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WFF Bodybuilders

We have talked with 2 athletes who mention WFF bodybuilding.

Eva Tretjakova
Eva Tretjakova (female, 42)
How I Juggle Being Mom, Wife, Fitness Instructor and Bodybuilding Champion
Since May 2018, I have competed in five federations and nine shows: Nifma, PCA, RIBBF, NABBA/WFF, PURE ELITE. I placed four times in first places, two second places and one third place in bikini masters +35, and obtained my Pro Cards, with the NABBA/WFF and PURE ELITE.
Stefano Manassero
Stefano Manassero (male, 56)
How I Won Competitions, Retired for 17 Years and Then Made a Winning Come Back at 50+
WFF European Championship Over 50 finalist and 6th place

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