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Plant Protein

We have talked with 30 athletes who mention and reviews plant protein supplements.

Christina Longobardi Paradiso
Christina Longobardi Paradiso (female, 35)
How Losing Everything Helped Me Focus My Strength and Dedication
30 min before training I have black coffee and a protein shake with micro dosed creatine. I use Humapro as my vegan protein of choice as well as con-crēte for my M-F micro dose of creatine.
Jody Sokol
Jody Sokol (female, 28)
How My Professional Soccer Career Got Me into Fitness and Lifting
As far as the supplements i take every day, I always have Vegan Protein powder (Lifetime Fitness), MCT oil for brain health, and I take a variety of vitamins as well. The vitamins I take are from the Micro Factor Pack by 1st Phorm.
Amanda Cartner
Amanda Cartner (female, 56)
How I Biohack to Stay the Best Version of Myself at 56 and Beyond
I prefer to train in the morning after breakfast. After training I use a vegan protein shake as I find whey based ones difficult to digest.
Kim Bilyk
Kim Bilyk (female, 35)
I'm a Yoga Therapist. This is How I Improve My Life Mentally, Physically, and Spiritually
My main sources of protein are vegan protein powders, green veggies, mushroom, lentils, beans, oatmeal, and some veggie burgers and meats. My favorites are Beyond Burger and Dr. Praeger because they are made with pea-based protein instead of soy and they have minimal additives compared to our brands, and good macros.
Aimee Corry
Aimee Corry (female, 26)
I'm a Personal Trainer. This is How I Combine Fitness and Acting
Since October I have been a vegetarian. I make sure I keep my protein intake high through vegetarian protein sources such as Quorn products, tofu, egg whites and Misfits Vegan Protein Powder.
Lorenza Veronica
Lorenza Veronica (female, 31)
How Fitness Helps Me Manage My Hashimoto's Hypothyroidism
I recently started to work on my Instagram account, trying to collaborate and get in contact with mindful people and brands: one of these is called Nutriveg, and I am one of their ambassadors (this company sells vegan protein powders and supplements for sport enthusiast).
Georgie Massey
Georgie Massey (female, 27)
I'm a Full-Time Primary School Teacher. This is How I Combine Teaching and Weight Training
I also use protein powder post workout. Everything I use is from Slimtum. I am currently using SlimTum Lotus Plant Protein, which I really like. In terms of whey protein, I used Body Ripped Evolution Whey for ages and I still really rate it.
Hulda Waage
Hulda Waage (female, 35)
I'm a Vegan Powerlifter. This is My Plan to Become World Champion
I also use Optimum Nutrition Plant Protein Powder and Optimum Nutrition Pre Workout. All their flavours are amazing.
Martine Warmann
Martine Warmann (female, 36)
I’m a UKBFF Bikini Athlete. This is How I Help Moms to Lose Weight
I’m not big on supplements/vitamins – I take the odd natural, mostly vegan ones periodically. I tend to stick with too brands My Protein as they have a comprehensive Vegan Range and I’m also a My Protein Ambassador and The Vegan Supplement Store, and the two supplements I’d normally go for are a Vegan Protein and Vegan BCAA. I switch between both brands for variety.
Aleksi Paju
Aleksi Paju (male, 33)
Here's Why Weightlifting and Strength Training Make Me Stronger and Better
For supplements I use vegan protein powder (Vegan blend from MyProtein) every now and then and creatine and B12. For post workout I eat a banana.
Maria Lee
Maria Lee (female, 33)
How I Went From Editor to Fitness Entrepreneur and Vegan Activist
I use Tupperware containers that are pretty sizeable (for my stomach size), and I cover the bottom with an oil-free pan-fried vegan protein source and fill the rest with stir-fried veggies! Easy, delicious, and nutritious.
Carmen Demske
Carmen Demske (female, 51)
Here's How I Cut, Bulk and Plan My Fitness Training Program
During my training, I like to drink a watered down PEScience Vegan Protein Drink. Afterwards, I’ll make sure that I eat sufficiently to support muscle growth and recovery with a vegan meal made just for me by a company called, Market Meals located in Tampa, Florida. They deliver my meals to me weekly.
Emma Hurst
Emma Hurst (female, 38)
From Bodybuilder to Politician. How I Still Keep Fit and Healthy with a Plant-Based Diet
The only supplements I ever use are coffee and vegan protein powders – the more simple the better. 🙂
Norma Reynolds
Norma Reynolds (female, 34)
How I Went From Car Accident Victim to Natural Vegan Bikini Pro
That said, I do follow a high protein vegan diet. This means I focus on eating things like lentils, quinoa, oats, pumpkin seeds, tofu, seitan (I prefer homemade), faux meats, and vegan protein powder — The protein powder I use most often is Vega Sport Premium Protein Powder in Vanilla. As I follow a mostly whole food plant based diet, I try to keep my snacks to things I have baked myself, or fruit, or minimally processed pre-made items.
Tiago Guedes
Tiago Guedes (male, 36)
I Own a Gym. This Is How I Combine My Own Training with Training Clients
As for supplementation, I use Myprotein fish oil and vitamin D plus Myprotein vegan protein supplement because I am lactose intolerant. Ocassionally I use creatine and magnesium.
Jason Frand
Jason Frand (male, 30)
How I Became a Fitness Coach for Actors and Performers Who Want to Build Muscle
I know there’s so much debate about what type of protein is best for results, but I’ve seen no adverse effects by switching to a vegan protein. In fact, it works so much better for my body and my lifestyle.
Azad Singh
Azad Singh (male, 28)
I'm a Vegan Personal Trainer. This is How I Developed My Passion for Fitness
Vegan protein powders help here (I like Reflex Vegan Protein, Sci-Mx V-Gain Protein, and Myprotein Vegan Blend), but living in the UK there’s no shortage of vegan brands out there aiding my protein intake.
Adam Neth
Adam Neth (male, 26)
How My Training Has Changed and Improved since I Started at Age 12
Pre-Workout: 4g citrulline malate, 3.2g beta-alanine, 200-300mg caffeine, active form of B-vitamins Intra-Workout: 30g Highly Branched Cyclic Dextrin, 10g BCAA Post-Workout: Two scoops plant or beef protein, 5g creatine monohydrate, 5g glutamine, 2g taurine, 20g EAAFor the majority of my single ingredient supplements like Creatine, HBCD, BCAA, etc., I use, EAAs from Bulk Supplements, Magnesium Glycinate from Solaray, and Plant Protein from Nutrex.
Shaka Smith
Shaka Smith (male, 32)
How I Became a Vegan Bodybuilder and Host of the Fit Club Podcast
As for supplements, Garden of Life vegan protein and plant-based recovery formula are my go-tos. I’ve also been using their Sleep Well formula to improve my sleep habits.
Ben Palacios
Ben Palacios (male, 30)
How I Went From Hating Sports To Loving Calisthenics, Crossfit and Outdoor Training
two big scoops of vegan protein powder (I like Orgain Plant Based Vanilla)
Paris Little
Paris Little (male, 30)
How I Work Towards Fitness Goals as a Vegan Strength and Conditioning Coach
Currently the only supplements I take are a vegan protein I often borrow/pinch from my partner…B-Raw protein, salted caramel is hands down the best flavour.
Alex Buffone
Alex Buffone (male, 24)
How I Train, Eat and Prepare to Be the First Male Vegan Athlete on the Mr. Olympia Stage
As far as supplements go, I use a vegan protein powder from a local supplement store called VItaplus, a vegan fermented BCAA (Mutant, ANS and a few other companies have), a multi-vitamin, a B12 and a vitamin D.
Jae Griggs
Jae Griggs (male, 37)
At 237 Lbs, I'm One of the Biggest Vegan Bodybuilders. This Is How I Eat, Train and Get Big
After a session, I do a protein smoothie, two scoops of planta vegan protein, blended with frozen strawberries, blueberries, and bananas, and 5-10g of Nutricost Creatine monohydrate.
Beth Castell
Beth Castell (female, 31)
How I Compete in Bodybuilding to Prove You Can Build Muscle on a Vegan Diet
I make sure I get approximately seven hours of sleep each night, and usually get in about 30 to 40 grams of protein immediately before bed, usually made up as a protein mousse from vegan protein powder, which assists with recovery.
SuzAnne Llano
SuzAnne Llano (female, 49)
How I Started Competitive Bodybuilding at 40 and Fell in Love with the Discipline and Commitment
My nutrition is pretty cut and dry, I keep to the staples like oatmeal, berries, vegan protein powders, nut butters, seeds and nuts, sweet potatoes, quinoa, brown rice, seitan (made 100 different ways) veggies of all types, beans, and bean pasta, tempeh and fruits.
Matt Fox
Matt Fox (male, 32)
How I Got in the Best Shape of My Life When I Quit the Gym and Started Bodyweight Training
The supplements I regularly take are mushroom extracts, Bespunki “Reboot” and true protein vegan protein powder, I eat around 3000 calories per day, give or take.
Eric Leto
Eric Leto (male, 33)
How I Became a Vegan WBFF Pro Fitness Model and European Vice Champion
I always train alone so I can focus on myself and no one can interrupt me during my workout as I take it very seriously. As supplements, I take Vegan BCAA from Nano Supps during training and Vegan Protein Powder (Sun Warrior) after workout with some magnesium.
John Machin MegaVegan
John Machin MegaVegan (male, 63)
How I've Been Vegan for 63 Years and Founded Super-Calisthenics Bodyweight Training
Lifelong Vegan Animal Rights campaigner Former TV Scriptwriter and Author Qualified PT & Educator BUPA Dietetics Consultant Europe’s leading bodyweight trainer (this is a description acknowledged among the Calisthenics community) Founder of Super-Calisthenics Mind-Body Training Ambassador for Veganuary, I Am Vegan Protein, Natural Nutrients, Sunwarrior, Garden Of Life, Tick Tock Fitness, Nutriplant Nutrition, Huel, & Powermyself. Otherwise, retired.
Kendahl Jordan
Kendahl Jordan (male, 22)
How I Got Used to Getting up Early to Workout First Thing in the Morning
Still, I usually only use a pure native whey or vegan protein as they’re quality sources of protein. Ascent protein or True protein are some great brands to check out for that.
Giacomo Marchese
Giacomo Marchese (male, 25)
I Co-founded Vegan Proteins and Plant Built. This Is How I Train, Eat and Recover
Find your caloric baseline by tracking your food for a week and adjust accordingly from there. While I do like to use protein powders like this vegan protein, I consider them a convenience food not a supplement.

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