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Frequently asked questions

Seller Related
How do I become a seller on MO Marketplace?

Simply go to this page here and decide on a plan that works for you.

What do you charge to be on the marketplace?

It depends on your plan. You can see the breakdown here. In any case, it is significantly less money than other 3rd party platforms.   

Can I contact the customers?

Yes, you can contact the customers of your store with promotions, discounts or to just say hi. 

What products are prohibited?

Any reselling of products is prohibited.  Also, CBD products are not allowed. A more detailed list of prohibited products with specific ingredients is listed here.

Will the referral fees change over time?

At MO Marketplace, one of the core values is transparency.  So yes, it is possible that at some point the fees per transaction or the cost of the plans will go up.  However, we are hoping that will not be the case.  If this were to ever happen, you would be notified.

Can I cancel or upgrade at anytime?

Yes, you can cancel or upgrade at anytime.  The subscription will run through the end of the payment period.

Do I have to pay sales tax?

Yes, you are responsible to pay sales tax per the state that has nexus over you until such time we reach thresholds for its Marketplace Facilitator laws.  At which point, we will then calculate, collect, remit and refund sales tax on sales sold by third parties.  This calculation will be based on the state which has nexus over you for the transaction.  

Why should I write articles?

Writing articles is a great way to connect with and inform your customers. In addition, the articles get posted to your store which will drive more free traffic to your store from Google.  Don’t forget to optimize the articles and title for SEO. 

What is the Seller's Pledge?

Sellers can opt-in and make a pledge to keep the sales price of their product less than or equal to the price listed anywhere else.  After you opt-in, a badge is displayed in your store and along with your products. This helps to build trust with your customers and increase sales. 

Do all plans have an opt-in email form and followers?

No, only the paid plan allows you to gain followers and have an opt-in email form. 

Do I set my own pricing?

Yes, you can set whatever price you want for your brand but don’t forget about the Seller’s Pledge if you opt-in.

Do I need to change my third party logistics? 

No,  we currently integrate with Amazon so your orders will be sent to Amazon and fulfilled by Amazon assuming you are part of Amazon FBA.  If you use a different 3PL let us know and we will possibly integrate it.  

Customer Related
Do I have to join to place an order?

No, you are able to access the cart as a guest.

Who sets the product prices?

The seller of the product sets the product price. If you purchase a product from MO Marketplace itself and not a 3rd party seller than the price is set by MO Marketplace.

Why can't I find the product that I'm looking for?

We apologize for not displaying the specific product that you’re looking for.  Our main distributor may not carry your product and we may not have that brand as a seller yet.  Send us an email and let us know what it is.  We will do our best to add it the brand to our marketplace.  We encourage these requests..

What is your return policy?

Every seller sets their own policy which you can find available at every store. 

How do I cancel

If you purchased the subscription with a credit card then you can cancel it in your My Account area, under Plans. If you used PayPal then you can cancel within PayPal. Lastly, you can send an email to [email protected] and place “CANCEL” in the subject line and wait for a response which confirms your request.

Where does the 10% off coupon work from the pop up?

The 10% off coupons from the pop up will only work on MO sold products, not products sold by 3rd party sellers. The 3rd party sellers have the ability to create their own coupons.    

Where does the 10% off coupon work from the ads embeded in the articles?

The 10% off coupons from certain ads embeded within the articles will only work on MO sold products, not products sold by 3rd party sellers. The 3rd party sellers have the ability to create their own coupons.    

How can I save on shipping?

We strongly encourage members to purchase multiple products at once, if possible. We can’t guarantee the shipping savings because there are many variables such as the weight, size and location but it’s worth looking at while at checkout. 

Do you have an affiliate Program

Yes, we have an amazing program. You can see all the details here.

Are you looking for investors?

Yes, we may consider considering capital from the right investor.  Contact us for more details. 

Do you have a media kit?

Yes, you can access our media kit here.

What's on the road map?

As of right now we have not published our road map, however we may decide to publish upcoming features shortly before they launch. 

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