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Daniel Barbeau
How I Combine the Army with Running a Personal Training Business

Daniel Barbeaus Stats When We Talked with Him 💪

United States
28 years
170 cm
(5 ‘7)
82 kg
(180 lbs)

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Hi! Tell us about yourself and your training

My name is Daniel, I am 28 years old, I am originally from Kentucky, but I currently live in Tennessee.

I am in the Army and have been for 8 years now, but I also have a personal training business called Kratos Fitness. You can follow me @thehumble_hulk and my business @kratos_fitness_official.

I am currently working on an associate degree in general studies and also working on several certifications through the ISSA.

I have an amazing woman in my life, her name is Bethany, she is a small business owner here in Tennessee. You can follow her on Instagram if you’d like @tattoo_betty.

I also have a little boy; his name is Fitz.

I have been training since I was a freshman in high school, I originally started because I was a football player but once that came to an end I continued because it is almost like therapy to me.

Lastly the thing I enjoy most about fitness is twofold, first is I enjoy the fact that it is raw and unforgiving, everyday it is you versus yourself and you fail or succeed on your own and I find motivation in that.

Secondly, all I want to do in life from this point forward is help people and fitness is something I am good at so I can use my knowledge and experience to help those around me and that brings me a lot of joy.

Describe a typical day of training

I train 6 days a week leaving Sunday as an off day.

I guess you could say my training philosophy for me is reps, reps, reps. I really enjoy getting in there and getting after it and shaping my body through isolating each muscle.

I train 6 days a week leaving Sunday as an off day. My typical training session only lasts 45 minutes to an hour. I want to get in and crush it and get out, the longer I am in the gym the more calories I lose so I tend to get in and out quickly.

I currently train at home because well, COVID-19. It is not the best, but it is what it is.

Prior to training I get some music going and go inside myself so that I can focus on whatever muscle group I will be training that day, and after I always drink a protein shake and more often than not I’ll eat a handful of some kind of candy to get my sugar levels up and promote insulin production in my body.

How do you keep going and push harder?

In my opinion there are no hacks for improving in the gym

Well, as a personal trainer and military member I get really irritated when I see some one in the same occupation as me that is not in very good shape.

I just do not see why anyone would take me seriously if I do not look the part so I push so that I can present a good face for my business and livelihood.

I always feel like I am going to go insane if I don’t get into the gym regularly. I guess what has kept me in it for so long is the fact that I look at it as a therapy. It’s a way for me to let go of everything for just a little while and focus on me.

In my opinion there are no hacks for improving in the gym, it takes dedication, self-accountability and discipline.

You just must decide you are going to do it and get after it. Just do not forget about having a solid diet, other wise what you do in the gym is not going to pay off nearly as well.

How are you doing today and what does the future look like?

My training has not been at its peak recently because my lack of equipment, but I am slowly figuring out ways around that and ways to make my time training at home more effective and conducive to my goals.

Looking to the future I plan to build a company with personal training and offering the best in my area. I plan to focus on how I may better serve and help people with what I have to offer, not only as a trainer but as a human being as well.

Then I plan to open a gym. Which of course is most fitness enthusiasts dream so we will see what the universe has in store for me.

If I could start my journey over, I would have started chasing this dream much earlier but other than that I have no regrets.

I have made mistakes, but they have led me to where I am now and for that reason, I regret nothing.

How do you recover, rest and handle injuries?

I make sure that I am always taking care of my body in terms of nutrition and rest.

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I try not to put anything in my body that is not going to be conducive to the goal I am trying to reach. Like for example I do not drink alcohol or smoke cigarettes and I think that pays dividends to my health.

Other than that, I just make sure that I stretch and get the correct amount of sleep when I am able to.

How is your diet and what supplements do you use?

I eat when I’m hungry and that seems to work very well for me.

My diet is very nutrient dense and I eat as clean as possible, but to be honest I have a severe sweet tooth and probably an unhealthy love for gummies, but then we all have our little things that we struggle to kick or stop doing.

I used to track calories and macros, but I don’t anymore. I eat when I’m hungry and that seems to work very well for me.

What has inspired and motivated you?

Things that inspire and motivate me most times are not fitness related but I will share them anyway.

My goals in life and my family inspire me. I work hard because I want to:

  1. Set a good example for my son and my partners children.
  2. Because I want to be able to provide as good of a standard of living to those I love as possible.

Books I have read that have really impacted me are The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz. The mastery of Self by: Don Miguel Ruiz JR.The Voice of Knowledge by: Don Miguel Ruiz and the Go-Giver by: Bob Burg.

Lastly, I would have to say the best advice I have ever received would have to be “Do not take anything personally, whether it is an insult or a compliment. Do not take it personally, you know the real you and you know who you are. No one else.”

Advice for other people who want to improve themselves?

I think the number 1 thing people do wrong in the gym is judge each other.

The best advice I could give anyone that wants to improve themselves is first learn to love yourself and accept who you are.

Secondly, get your ass in the gym and get after and learn from those around you and try to get better every day, but always do it for yourself.

Do not be afraid to ask for help and if necessary, hire a trainer to help you progress on your fitness journey.

I think the number 1 thing people do wrong in the gym is judge each other. Everyone starts at their own level and instead of judging that guy that is doing something wrong try to help him.

If he does not want help don’t take it personally just move on. But if we just judge or make fun of each other and do not share the knowledge we each have that does not help anyone get better.

Are you taking on clients right now?

If you aren’t getting better, you’re getting worse

Yes, I am still taking on clients, simply because I love fitness and I love helping people and if I can do both at the same time then I am in heaven.

I specialize in transformation and building lean mass. However, I am finishing certifications in corrective exercise, nutrition specialist, transformation specialist, strength and conditioning specialist and specialist in group fitness.

It’s a good idea to hire me because I am heavily involved with my clients in and outside the gym to keep them accountable and on the right track.

I am broadening my reach in how effective I can be for each client by continuing my education and I will always place their needs first.

Every client is different also so I cannot specify how quickly everyone will see results but typically clients will start seeing results with me within 5-8 weeks.

I typically encourage people to sign up for three months so that I can ensure they get the most out of me and if they don’t decide to stay with me after that time is up at least they have a very solid base of knowledge to continue their fitness journey.

I take clients over the internet and in person. My only stipulation to having internet clients is that we can facetime or video chat for 15-20 minutes, 2-3 times per week so that we can track their progress and make any tweaks to their diet or workout as issues arise.

The most common training question I get is “why are you so hard on me!?” my answer is always the same, “If you aren’t getting better, you’re getting worse”.

I always use this because I apply this to my everyday life in anything that I am doing. I want to give my best in everything I do and if I slack, I will get worse, so I try to instill that in the people I train as well.

Where can we learn more about you?

You can learn more about me on Instagram @thehumble_hulk and follow my business page @kratos_fitness_official

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