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Wayne Pickering
I’m 72. This Is How I Focus on Nutrition and Teach People to Get Older and Better

Wayne Pickerings Stats When We Talked with Him 💪

United States
72 years
173 cm
(5 ‘8)
70 kg
(154 lbs)

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👋 Hi! Tell us about yourself and your training

I’m Dr. Wayne “The Mango Man” Pickering, N.D., Th.D., Sc.M. I have a doctorate in naturopathy; doctorate in theology and a masters degree in nutrition.

I am also a disease prevention specialist and a guest on several TV & radio shows who teach people how to get older and better and not old and bitter while passionate about living a totally disease-free lifestyle with a focus on nutrition and a basic philosophy, “If you want to be tough you have to eat good stuff!”

I’m a self-employed as I am a great believer that we should make out vocation our real vacation.

I have embraced my health changing business since 1977 and I’m author of 25 Books, over 100 CDs, 90+ DVDs and 10 Health Systems!

You got to have fun with your passion in life.

For all those folks who have not discovered their greatness just yet, I like to give away this gift with no strings attached: = This is our 60-minute Audio Program we performed on “Discovering Your Purpose and Passion in Life” for success university = “The Career Portion of Your Life” = This is a three-step plan that within two Weeks you will know precisely not maybe, but precisely what you are going to do for the rest of your life … GUARANTEED!

Yes, there are some things in life that are free and it’s one of the ways I like to give back to my fellow man/woman.

I have been training for years. I do weight training at my home gym + I have completed 50 triathlons.

⏱ Describe a typical day of training

I mostly train by myself so I can do my workouts when my schedule allows for it. This way I don’t have to depend on adjusting my schedule to other people’s schedule.

Part of my program is all about training alone unless when I am in a yoga class. However, when I did a triathlon, I found to be very helpful to have a partner to keep me going.

If you are going to have a partner choose someone who is accountable, committed, available and has a personality to challenge each other. Selecting a partner is serious business.

I train every day like this:

  • Monday + Thursday: Upper body.

    In the morning, in bed fitness, walking, push ups and swimming.
    In the middle of the day, garage fitness, mini tramp and weights.

  • Tuesday + Friday: Lower body.

    In the morning, walking, push ups and swimming.
    In the middle of the day, pull ups, mini tramp and beach cruiser (Tuesday)/walking (Friday).

  • Wednesday + Sunday: Cardio day.

    In the morning, walking.
    In the middle of the day, backyard fitness, mini tramp and cycling 25 miles.

  • Saturday: Play day.

    In the morning, walking.
    In the middle of the day, walking.

Every day I train twice. Once in the morning and once in the middle of the day.

I always eat energy gaining and not energy draining foods for about an hour or so before my training.

There are two kinds of fitness: Cardiovascular fitness and muscular fitness.

Your cardiovascular fitness is aerobic while muscular fitness is usually anaerobic. Aerobic means with oxygen, anearobic means without oxygen. So cardiovascular would be good with aerobic stuff. Muscular would be weight training, calisthenics with some stretching.

There are three motions of your muscular system:

  • A push
  • A pull
  • A stretch

Four sections of a good fitness program:

  • Warmup
  • Stretch
  • Muscular exercises
  • Wind down exercises

👊 How do you keep going and push harder?

I am of the posture that people only want what they want when the want if more than the effort.

I want to be fit as it a huge part of living a long life free of a lot of anguish that many people go through in life including stress issues.

My biggest challenges used to be listening to others about their biased opinions when all a person really needs to understand is that you must do something active everyday.

Do what you love to do as long as you have the aerobic and anaerobic exercises included in your routines each and every day.

🏆 How are you doing today and what does the future look like?

Whenever people ask me that, I always answer with this “I am awesome but I am improving!”.

My plans for the rest of my life are to do everything I can do positively with my overall health. To show people that age is not our cage!

We are all the road to death, however there is just no need to jump in the passing lane.

I would be sure to add a lot more variety to all my workouts like we do right now as you will see if you had a chance to look at the workout plan above.

🤕 How do you recover, rest and handle injuries?

I praise God for the blessing that will happen because of it and I do a lot of fasting to help speed up the body’s natural recovery process since we are all healthy automatically by design. which is a short less than nine-minute introduction to our new TV Series where I explain that in full detail.

I sleep six hours at night and one hour in the day, which helps me to add one hour to my waking life.

When I travel, I take some things with me all the time: Juice Plus Capsules + dried fruit + seeds & nuts + a couple avocados.

This way I can order what I want and be able to add these things to my daily intake

Flexible muscles and joints are better prepared to absorb the stress of aerobic exercises, and experts say warmed-up muscles recover faster and with less stiffness after a workout. We therefore need to be stretching.

And a lot of these questions people can also find on our wellness website.

🍎 How is your diet and what supplements do you use?

There are five components to a sound nutrition plan:

  • Eat foods when in season
  • Grown in your type of environment
  • <kAccording to the type of activity we are Involved with

  • According to your body’s digestive chemistry = food combining while embracing the acid/alkaline balance of the body.
  • At least 70% of your food should be eaten raw as if it’s not fit raw, it’s worse yet cooked

I have been following the nutrition plan (diet) we have composed for over 42 years now. More details on

I eat the three natural laxatives, which are okra, beets, and flax seeds.

Raw okra. I never cook okra. Here’s a good recipe okra for you:

  • Take one cup of grated tomatoes
  • Take eight to 10 small raw okra
  • Grind up two to three tablespoons of flax seeds
  • Put them all together in a bowl and mix

I only eat when I’m hungry. I never count calories and never track macros.

I also don’t do cheat days. My Creed is, “If You want to beat the heat, never cheat when you eat!”

I never have junk food cravings as there are just so many awesome foods to eat that I would never succumb to that craziness.

When I go out, I’m always very politely. I request what I want especially in restaurants as I am profit and they are expense. We can chisel away at expense all day long but we cannot do without profit.

Concerning supplements, I take JUICE PLUS+®. Specifically fruit, vegetable and berry blend capsules.

The bottom line about supplements is this. “We should never supplement a bad diet. We must correct a bad diet!”

If something goes wrong with me, I fast. For me, fasting is not starvation, it is not punishment, and fasting does not cure. Fasting is merely a sensible way to respect the magnitude of our bodies recovery mode. Letting it do the best job that can to regain our health.

When it comes to coffee, tea and alcohol, I never touch it. I am not a garbage dump with a hairy lid.

This is my corporate headquarters and I own 100% stock in a blue chip corporation so I never sell my stock cheap.

I put a high price tag on my stock with nothing but the best going into my body so I can get older and better and not old and bitter.

There are so many ways to have fun without all that garbage going into my body.

👍 What has inspired and motivated you?

I have been in several wars including The Vietnam War for three terms over there and the 2nd and 3rd term working with the Navy Seal Team. So it sparked my enthusiasm for being fit!

When I train, I listen to smooth jazz and rhythm & blues

The best advice I have ever received is “When you are Through Moving…You’re Through.”

Stay active.

✏️ Advice for other people who want to improve themselves?

If I had to start over in my fitness journey, I would learn how to make movement a part of life and not just life.

Find someone who teaches the entire message of health. is one of our websites with the Great Jack LaLanne.

In the gym, I see a lot of people that workout too much and do not get enough rest. They do it more for the look and not for the longevity of their life.

For life outside the gym, I recommend that you eat good stuff. That way you will always be tough.

Associate yourself with positive thinking people as we are only as good as the company we keep.

🤝 Are you taking on clients right now?

Our client sign up page is We only take online clients.

We share the entire message of being healthy as there is so much more to being fit than just fitness training.

Being truly fit is 30% in the gym and 70% in the kitchen.

📝 Where can we learn more about you?

My blog is and I also have the website

I’m also on social media:
Instagram: @themangomandiet
Facebook: @itsthemangoman
LinkedIn: @nhome

I’m also on YouTube.

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