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We have talked with 55 athletes who mention calisthenics and bodyweight training.

Alessandro Ciorlano
Alessandro Ciorlano (male, 31)
This is How I Eat, Train Hard and Avoid Injuries
Hi everyone, my name is Alessandro Ciorlano and I am 31 years old. I am Italian and I live in a small town where tranquility is the background. I am a personal trainer, specifically concerning calisthenics.
Elad Michaeli
Elad Michaeli (male, 21)
How I Transformed from Skinny to Muscular
I’ve been into sports for the last nine years. It started with “Muay Thai” and slowly progressed into gym and calisthenics workouts. It all started with me being really overweight kid, I wasn’t one of these popular kids that has a ton of friends, I was lonely and when I discovered sports it just opened a new world for me, a world of peace.
Kiko Dos Santos
Kiko Dos Santos (male, 28)
This is How I Eat and Train to Build Muscle and Strength
I tend to aim to train up to five days as a minimum and anything more is just a bonus and considered an active rest day and only ever strategic so I am not overworking my body. Saying that the hours I train vary session to session depending whether I add calisthenics to it or not that could have me training anywhere from only one hour to nearly three.
Edir Terry
Edir Terry (male, 32)
How MMA and Weight Lifting Became My Lifestyle
I specialize in the following: MMA coach, fitness coach, strength and condition coach, calisthenics. I do private training sessions and small group training sessions. I am a well rounded individual who has over 16 years of experience.
Rod Cooper
Rod Cooper (male, 35)
I'm the Owner of The Movement Collective. Learn How I Have Created a Life and Career Out of the Movement Practice, yoga
We teach a wide variety of movements including hand balancing, calisthenics, gymnastics, circus arts and mobility. I personally love to teach the higher level skills like handstands, gymnastics rings and acrobatics.
Dana J. Star
Dana J. Star (male, 28)
I'm a Streetworkout and Calisthenic Athlete. This is How I Eat and Motivate Myself Everyday
I have been competing in freestyle and calisthenics, won a lot and of course and lost some as well. I was the National champion in freestyle 2016 and I was even the Scandinavian champion in 2017.
Rob Gallagher
Rob Gallagher (male, 43)
This is How I Keep Myself Disciplined and Consistent
Hi, my name is Rob Gallagher. I strength train approximately four times a week, and I also do a daily mobility/movement practice. I like to vary my training, between weights, mobility, calisthenics.
Mariah Stock
Mariah Stock (female, 26)
How Fitness Taught Me Discipline, Confidence, Strength and Happiness
I currently train six days a week and I usually still do something active during my ‘rest’ day. If I need more rest, I take it. I no longer isolate my chest or biceps for aesthetic reasons. I train my lower body with weights at the gym. I currently train staple calisthenics exercises such as pull-ups/dips outside and often add weights to make it more challenging.
Malin Malle Jansson
Malin Malle Jansson (female, 28)
How I Eat and Train to Achieve Nordic Champion Titles
I work as a personal trainer online, with my social media channels and part time as a training model. I’m also a professional Calisthenics athlete (body weight training) and I’ve been active in the sport for about 4,5 years now. I’m the Swedish and Nordic champion three years in a row.
Greta Rachel
Greta Rachel (female, 26)
How I Awoke My Passion for Fitness
On a typical day, I’ll start with a simple warm up, 20 minutes of calisthenics, 15 minutes of glute activations, 50 minutes of spinning (+1 song around 7 minutes long dedicated to an arm workout), and if I’m up for it/have time, a small set of abs/core movements.
Paul Takunda Bako
Paul Takunda Bako (male, 28)
How My Mind Helps Me Train and Become a Master of Fitness
I am an avid reader and in university I was exposed to a plethora of books. Amid them I found fitness books whose piquancy was bodyweight training.
Rafael Santos
Rafael Santos (male, 30)
I'm an International Circus Artist and Acrobat Gymnast. This Is How I Train and Work
I would like to invite you guys to check out CALISTHENICS. It’s a trendy fitness in my opinion, it’s a future exercise practice.
Wayne Bester
Wayne Bester (male, 32)
How I Work as a Dancer and Run the Biggest Dance Convention in South Africa
Life can sometimes be unpredictable, so if I get a bit busy and don’t find time to workout twice a day, so then I’ll focus more on my weight training or ill do bodyweight training exercises at home.
Jean Fallacara
Jean Fallacara (male)
How I Use Biohacking to Experience Cyborg Gains in My Calisthenics Training
I was contemplating calisthenics, but my trainer was telling me I was too old to start and it was hard on joints.. and I should move on and admit my age..
Cru Mahoney
Cru Mahoney (male, 19)
How Discipline and Dedication Helps Me Train My Body and Mind
My training consisted of only calisthenics to supplement all of the flips and tumbling I was doing.
Manu Arora
Manu Arora (male, 29)
How I Focus My Training in Order to Balance Fitness with Professional Life
Then things changed; from weight loss to professional field hockey, to this day where I love calisthenics more than burgers, swim like a mermaid, run faster than the old me, I am Happy.
Paul Dermody
Paul Dermody (male, 30)
How I Train and Work as a Nomad Personal Trainer and Podcaster
I tend to do weights four to five days per week. I admire aspects from all disciplines and have taken parts from bodybuilding, calisthenics and yoga.
Eduard Checo
Eduard Checo (male, 31)
How I Started Barstarzz and Made Calisthenics My Career
I fell in love with freestyle calisthenics and decided to make it a career. I started Barstarzz and from there I spread the passion to a bunch of my friends locally then eventually world wide through the power of Youtube.
Alexa Towersey
Alexa Towersey (female, 41)
How the Gym Made Me Fitness Guru, TV Host and Head Trainer
Back in those days I loved “yang” style high volume and high intensity. These days I’m much healthier, happier AND LEANER when I’m combining “yin” style training with stress management techniques (yoga, pilates, calisthenics, power walking, infra red saunas).
Roo Hamer
Roo Hamer (male, 30)
How I Stay Strong and Explosive Despite Hunger and Broken Bones
After injuring my back at 21 I decided to become a personal trainer and learnt how to train without the need for weights. I began my journey into Calisthenics, the art of becoming strong using only your body as resistance.
Day Micheli
Day Micheli (female, 28)
I'm a Brazilian Pro Wrestler. This is How I Train to Improve My In-Ring Performance
My coach is the one who is taking care of my diet, but since I began to do calisthenics, Pro Wrestling and Muay Thay, I realized my eating has changed a lot. I used to eat badly; I had more fat than muscles, even though I’m thin.
Katherine Petronaci
Katherine Petronaci (female, 35)
I'm an International Pole Athlete. This is How I Went from Pole Teaching to Winning Competitions
I don’t really use weights, mainly just calisthenics and body weight training. I really focus on movement and constantly moving my whole body.
Kerry Chuang
Kerry Chuang (female, 24)
I'm a Hairstylist, Makeup Artist and Model. This is How Fitness Makes My Life Better
I started to become very interested in overall health and began to research nutrition and exercises. I started out slow with calisthenics and basic stretching, then advanced to yoga, pilates, long distance running, and weights. I loved how it made me feel and how well I sleep after a workout!
Maurice Lassl
Maurice Lassl (male, 25)
How Knee Surgery Changed My Approach to Fitness and Training
As I also like to do bodyweight training my friend Julian Schubert an I started to offer our program for free. Right now, we are giving training 3 times a week on an Instagram-Live-video with our community and having three times a week a yoga course with one of our network trainers for our community.
Ilez Badurgov
Ilez Badurgov (male, 31)
How I Got Into a World of Movies After Years of Tiring Training
I have been into sports for more than 14 years and I remember the thing which started my passion: My friends and I from university had a wager on who will have the best physic after summer. I have won and from that moment I knew that I want to achieve more in sports and in my life. I became a gold medalist in calisthenics and had a better strength than anybody with the same weight of 75 kilos.
Tina Bubalo
Tina Bubalo (female, 31)
How I Got Inspired to Quit My Corporate Job and Follow My Passion for Fitness
A workout session is usually one to two hours long. I typically split my training into 3 days of strength and conditioning, for muscle hypotrophy and athletic performance, and 3 days of bodyweight/calisthenics, for functional strength and body awareness.
Ivan Polanco
Ivan Polanco (male, 26)
I'm a Singer-Songwriter and Martial Artist. This is How I Balance Bodybuilding and Music
Fourteen years later through my strength training, calisthenics, martial arts, and functional fitness journey, I am incredibly happy with how far I’ve come and continue to grow.
Cristian Duque
Cristian Duque (male, 27)
Why I Love Sports and Fitness Despite Having Osteoarthritis
I usually combine strength training with some other team sports. I like training in fitness rooms and especially in calisthenics parks. 
Austin Dotson
Austin Dotson (male, 28)
I'm a Hybrid Athlete and Influencer. This is How I Stay Fit After Football Retirement
I like to implement a variety of different styles of training which includes, bodybuilding, calisthenics, yoga, gymnastics, and CrossFit.
Gabriele de Biagi
Gabriele de Biagi (male, 29)
I Love Training! This is My Plan to Become a Better CrossFit Coach
I have a sort of predilection for gymnastics and bodyweight training in general, I really love the idea of training everywhere and in every condition, just with my body!
Daniel Zagorski
Daniel Zagorski (male, 21)
How I Balance My Day Job with Training Six times a Week
I want to continue working on my weak areas. I want to build up my chest and obliques and I want to get stronger. I’ve actually developed a real interest in calisthenics so I’m hoping to do more of that as well.
Snir Azoulay
Snir Azoulay (male, 20)
How Superheroes Inspired Me to Become a WNBF Bodybuilding Champion
I’m training for 5+ years and started training at age 14~15 at Calisthenics and then after 1.5 half years there, I sign for a gym membership.
Simone Collins
Simone Collins (female, 33)
I'm a Vegan Bodybuilder. This is How I Eat, Train and Compete
At the moment, I’m really enjoying higher intensity weight training, bodyweight training, and conditioning workouts. However, I have had the best muscle gains when incorporating a variety of isolation and compound movements, and including both high volume lifts, and and heavy weight lifts in a single workout.
James Anthony Emmerson
James Anthony Emmerson (male, 35)
I'm a Teacher and Model. This is How I Maintain My Six-Pack Abs All Year Round
Got to keep challenging your body; whether that’s going heavier, higher reps or other deviations of classic exercises – keep the muscle guessing and your brain. There’s nothing worse than turning up in the gym and just going through the motions. If that ever happens, shake it up, skip a day, go and do calisthenics, or take up that offer from your bro at CrossFit.
Gustavo White
Gustavo White (male, 59)
I'm 59. This Is How Fitness Became a Way of Life
I’m passionate about bodyweight training. The great advantage is that you don’t need a gym and that you can train efficiently in the convenience of their own home.
Krista Stryker
Krista Stryker (female, 33)
How I Train Effectively and Founded the 12 Minute Athlete
It was after one of those injuries that I started experimenting with HIIT and bodyweight training. I was sick of spending so much of my day stuck in a gym and knew there had to be a more sustainable way to get—and stay—fit.
Aleksi Paju
Aleksi Paju (male, 33)
Here's Why Weightlifting and Strength Training Make Me Stronger and Better
My goals have varied a lot from just basic lifting and strength training to calisthenics and nowadays, I mostly do functional training with free weights. I workout purely for my own pleasure and also to maintain my physique and, of course, I want to be stronger today than I was yesterday.
Orry Zickefoose
Orry Zickefoose (male, 32)
How Calisthenics Have Taught Me to Keep Going and Never Give Up
I have been training calisthenics for just under four years now. I have always been an active person, either outside skateboarding or running around outside with friends.
Petar Ivancevic
Petar Ivancevic (male, 26)
How Videos Got Me Hooked on Parkour and Bodyweight Training
Transition to Bodyweight Training
Jason Latonio
Jason Latonio (male, 40)
How I Got Fit and Strong Enough to Get a Black Belt in Calisthenics
People ask me all the time what I do to stay in shape, and they are usually surprised when I tell them I am exclusive to bodyweight training.
Marc Mullen
Marc Mullen (male, 38)
I'm a Vegan Personal Trainer and Fashion Model. This is How I Push and Motivate Myself and My Clients
Wednesday- Calisthenics training
Theo Lury
Theo Lury (male, 23)
I Had Surgery for Scoliosis. Then I Got into Calisthenics and Bodyweight Training
Hi! I’m Theo Lury. I’m a 23-year-old freelance personal trainer, specialising in calisthenics and bodyweight training.
Kuba Firkowski
Kuba Firkowski (male, 23)
I'm a Strength and Conditioning Coach. This is What Calisthenics Does to My Body
My workplace is a gym called, BodyLabOne. I’ve got personal training and calisthenics classes in small groups. During whole summer, I try to do outdoor workouts in groups to motivate each other.
Valentin Bosioc
Valentin Bosioc (male, 36)
This is How I Became the Most Followed Sports Influencer in Romania
When it comes to training, I always listen to my body. It’s either a full body BODYWEIGHT/CALISTHENICS workout, or weights, or cardio. It all depends on how I feel that day. It could be a gym workout or an outdoor workout, weights, classic splits or full body.
Mallory Reilly
Mallory Reilly (female, 27)
I Was Diagnosed with Depression at 13. This is How Fitness Helps to Regulate It
Kettlebells have always been and probably will always be my favorite. I work with kettlebells almost every day whether I’m working on strength skills, conditioning or mobility. I also have been making calisthenics more of a priority.
Nir Shamir
Nir Shamir (male, 25)
How I Combine Movement, Yoga and Calisthenics to Become Fit and Strong
A good week of training needs to consist of: Movement, yoga, capoeira and calisthenics. Each one of these works on the connection between the body and mind, improving functionality in day-to-day life.
Jasa Oslaj
Jasa Oslaj (male, 21)
How I Went from Skinny and Small to Strong and Bulky
I started with calisthenics (bodyweight training) for about two years and that really gave me a lot of strength as well as muscle mass.
Paul Chelemen
Paul Chelemen (male, 31)
How My Training Changed from Bodybuilding to Functional Movements after I Became a Vegan Father
So after the birth of my daughter I decided to start to only do bodyweight training!!!
Ryan Shen
Ryan Shen (male, 29)
How I Went from Weight Training to Calisthenics to Achieve Muscles Mass, Strength and Coordination
Then, on the next year I found calisthenics and it’s so much fun plus I can see better improvement in terms of muscles mass, strength and coordination compare to weight training.
Ben Palacios
Ben Palacios (male, 30)
How I Went From Hating Sports To Loving Calisthenics, Crossfit and Outdoor Training
After college, I moved to LA with little money to join a gym, so I predominantly exercised outside: Calisthenics, bodyweight, biking, hiking, and trail running. Since then I’ve joined Crossfit but I maintain my outdoor lifestyle.
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