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We have talked with 161 athletes who mention massage.

RhondaLee Quaresma
RhondaLee Quaresma (female, 51)
How I Keep On Training Despite My Health Issues
Also, I would warm up 5 minutes via the stationary bike before training. Sleep is a huge recovery factor. And after first training session during contest time, a 25 minute nap was part of the process. Massages do me wonders!
Kiko Dos Santos
Kiko Dos Santos (male, 28)
This is How I Eat and Train to Build Muscle and Strength
Massages are important key to recovery. I personally hate the process of massages but love the aftereffect in results. Which is why I tend to do this as often as possible!
Juliana Chin
Juliana Chin (female, 27)
How Taekwondo and Boxing Made Me Self Reliant, Independent and Confident
When I was training intensively, I would go for deep tissue sports massage to release all the tensions and knots in my muscles.
Mindaugas Grazys
Mindaugas Grazys (male, 28)
How I Eat, Train and Maintain My Eight-Pack Abs
Moreover, it’s very important to rest well! Try to sleep 8h daily, it’s good to practice a quick afternoon nap session too. Massages are always great for recovery, a bath tub with sea salt too. Now yourself, if not, experiment until you get to know what works for you.
Kyla Dos Santos
Kyla Dos Santos (female, 24)
I'm a Weight-Loss Coach. This is How I Eat, Train and Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle
Magnesium, magnesium, MAGNESIUM is like gold for recovery I swear by it especially for sore muscles and gut health and my recovery tool of choice is a deep tissue massage it helps so much with lymphatic draining but don’t do this too close to a show or a shoot as it might make you look soft due to the inflammation in the muscles after a massage.
Michael Zerafa
Michael Zerafa (male, 28)
How I Motivate Myself to Become the Middleweight Champion
I avoid injuries by constant treatments by my massage therapist Joey from Elite Sports Massage as well as cold and hot contrast therapy (ice bath to 37 degree water) and sauna.
Travis Algarin
Travis Algarin (male, 26)
This is How Fitness Makes Me Stronger and a Better Zumba Instructor
Between massages, using my theragun, catching up on much needed body rest/sleep and stretching I keep myself from getting injured.
Jaime Cerda
Jaime Cerda (male, 36)
How I Eat, Train and Stay in Shape to Achieve My Pro Card
I never have massages even though I know I probably should. My bad.
Massimo Arad
Massimo Arad (male, 39)
How I Eat, Train and Recover to Get Good and Long-Lasting Results in Fitness
For me the best recovery for muscle pain, stiffness or stress is a good deep tissue massage or shiatsu, which I try doing once a week (I know a very good therapist here in London).
Richard Collins
Richard Collins (male, 32)
How I Combine Coaching Physique Athletes, Running a Business and Training Myself
I tend to spend more time at the physio getting dry needling and massage also focusing on sleeping eight to nine hours a night, so I suppose being pre active rather than reactive. Making sure I am primed for what is needed.
Sami Rose
Sami Rose (female, 34)
This is My Plan to Achieve Double Bodyweight Deadlift
I also take magnesium (just generic from the pharmacy) each night to help with sleep and muscle recovery, and if I’m feeling particularly sore/tight, I like to book in for a remedial massage – generally I only need two to three per year as maintenance unless I’m battling particular soreness!
Anna Laurell Nash
Anna Laurell Nash (female, 40)
How I Train and Exercise After Retiring From 20 Years of Boxingjj
When I was an elite athlete I used to go to the osteopath for a massage and bone correction once and sometimes twice a week. I would love to do that now as well but I just don’t have time. Instead I do my yoga once a week, and I start my strength sessions with a mobility warm up.
Rebecca Kirkup
Rebecca Kirkup (female, 26)
How I Became Stronger After an Injury and Transitioned to Strength & Conditioning Coach
If I sleep more than eight, I feel super sluggish. If I sleep under seven, my recovery and performance lacks. I also highly rate sports massages and keeping up with them regularly (approximately every two to four weeks). I always find my performance is much better when I keep up with it. I also have a massage gun and use that regularly, which I love.
Anielka Azarian
Anielka Azarian (female, 31)
How Yoga Made Me Realize Self Awareness and Self Love
I take Epsom-salt baths and roll out my hands and feet with a lacrosse ball and my entire body with the foam roll. It’s such a treat and way cheaper than a massage!
Nat Bardonnet
Nat Bardonnet (female, 45)
How I Became a Successful Celebrity Personal Trainer in LA
In my opinion, the best way to recover is a combination of stretching, epsom salt hot baths, foam roller or deep tissue massage, hydration and sleep.
Annabelle Lemay
Annabelle Lemay (female, 24)
How My Father Inspired Me to Compete in Both Bikini and Figure
I get regular massages now and stretch during my workouts. My dad has always told me to use the good ol’ ice and heat trick when treating injuries. (ice to reduced inflammation, heat to loosen the muscle)
Christopher Keverian
Christopher Keverian (male, 25)
How I Got into Fitness and Hustled to Get a Big Supplement Sponsor
Sports massage is good every now and then if I’m really beat up after training but otherwise using a roller or an Epsom salt bath.
Xander Taylor
Xander Taylor (male, 32)
I'm a Pro Circus Artist. This Is How I Train to Perform with Cirque Du Soleil
Other than that, I have a weekly massage, roll out, have a few trips to the sauna (try a German Aufguss treatment if you haven’t…it’s amazing), and eat well.
Paul Takunda Bako
Paul Takunda Bako (male, 28)
How My Mind Helps Me Train and Become a Master of Fitness
The mobility and flexibility training I do also serves a protective function. I also regularly go for deep tissue massages as I find them helpful in alleviating muscle pain.
Dan Stephenson
Dan Stephenson (male, 31)
How I Became a Competitive Powerlifter and Performance Coach
I am also a big fan of regular bodywork such as massage. I prefer shiatsu as it tends to be less invasive and does not interfere with upcoming training sessions as deep tissue can do.
Chloe Richards
Chloe Richards (female, 32)
How CrossFit Helps Me Overcome Many of Life's Challenges
I believe that hydration, sleep and nutrition play a vital roll on recovery, along with weekly/fortnightly massage/practitioner treatment.
Gabi Faye
Gabi Faye (female, 29)
How Pole Dancing, Aerial and Acrobatics Help My Acting Career
I also use the melt method as a form of physical therapy to massage muscle fascia to help old injuries and prevent new ones.
Dominique Robinson
Dominique Robinson (male, 38)
I'm a Five-Sport Professional Athlete. This is How I Work and Train
For rehab, I am a believer in deep tissue massage, Graston technique, and chiropractic as all have helped me after I had my spine cracked from being run over by a car.
Katie Sampayo
Katie Sampayo (female, 28)
How I Quit My 9-5 to Become a Thriving Fitness Nomad
When I can afford it, I also schedule a massage at least once a month. Luckily I travel to South America and Asia frequently where massages are dirt-cheap, so I usually get about 4 a month when I’m there which drastically improves my level of recovery.
Eleni Quartana
Eleni Quartana (female, 26)
How I Overcome a Serious Injury and Got Back to Dancing
Five years ago, I ripped the abductor making it impossible to make any kind of movement. I thought it would never pass, even walking was painful for years, but after many massages and physiotherapy I am cured.
Ofentse Boloko
Ofentse Boloko (male, 28)
How I Went from Pro Rugby Player to South African Muscle Model Champion
I usually try to do a sports massage one evening every month to prevent any unforeseen stress on the body which could lead to injury.
Jean Fallacara
Jean Fallacara (male)
How I Use Biohacking to Experience Cyborg Gains in My Calisthenics Training
Not too long ago, I invested in a massage gun. This has entirely changed my recovery. Using it for 10-15 minutes a day on the affected body parts stimulates recovery puts me right back on my feet.
Aakash Kehar
Aakash Kehar (male, 30)
How I Combine Fashion Modelling with Working in Engineering
For handling injuries, I usually do icing/ice pack massage or hot bottle massage depending on the nature of the injury. I also make sure to rest completeley during that period.
Jody Sokol
Jody Sokol (female, 28)
How My Professional Soccer Career Got Me into Fitness and Lifting
I absolutely love getting massages so when I was at lifetime I would get a massage at least once a month.
Cru Mahoney
Cru Mahoney (male, 19)
How Discipline and Dedication Helps Me Train My Body and Mind
When I do get injured, I do a lot of activation exercises and soft tissue massage using something like a massage gun. For example, if my lower back gets tweaked, I would do what I can to relax the muscle in the lower back but also strengthen the opposing muscles in the glutes.
Jermaine Wright
Jermaine Wright (male, 32)
I'm a Competitive Skateboarder. This is How Fitness Helps Me Avoid Injuries
The way I avoid injuries is by making sure I complete a proper warm-up before my session and cool-down after. Both are essentials and doing prehab exercises is definitely a plus when trying to prevent injuries. I use just about every massaging tool I can find from foam rollers, massage guns, balls, to bands. I absolutely love stretching.
Manu Arora
Manu Arora (male, 29)
How I Focus My Training in Order to Balance Fitness with Professional Life
I take time off whenever needed, indulge in a spa, take a foot massage just let the body unwind. I believe Rehabilitation along with rest sets the tone for ultimate recovery.
Gabriela Cantos Realpe
Gabriela Cantos Realpe (female, 35)
I'm a Dance Coordinator, Coach and Model. This is How I Inspire People to Live a Healthier Life
For example: Put on heat or cold, massage once a week, acupuncture, not stretching or not boxing for a few weeks, etc.
Alexa Towersey
Alexa Towersey (female, 41)
How the Gym Made Me Fitness Guru, TV Host and Head Trainer
My favorite recovery practices include infra red saunas, massage, Epsom Salt Baths, foam rolling and listening to a podcast on a long walk outside.
Roo Hamer
Roo Hamer (male, 30)
How I Stay Strong and Explosive Despite Hunger and Broken Bones
Rest and rehabbing the body is very important, I massage myself and stretch daily; massage guns (I have a hypervolt) are amazing.
Amanda Cartner
Amanda Cartner (female, 56)
How I Biohack to Stay the Best Version of Myself at 56 and Beyond
Perhaps the one thing I could usefully add to my routine is a regular massage – at present I rely on my little massage ball to iron out any lumps and bumps.
Rachel Rose
Rachel Rose (female, 24)
How a Binge Eating Disorder Got Me into Competitive Fitness and Modelling
The most important thing to do to avoid injury is to PRIORITIZE RECOVERY WORK. Foam rolling, yoga, Bowen, massage, and saunas/steam rooms are all very effective at releasing the body of necessary toxins and stretching the muscles.
Joanna Zwierzynska
Joanna Zwierzynska (female, 34)
I'm a Brazilian Zouk Dancer. This is How Fitness Made Me Stronger After a Hip Surgery
When I travel, I always have a double ball with me so I can massage my body anytime. I have attached the link with my amazon website where I recommend items that I use to stretch and relax.
Teresa Cesario
Teresa Cesario (female, 32)
I Love Yoga and Meditation! This is How Fitness Helps Me Overcome Body Dysmorphia
Thank goodness that I have never had serious injuries. Yoga helps to keep my muscles from tearing or spraining. I also work with a Body Work specialist for bi-weekly massages focusing on the areas that I have been training that week.
 Barbora Labidi
Barbora Labidi (female, 32)
I'm a Strongwoman Competitor. This is How I Became Strong and Powerful
I go swimming sometimes or to physiotherapists for massages. It helps me to recover my body and muscles. I take also BCAA and Glutamin for better regeneration from Czech Virus brand.
Lafropolitin Giorgio
Lafropolitin Giorgio (male, 34)
I'm an Actor, Model and a Fitness Motivator. This is How I Inspire People to Get into Fitness
For recovery, I do yoga and I go to spas for massages but if I can’t do that, I will have massages at home. I take BCCA principally for recovery. My sleeping hours depend but let us say on average four hours.
Tertia Dippenaar
Tertia Dippenaar (female, 30)
This is How I Prevent Injuries While Performing Eight Shows a Week
My best hacks are to notice and address niggles before they progress into injuries and I immediately adjust my training to alleviate pressure on that area. When I perform eight shows a week, I also try to do weekly massages.
Matt Kouba
Matt Kouba (male, 34)
I'm an IFBB Pro Bodybuilder. This is My Plan to Make it to the Olympia Stage
For preventative measures, I use an inversion table daily, I get a weekly deep tissue massage from Brett at Massage Mayhem, and I make sure to stretch after each workout.
Kyle Spears
Kyle Spears (male, 29)
This is How Competitive CrossFit Lead Me to a Career in Coaching
Personally deep tissue massage works well for me and can heal most of my injuries but there are some others that have required dry needling, cupping, chiro, physical therapy to fix.
Jérôme Prun
Jérôme Prun (male, 21)
I'm a Blogger, Model, and Coach. This is How I Improve My Self Confidence with Fitness
I am doing a lot of cardio by period so I have injured my foot but I always rest, do massage and consult a doctor if necessary.
Emmanuela Pintus
Emmanuela Pintus (female, 45)
This Is How I Have Combined Yoga and Bodybuilding for 15+ Years
I feel massage is extremely beneficial for helping/metabolic waste, when I’m in competition preparation, are usually get a massage once every couple weeks.
Shotzie Cado
Shotzie Cado (female, 38)
This Is How I Train Effectively to Stay Fit While Working from Home
The best way I’ve found to recover is a good massage and/or time in the sauna. The heat helps relax those muscles, and you can massage out the kinks.
Ilez Badurgov
Ilez Badurgov (male, 31)
How I Got Into a World of Movies After Years of Tiring Training
I had lots of injuries earlier but now I have experience to avoid them. Before every workout and have a proper warm-up and stretch for a while. Also, after weight-lifting exercises, I would have regular massages.
Kandiss Lewis
Kandiss Lewis (female, 35)
How I Combine Running and Weights to Stay Fit and Work as a Model/Actor
Epsom Salt bubble baths with oils helps ease and relax the body, massages, and sports therapy to get in a really good stretch. And sleep! I am a great sleeper, no problem there.
April RaQuel
April RaQuel (female, 44)
I'm an Entertainer and Model. This is How Fitness Helps Me Stay in Shape
The older I get the more important therapy becomes because my body is not as resilient as it was 25 years ago, lol, so I also do as much massage therapy as possible. All of this helps to support my body as I continue with such a highly active lifestyle.
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