I never miss the sweets. I don’t like to drink coffee and I rarely drink alcohol.
Ofentse Boloko
Ofentse Boloko (male, 28)
How I Went from Pro Rugby Player to South African Muscle Model Champion
As for coffee/tea or alcohol, yes, I believe life is all about balance and self control.
Okurut George
Okurut George (male, 26)
I'm a Yoga Instructor. This is How I Introduce Yoga in the Slums of Uganda
I am not a fan of coffee and alcohol, I do take it once in the while when I am with friends and I take enough, but not too much which will stop me to practice the next day.
Hedda Liukkala
Hedda Liukkala (female, 29)
How I Got into Circus Training and Became a Cyr Wheel Artist
Equally the past few years I have sort of dropped out of the habit of drinking alcohol. I still do enjoy beer or a drink, and sometimes more than just one, but I don’t have a craving for that.
Caio Tamura
Caio Tamura (male, 33)
How I Became a Black Belt Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Professor in Australia
Coffee is my boost in the morning and after lunch. Alcohol is not my thing. I go out and have a social drink, but it does not fit in my training routine.
Uracha Teerawanitsan
Uracha Teerawanitsan (female, 27)
How Crossfit Has Made Me the Fittest Woman in Thailand
I’m obsessed with coffee. I really love coffee. I’m ok with tea, lemon tea is my go-to. I don’t drink alcohol because I simply just don’t like it.
Steve Silver
Steve Silver (male, 67)
How I Stayed Fit and Strong after Serious Powerlifting Injuriesjj
I have reduced my alcohol intake to a rare pint of Guinness, a shot of Irish whiskey or a glass of red wine.
Maeve Kavanagh
Maeve Kavanagh (female, 29)
How I Stay Strong and Fit Without Having to Suffer and Do Endless Cardio
I aim to get in lots more volume while I’m dieting, so lots of salads, veggies, oats etc. I also don’t drink alcohol at all on prep, and I’m really not a big drinker on off season either, I just can’t handle hangovers, they get me really bad!
Esther Chen
Esther Chen (female, 34)
How I Became a Full-time Competitive Pole Dancer
I drink coffee and an occasional glass of wine.
Jermaine Wright
Jermaine Wright (male, 32)
I'm a Competitive Skateboarder. This is How Fitness Helps Me Avoid Injuries
Yes, yes, yes I love drinking coffee, tea, and my girlfriend is french so we share a bottle of wine a couple of times a week.
Lailla Sena
Lailla Sena (female, 31)
How My Beach Town Childhood Lead Me to Working in Fitness
I drink lots of green tea. Alcohol is no longer present in my life, unless is a special occasion.
Manu Arora
Manu Arora (male, 29)
How I Focus My Training in Order to Balance Fitness with Professional Life
For me alcohol is just like an add-on to the social gathering. I stay in my limits of 2 drinks and try to enjoy the party more a human way than an alcoholic.
Daniel Barbeau
Daniel Barbeau (male, 28)
How I Combine the Army with Running a Personal Training Business
I try not to put anything in my body that is not going to be conducive to the goal I am trying to reach. Like for example I do not drink alcohol or smoke cigarettes and I think that pays dividends to my health.
Amanda Cartner
Amanda Cartner (female, 56)
How I Biohack to Stay the Best Version of Myself at 56 and Beyond
I’ve been vegetarian for most (but not all) of my adult life. I don’t drink alcohol or coffee.
Jamie Maynard
Jamie Maynard (female, 33)
How I Got into Crossfit, Became Fit and Never Looked Back
My husband and I do eat out a lot but I tend to get salads and chicken meals. I usually do not consume a lot of alcohol, but with quarantine, we have been having a glass or two of wine with dinner every night.
Jessica Sanki
Jessica Sanki (female, 38)
I Have Been in CrossFit for 8 Years. This Is How I Train and Compete
I don’t drink alcohol except 2 to 3 times/year.
Joanna Zwierzynska
Joanna Zwierzynska (female, 34)
I'm a Brazilian Zouk Dancer. This is How Fitness Made Me Stronger After a Hip Surgery
When I go out I eat everything. I love food so for some special occasions I just enjoy whatever I feel like. I love wine too!
 Barbora Labidi
Barbora Labidi (female, 32)
I'm a Strongwoman Competitor. This is How I Became Strong and Powerful
I don’t drink alcohol at all but I love coffee.
Katherine Petronaci
Katherine Petronaci (female, 35)
I'm an International Pole Athlete. This is How I Went from Pole Teaching to Winning Competitions
I drink a lot of water and my main vices are club soda and coffee. I do drink alcohol but no smoking or drug use.
Jérôme Prun
Jérôme Prun (male, 21)
I'm a Blogger, Model, and Coach. This is How I Improve My Self Confidence with Fitness
We have only one life and I think we should all accept that we can’t control all the time. For bodybuilders that need an “aesthetic perfection” I understand no exception but on a daily basis and for a more “normal perspective” I think we all need to accept to not be perfect on diet all the time so once or twice per week with friends and alcohol is not a problem but recommended I think.
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