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Fasted Cardio

We have talked with 21 athletes who mention fasted cardio.

Derina Wilson
Derina Wilson (female, 40)
How I Got Stronger and More Motivated After Breast Cancer
When I’m cutting, I’m carb cycling, I’m doing longer amounts of fasted cardio, I’m limiting carbs, and limiting water closer to comp day. I handle hunger by drinking water, and snacking on cucumbers and greens with lemon…if that doesn’t work I go to sleep or take a nap because I know my energy is low.
Lauren Kudsi
Lauren Kudsi (female, 30)
How Fitness Taught Me the Discipline to Achieve a Fit Physique
If I’m preparing for a show, etc. working out twice a day is the way to go. (Fasted cardio in the morning followed by resistance training or sculpting in the evening.)
Annabelle Lemay
Annabelle Lemay (female, 24)
How My Father Inspired Me to Compete in Both Bikini and Figure
Since I started training, I have always started my days off with some fasted cardio. Whether it be 30 minutes of moderate intensity to 15-20 minutes of HIIT cardio.
Yasmine Rawls
Yasmine Rawls (female, 25)
How I Stay Motivated as a Pro Natural Bikini Competitor
When I’m on prep I do fasted cardio early in the morning, train and then more cardio after the workout.
Danny Walker
Danny Walker (male, 35)
I'm a Personal Trainer. This is How I Stay Fit Training at Home
The COVID-19 virus has just shut all gyms in my state down, so my training routine now is new but I’ve been enjoying it. I work a couple hours from 6 a.m., then make a coffee and walk the dog, there’s a walking track right out the front of my house that’s kinda hilly so I use that as a bit of fasted cardio.
Nyla Fuller
Nyla Fuller (female, 34)
How I Work as a Canadian Fitness Model, Bikini Competitor and Business Professional
In the mornings, I start with fasted cardio, stretching and foam rolling. The amount and type of cardio varies, but currently I do 15-20 minutes of incline treadmill interval walking/sprinting.
Jennifer Reece
Jennifer Reece (female, 42)
I'm an IFBB Figure Competitor. This is How Bodybuilding Gave Me Transformative Evolutions
I train four to five times per week. During my split, I hit at least one body part twice. Currently, I am focusing on training legs twice a week in order to improve my quad sweep. I’m currently in contest prep and doing fasted cardio for 45 minutes in the morning.
Keri Ann Heitzman
Keri Ann Heitzman (female, 37)
I'm an IFBB WP Olympian. How I Kept Going After a Traumatic Brain Injury
Mental preparation is a huge part of my daily training. I start my day off with projecting my daily tasks and visualize how they will all get done. My daily splits are based around my work and travel schedule, however, fasted cardio gets my day started and my mind focused.
Maya Nassar Maalouf
Maya Nassar Maalouf (female, 33)
How I Train to Become an International Fitness Model Champion
It depends on my goal and what I am training for. If I am trying to lose weight, then I usually do fasted cardio or cardio before having breakfast at least five times a week. If I am just trying to be healthy then I lift weights and do cardio only twice a week.
Tony DiNinno
Tony DiNinno (male, 52)
I'm a Competitive Bodybuilder and Fitness Model. This is How I Train, Eat and Recover
My typical day starts at 4 a.m. in which I do some form of fasted cardio on the treadmill or bike or stepmill. This can range from 45 minutes to an hour depending on time. Cardio is a big part of my workout programs and has helped to keep me on my schedule.
Belinda Norton
Belinda Norton (female, 43)
I Have Written 5 Books about Fitness and Training. This Is How I Stay Fit and Healthy Myself
This is a fasted cardio – it is the first thing I do daily and it has changed my energy levels. Everyone assumes that getting up earlier and going training before work and would make them tired. It is the opposite- it provides intense energy and clarity.
Monique Kabel
Monique Kabel (female, 37)
How I Quit My Career to Become an Elite Pro Trainer and Sports Nutrition Specialist
A typical day of training for me begins with anywhere from 20 to 40 minutes of fasted cardio. Depending on the day I will either perform HIIT or LISS cardio on the treadmill and stair mill. I split the cardio equipment up so that I don’t get bored!
Tabraiz Gondal
Tabraiz Gondal (male, 36)
How Bodybuilding Gave Me Purpose and Taught Me to Work for My Dreams
I train 6 days a week. It takes me at least 2 hours per day for my workouts, including 30 minutes post workout cardio. Sunday is just core and fasted cardio. I have done dirty bulks up until now which gave me a lot of fat.
Markus Kaulius
Markus Kaulius (male, 41)
I'm the Founder of Magnum Nutraceuticals. This Is How I Train, Eat and Recover
I feel like I learn something new about training every day. Right now, I train 10 times per week, every week. I do fasted cardio in the morning and weights a couple hours later.
Katya Gorbacheva
Katya Gorbacheva (female, 27)
I'm a Natural Vegan Bodybuilder and Powerlifter. This Is How I'm Empowering Busy Women to Get Stronger
If we’re talking pushing harder in training – having a coach, or an experienced lifting buddy helps a ton. Having something to listen or read to during cardio saved my day. When Sam used to coach me, I used to listen to her podcasts, which helped bear through fasted cardio.
Eve Dawes
Eve Dawes (female)
I'm a WBFF Pro Diva. This is How I Combine Bodybuilding with Running My Own Business
The supplements I’ve found work for me are:Glutamine (any brand) Opti-Women Multivitamin by Optimum Nutrition Viviscal Pro for my hair Optimum Nutrition Platinum Hydrowhey or Dymatize ISO100 Protein Powder which are easy digesting and lactose free. BeautyFit BeautyBum (on my stomach under a sweat wrap for fasted cardio). Quest Bars: white chocolate raspberry, S’mores and their HERO bars are my favorites. Dandelion Root pills, which are great for flushing out the kidneys as well as pre-photoshoots or competitions as they’re a diuretic.My favorite exercises as I find I feel them the most the next day are: For my Booty:
Chris Johnson
Chris Johnson (male, 46)
I'm a CEO of a Supplement Company, Coach and IFBB Pro. This Is How I Eat, Train and Recover
As a side, I recommend taking an EAA (essential amino acid) supplement and fat burner prior to morning fasted cardio. If a second bout of cardio is required, we do this post-workout or, preferably, separate from weight training altogether.
Caleb Blanchard
Caleb Blanchard (male, 32)
How I Went from Being Undersized to IFBB Pro Bodybuilder, Online Coach and Personal Trainer
Cardio is now a very consistent staple in my routine. I prefer to do fasted cardio, but do use post workout cardio when that’s not an option. Post workout is usually shrimp rice and green beans.
Ingrid S. Clay
Ingrid S. Clay (female, 39)
I'm a Fitness Instructor, Personal Trainer, and Plant-Based Chef. This is How Fitness Has Become My Meditation
I train a lot now outside like running outdoors, swimming outdoors and also riding a bike. I train and lift at the Mecca golds gym Venice. Cardio used to only be fasted cardio when I was bodybuilding but now training for a triathlon it’s nonstop cardio so my diet has changed significantly. I have to eat so much more and being plant-based so much more!
Zack Belknap
Zack Belknap (male, 27)
I'm a Vegan Bodybuilder. This is How I Build Muscle with Plant-Based Diet
I try to go as long as possible without doing cardio but towards the end it always becomes a necessity. My last prep involved an hour of fasted cardio (walking at an incline on the treadmill) every morning for about a month.
Lars Besand
Lars Besand (male, 43)
How I Trained to Become the Strongest Man in Denmark at 105 Kg
Usually the only cardio I do is strongman event training and fasted cardio walks or cycling, and mowing the lawn.
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