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OCB Bodybuilders

We have talked with 5 athletes who mention OCB bodybuilding.

Terry Tomlin
Terry Tomlin (male, 29)
How I Keep Moving Towards My Fitness Goals After a Total Car Crash
My training is going great at the moment. And my goal for the next 5 years is to win the OCB Pro Card because I want to be a champion. I always train hard, eat clean to reach my goal. Besides that, I want to open my own gym.
Charlie Seltzer
Charlie Seltzer (male, 43)
How I Went From an Obese Teenager to a Fit Medical Doctor
I have competed in several natural bodybuilding competitions, with my best placing being a Men’s Open Overall title at a regional OCB show in 2012. I have coached two pro card winners: IFPA Men’s Physique and a WNBF Figure. 
Ivan Blazquez
Ivan Blazquez (male, 40)
I'm a Vegan Bodybuilder and Triathlete. This Is How I Compete in Both Sports at the Same Time
I also accomplished the never before done feat, as far as I know, of competing in a bodybuilding show (OCB Cajun Classic) Saturday at 11 a.m. and a triathlon (Jennings Tri) Sunday at 8 a.m., in under 24-hours!
Chad Havunen
Chad Havunen (male, 40)
How I'm Gonna Comeback to Pro Bodybuilding, Mr. Olympia and Battle of the Godz after a 5 Years Hiatus
Currently, I am training for PNBA Mr. Olympia, PNBA Mr. Universe, and the OCB Battle of the Godz.
Victor Egonu
Victor Egonu (male, 30)
How I'm Planning to Win the Drug-free Bodybuilding World Championship next Season
Most of my major accomplishments have come in my sport of drug-free bodybuilding where I currently compete as a pro and have qualified and placed 2nd (in 2015 to Brian Whitacre) and 3rd (in 2018 to Meshack Ochieng) in the OCB Yorton Cup World Championships.

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