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Garden of Life

We have talked with 5 athletes who mention and reviews Garden of Life supplements.

Steve Cotter
Steve Cotter (male, 50)
I'm the Founder of IKFF. This Is How I Combine Martial Arts and Fitness
One of my favorite supplement brands, I use is the Garden of Life. They are very clean and high-quality.
Stiina Casandra
Stiina Casandra (female, 30)
How Yoga Has Made Me a Better Version of Myself
One of my absolute favourite supplement brands is Garden of Life Vitamin B.
Morgan Mitchell
Morgan Mitchell (female, 33)
How Training Makes Me Love the Way I Feel Physically and Mentally
It’s not just about lifting/working out but it’s also about getting enough sleep (I get 7 1/2 to 8 hours a night), taking the necessary supplements like Garden of Life Iron Complex – Vitamin Code Raw Iron Whole Food Vitamin Supplement, Vegan, 30 Capsules, Microbiome Labs MegaSporeBiotic, and Thorne Research 5-MTHF 1 mg, and lastly, doing an active recovery day of yoga and meditation every Sunday.
Shaka Smith
Shaka Smith (male, 32)
How I Became a Vegan Bodybuilder and Host of the Fit Club Podcast
I like to have a protein shake after my workout. I always go with my sponsor Garden of Life – as a vegan they have the best products around but I’ve been with them the last four years so I may be biased, ha. I also hit the sauna/steam room regularly after my workouts.
John Machin MegaVegan
John Machin MegaVegan (male, 63)
How I've Been Vegan for 63 Years and Founded Super-Calisthenics Bodyweight Training
Lifelong Vegan Animal Rights campaigner Former TV Scriptwriter and Author Qualified PT & Educator BUPA Dietetics Consultant Europe’s leading bodyweight trainer (this is a description acknowledged among the Calisthenics community) Founder of Super-Calisthenics Mind-Body Training Ambassador for Veganuary, I Am Vegan Protein, Natural Nutrients, Sunwarrior, Garden Of Life, Tick Tock Fitness, Nutriplant Nutrition, Huel, & Powermyself. Otherwise, retired.
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