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We have talked with 44 athletes who mention crossfit.

Mayara Faria
Mayara Faria (female, 28)
How I Stayed Motivated and Fit After Three Major Surgeries
I was an ex-rower for 10 years and participated in state and national championships until I was 20, but I had to drop it to go to college and in my second year of college, I met CrossFit and fell in love with the sport.
Clemens Schattschneider
Clemens Schattschneider (male, 28)
I'm an Olympian Athlete. This Is How I Went from Pro Snowboarder to Personal Coach
If we do a CrossFit workout kind of then I prefer the group, because you can push yourself even harder.
Rebekah Misiura
Rebekah Misiura (female, 26)
How Lifting Weights Helped Me Lose 50 Pounds in One Year
I will lift just shoulders one day, just back one day, and the last day I will do a full upper body. I always superset a strength with a cardio piece – kinda crossfit style. For example, I may do Arnold press for an exercise, immediately followed by running 200 meters. This type of training ensures that my cardiovascular system stays up to par with my strength training.
Gabriella Ripepi
Gabriella Ripepi (female, 29)
How Competitive Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Took Me Around the World and Back Home Again
Today Francesco is my fiancè, my business partner and a really amazing Brazilian Jiu Jitsu competitor. From 2015 we started our education in Sport becoming Fipe Personal Trainers, CrossFit Coaches and Brasilian Jiu Jitsu Purple belts.
Jerome Carlier
Jerome Carlier (male, 25)
How I Dedicated Myself to Fitness and Became a Social Media Influencer
I like photography, I like to travel, I practiced crossfit for more than a year but I stopped because of an injury while doing handstand push ups.
Chloe Richards
Chloe Richards (female, 32)
How CrossFit Helps Me Overcome Many of Life's Challenges
I’m married to my husband, Shane who is also my business partner. We own a CrossFit facility called CrossFit HF here in western Sydney.
Allan Ray Enriquez
Allan Ray Enriquez (male, 37)
How I Went from Running Marathons to Working as a Freelancer Coach and Myofascial Practitioner
I started as a blogger about running back in 2010. I ran several road races, marathons and ultramarathons. I began my fitness career professionally in 2013 as an assistant coach for CrossFit Striking in Manila.
Hanne Short
Hanne Short (female, 32)
This is How CrossFit Gave Me an Opportunity to Travel and Enjoy Me-Time
My CrossFit passion started eight years ago, and since then I have been developing myself from a person that only loved to exercise to keep my body healthy, to be a competitive person that loves to be out there in the world competing in the sport.
Jody Sokol
Jody Sokol (female, 28)
How My Professional Soccer Career Got Me into Fitness and Lifting
I was recently getting into CrossFit workouts which really switched things up for me. I have friends that love doing CrossFit workouts and it really opens up a whole new world of lifting so I was excited to try it.
Cru Mahoney
Cru Mahoney (male, 19)
How Discipline and Dedication Helps Me Train My Body and Mind
As I progressed, I started getting into more body-building style training which eventually led to CrossFit, which I do currently.
Uracha Teerawanitsan
Uracha Teerawanitsan (female, 27)
How Crossfit Has Made Me the Fittest Woman in Thailand
Hi, I’m Uracha Teerawanitsan, or you can call me Jar (my nickname). I’m 27 years old, born and raised in Bangkok, and have been doing Crossfit for seven years.
Lailla Sena
Lailla Sena (female, 31)
How My Beach Town Childhood Lead Me to Working in Fitness
As I grew older fitness continued to be a huge part of my life. In the past five years, I went through a big transition from doing a lot of weights and being deeply immersed in Crossfit to becoming a yoga teacher and enjoying functional movement and training.
Amanda Cartner
Amanda Cartner (female, 56)
How I Biohack to Stay the Best Version of Myself at 56 and Beyond
In 2013 the sport of Crossfit came onto my radar and in May 2013 I excitedly joined Crossfit B76 as it opened its doors.
Jamie Maynard
Jamie Maynard (female, 33)
How I Got into Crossfit, Became Fit and Never Looked Back
At some point my friend Erika moved on from that gym and discovered Crossfit. I watched every video I could on it and I thought, yes! This was exactly what I was looking for.
Jessica Sanki
Jessica Sanki (female, 38)
I Have Been in CrossFit for 8 Years. This Is How I Train and Compete
I am currently a CrossFit Trainer, working at Reebok CrossFit Louvre (we have two locations in Paris). I also work 1/1 with clients in General Physical Preparedness, Strength & Conditioning on demand.
Kudakwashe Christopher Jinya
Kudakwashe Christopher Jinya (male, 31)
How I Kept Going after an Injury Crashed My Professional Football Career
At the time of writing, I’m currently doing yoga, bodyweight exercise, weights, anxious to get back to running and trying Crossfit some more.
Lafropolitin Giorgio
Lafropolitin Giorgio (male, 34)
I'm an Actor, Model and a Fitness Motivator. This is How I Inspire People to Get into Fitness
I train vicinity three to four times a week by varying my diagramme of training, crossfit, MMA, running, swimming or yoga. My circuits training takes place in three stages, stretching, exercises heating and circuit training.
Kyle Spears
Kyle Spears (male, 29)
This is How Competitive CrossFit Lead Me to a Career in Coaching
I dabbled in sports throughout high school but when I found Crossfit in the military I was hooked. I then started out competing in the sport of CrossFit and that slowly evolved into a career in coaching.
Mirka Henriksson
Mirka Henriksson (female, 27)
How I Became a Competitive Crossfitter after Less than a Year
After half a year of training by ourselves we joined a CrossFit Gym. I felt more motivated than ever and wanted to start competing in CrossFit as soon as possible.
Nicole Trimmel
Nicole Trimmel (female, 37)
This is How I Became World and European Champion in Kickboxing Multiple Times
As I retired from active competitions, which does not mean that I have stopped to train (!), I will never stop training. My training, of course, changed a little bit. I started to do CrossFit and some other kind of sports and now I don’t need to stick to a fixed training plan.
Francesco Pelizza
Francesco Pelizza (male, 33)
This is How I Earned My Recognition in Competitive Powerlifting
What’s in the pot right now for personal projects are two very important projects bounded to Nutrition and sport indeed. I am currently working in Italy as a Nutritionist specialised in performance sports such as powerlifting, CrossFit and cycling.
Helga Gudmundsdottir
Helga Gudmundsdottir (female, 45)
This Is How I'll Maintain My Sixpack Until Age 70
My name is Helga Gudmundsdottir, I was born on May 8th 1974. I have three children and one granddaughter. I have been training something my whole life. I tried gymnastics, athletics, badminton, short distance running, long distance running, powerlifting, dancing, and CrossFit.
Austin Dotson
Austin Dotson (male, 28)
I'm a Hybrid Athlete and Influencer. This is How I Stay Fit After Football Retirement
I like to implement a variety of different styles of training which includes, bodybuilding, calisthenics, yoga, gymnastics, and CrossFit.
Landree Fleming
Landree Fleming (female, 35)
How I Work as an Actor, Personal Trainer, Nutrition Coach and CrossFit Trainer
Oh hullo there! I’m Landree Fleming! I’m a Chicago-based actor, personal trainer, nutrition coach, and CrossFit Level 1 Trainer.
Gabriele de Biagi
Gabriele de Biagi (male, 29)
I Love Training! This is My Plan to Become a Better CrossFit Coach
Hi, I’m Gabriele de Biagi (aka Coach Gabry), I am 29 years old and I live near Milano (Italy). I’m a CrossFit coach since 2015 and online coach, so i can say i “split my job” in offline and online job, both linked by the purpose of creating a healthier and fitter community around me.
Holly Noll
Holly Noll (female, 33)
I'm a Plant-Based Sports Nutritionist. This is How I Eat, Train and Stay Motivated
One day, at the gym, a CrossFit comp was on the TV’s and it just blew my mind. Previously I had only seen Nike style (thin, beautiful, white, poised, running, yoga) women in sports and didn’t see myself in it.
Anna Rose Bain
Anna Rose Bain (female, 35)
How Crossfit Made Me Discover True Health, Strength and Endurance
One of the greatest surprises of my adult life has been my relatively new commitment and passion for fitness. I didn’t discover true health until two ½ years ago when I started CrossFit for the first time.
Alejandra Estefanía
Alejandra Estefanía (female, 30)
I'm a Fitness Influencer and Lawyer. This Is How I Train and Stay Fit
I remember looking at a Instagram picture from a fitness model back in 2014 and wanting to have a body like that so bad, that same day I joined a CrossFit place and started working out like a maniac.
Dr. Nick
Dr. Nick (male, 36)
I'm The Fittest Doc. Here’s How I Make Myself and My Patients the Fittest Versions of Ourselves
A few years afterward and now in medical school, I was training Krav Maga at a place called, “Ohio Krav Maga & Fitness” when I was approached and encouraged by a local member to give CrossFit (also taught at the same facility) a try.
Gustavo White
Gustavo White (male, 59)
I'm 59. This Is How Fitness Became a Way of Life
In 2018 I met CrossFit. I was very excited about the concept and variety of CrossFit, I felt in love with this activity, I began to apply it and now is a fundamental part of my training and in the way, I train my trainees.
Nick Shaw
Nick Shaw (male, 32)
I'm a Bodybuilder and CEO. This Is How Self-discipline Keeps Me Going
My main weight training is around 60-75 minutes long and I train with weights 4x/week (Mon, Tues, Thurs and Fri). I also train CrossFit on Wednesdays to help with my cardio and general fitness.
Danielle Natoni
Danielle Natoni (female, 41)
How I Became a Full-time Fitness Professional and Got Featured in Fitness Infomercials
There is no lane of fitness I don’t love. Barre, kettlebells, battle ropes, CrossFit, HIIT—you name it, I have done it. I love training at home mostly, but will take it to the gym when needed.
Fábio Broco
Fábio Broco (female, 35)
How Crossfit Changed My Life and Helped Me Lose 40 Kg
In 2017, I decided to change the course of my life and started doing CrossFit.
Carissa Joy Johnson (Monroe)
Carissa Joy Johnson (Monroe) (female, 34)
How I Made a Miraculous Comeback in Bodybuilding Following a Horrific Accident
Sometimes it’s a Crossfit style workout and other times it’s similar to Chris McCarthy’s HIBB (high intensity bodybuilding @mcfitmethod) routines, providing max results in little time.
Allison Ethier
Allison Ethier (female, 42)
How My Fear of Aging Keeps Me Motivated, Really Fit and Competitive
I love hot yoga, and cross-fit, so in the off season I will add more variety, just to mix it up. I have also done pole fitness classes which I love.
Kate Johnson
Kate Johnson (female, 37)
How I Help Women Navigate Pregnancy and Postpartum Athleticism
Hi! My name is Kate Johnson. I am a CrossFit Level 2 Trainer, Certified Pregnancy & Postpartum Athleticism Coach and Postnatal Fitness Specialist in Greeley, Colorado. I coach at an amazing CrossFit box, CrossFit Helix, as well as run my own personal training/coaching business, TulaFit.
Mallory Reilly
Mallory Reilly (female, 27)
I Was Diagnosed with Depression at 13. This is How Fitness Helps to Regulate It
In my late teens into my early 20s, I was an endurance runner and yogi, which taught me how to clear my head. It was Crossfit that really ignited my passion for strength training. It’s how I began learning that I was stronger than I thought during lifting and high intensity workouts.
Shea McLaughlin
Shea McLaughlin (female, 29)
I'm Registered Kinesiologist and Personal Trainer. This Is Why I Love Fitness
Outdoor workouts Home gym Local gyms CrossFit New workout partners Timed & workouts for reps Running Yoga I also keep myself moving by doing paperwork while I pedal on a stationary bike at the gym.
Antjuane Sims
Antjuane Sims (male, 46)
I'm a Plant-based Athlete Who Loves Burpees. This Is How Exercise Fuels My Mind and Body
After playing semi-pro football, I also competed as an amateur Muay Thai fighter and Crossfit competitor. I’ve been active in sports since I can remember. Sports are a great way to develop discipline, focus, and drive.
Lucas Parker
Lucas Parker (male, 30)
I'm a 6x CrossFit Games Veteran. This is How I Plot My Comeback
In my teenage years, I got more serious about training and nutrition, lifting weights for rugby, and trying different diets to build muscle or lose bodyfat. As I progressed into university, I found it too complicated to continue committing to the rugby schedule, but I still wanted to train on my own time. So, it was a natural and easy transition for me to shift into CrossFit training and competitions. That’s what I have been doing since 2010!
Ben Palacios
Ben Palacios (male, 30)
How I Went From Hating Sports To Loving Calisthenics, Crossfit and Outdoor Training
After college, I moved to LA with little money to join a gym, so I predominantly exercised outside: Calisthenics, bodyweight, biking, hiking, and trail running. Since then I’ve joined Crossfit but I maintain my outdoor lifestyle.
Hatem Aly
Hatem Aly (male, 32)
How I Train Crossfit Five Days a Week to Become a Vegan Elite Master Athlete
A few months later, I decided to start working out. I started just by running in the street, then joining some circuit training classes, until I found my passion in CrossFit.
Bre Hess
Bre Hess (female, 28)
How I Lost 185 Lbs, Became a Personal Trainer and Fitness Model
I make sure that I get a minimum at least 4,000 steps in a day. I do some type of exercise at least 5 days a week. I alternate between weightlifting, yoga, endurance training, CrossFit, and running.
Alex Basso
Alex Basso (male, 32)
How CrossFit Changed My Life and Made Me Fit Enough to Compete in the Games
I train in a Crossfit gym five times a week.

Hacks and Routines

The most mentioned hacks and routines amongst the crossfitters we have talked with.

Rest Days
Foam Rolling

Diets and Diet Hacks

The most mentioned diets and diet hacks. Some are negative. For example alcohol mentions for most athletes mean mentioning no/very little alcohol 👍

Cheat Days
Ice Cream


The most mentioned supplements amongst the crossfitters.

Whey Protein
Plant Protein

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