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Valentin Bosioc
This is How I Became the Most Followed Sports Influencer in Romania

Valentin Bosiocs Stats When We Talked with Him 💪

36 years
165 cm
60 kg
(132 lbs)

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👋 Hi! Tell us about yourself and your training

Hello! I’m Valentin Bosioc, I’m 36 years old (almost 37 on January 13), from Romania. I was born in Resita (Romania), raised in Bocsa, studied in Timisoara, then traveled a lot in different countries, then finally settled in Bucharest, Romania.

I have an amazing wife, a fantastic daughter and two awesome shelter cats. Ever since my childhood, I loved all kind of different sports. When I was young I was scouted by one of the great box coaches in Romania, but eventually I refused.

I used to practice judo, box, MMA, rugby, soccer, football, aikido, wrestling, and many different sports, but eventually I settled down for fitness and natural classic bodybuilding.

In my home country, I was credited the most followed influencer in sports industry. The most followed sportsperson on Facebook. Also, I am signed on by the best Romanian influencer agency (Global Influencers).

I am an educated mechanical engineer, in the past I had many different jobs, but eventually I decided to transform my hobby into a full time job.

I am an European Musclemania Champion and IFBB Romania National ViceChamp (placed second – because of the crappy politics, since then I refused to compete anymore). I also was a competitor in Ninja Warrior Romania and went all the way to semifinals.

At the moment, I’m one of the best personal trainers in my country, I work a lot with celebrities, they call me VIP Trainer.

Since I’ve become a fitness influencer, I used to work with different brands and sponsors, but at the moment I work with Prozis, because they are worldwide, and I only choose premium products.

Right now, I’m a full-time personal trainer and also a master trainer at one of Romania’s best fitness schools.

⏱ Describe a typical day of training

I prefer to be in a good shape all year round rather than having a top shape three months and a crappy shape the rest of the year.

A typical day of training doesn’t really exist for me. Let me elaborate a little. I usually try to get at least three workouts weekly. Since I have many clients, it’s been really hard to keep it consistent lately, but I never let three days to pass without a proper workout, and especially I never skip Mondays.

In the past, I tried many different programs and different splits. Even when I competed, I never did the bulking and cutting stuff. For me it doesn’t work like that.

I prefer to be in a good shape all year round rather than having a top shape three months and a crappy shape the rest of the year. Usually I keep it lean and clean, I eat right, keep my bodyfat % around 10.

If the mirror says it’s time to cut then I’ll adjust my training and diet. If the mirror, on the other hand, says it’s time to put on some weight then I adjust everything accordingly.

When it comes to training, I always listen to my body. It’s either a full body BODYWEIGHT/CALISTHENICS workout, or weights, or cardio. It all depends on how I feel that day. It could be a gym workout or an outdoor workout, weights, classic splits or full body.

Because of my busy schedule, I train mostly alone, or with one of my clients. But every time I have the chance I do a hardcore workout with one of the fitness professionals around me :).

To be honest, I don’t think I have a fave exercise or muscle group. I used to be addicted to abs (that’s why I wrote my best selling e-book entitled, The Path To Perfect ABS), but as I mentioned, it’s all about how I feel that day.

I use a smartband from PROZIS and I track my progress with a smart scale and an app from PROZIS.

👊 How do you keep going and push harder?

I have two different motivators: Haters and followers. So either way, I need to keep myself on track :).

I had different challenges in the past, I had injuries and all, but I always keep myself on track, on the right path, the hard way, the natural way and most important the healthy way!

🏆 How are you doing today and what does the future look like?

At the moment, I’m really busy. I try to keep up with my family, I work on my dream house (I build it myself), and I enjoy living the life with my amazing girls. But either way, at least three workouts a week I squeeze in.

I always set time goals, right now I have a goal: When I’ll have my 40 years birthday, I will be in the best shape of my life, healthy and good looking :).

Everything what I did and accomplished, I did it myself. No help, nothing! I am a self-made and that’s why I have all the success, because I’ve always helped others and motivated thousands.

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I always choose the right way, the natural and healthy way, for myself, my family and my clients. No shortcuts involved but just hard work, consistency, and dedication.

Everything happens with a reason but it’s really important to make sure that it’s you alone to make the decisions because nobody else will do it for you!

🤕 How do you recover, rest and handle injuries?

The most important thing to remember is: RECOVERY IS KEY!

To avoid injuries and setbacks, I always make sure I do a proper warm-up routine, stretching at least twice per week, if I have the time I go for a spa day, massage and all that. But I make sure I get a minimum six or seven hours of night sleep.

I use supplements to help me with the recovery and sleep. Everything is on Please use VALENTINB voucher to get 10% off your entire order.

On their website you can find everything you need like home, tech, gym essentials, apparel and all.

🍎 How is your diet and what supplements do you use?

I have a modified keto/carb cycle way of eating.

I keep my diet clean but it’s not really a diet, it’s more like a lifestyle. I stay away from junk food and sweets. I have a modified keto/carb cycle way of eating.

Me and my wife always cook, but of course we eat out sometimes, and I always find something ok to eat. If I need to be at some social occasion where the food served is not on my “diet list” I eat it anyway :)). I mean, I’m always about clean eating, not counting calories, just listening to my body.

So if from time to time I have a “cheat meal” is not called cheating because my body knows how to handle it. I just push a little harder the next three to five days and we’re good.

Usually I drink a max of three cups of coffee daily. I don’t drink alcohol (maybe a glass of wine or a beer on really special occasions). I drink lots of water.

👍 What has inspired and motivated you?

I usually try to learn new stuff daily so I follow many fitness people around social media, I
read forums and all that.

One good book that I read and I loved was Born To Run by Christopher McDougall. Of course, I am also inspired by Arnie and I freaking love The Rock!

When I’m working out, I always have my headphones on with my workout playlist. I usually listen to hip hop or rock songs — you can find me on Spotify.

✏️ Advice for other people who want to improve themselves?

Don’t be afraid to ask and don’t settle for only one sport.

The best advice I can give is: Always be prepared, believe you deserve it and the Universe
will serve it.

Take it slow, don’t do all those stupid mistakes I usually see in the gyms, DO NOT go for shortcuts, always take the harder way, stay true and healthy.

All the results will worth more if you achieve them in a good way. We have lots of info around the web, just make sure you have a good filter to apply, and choose what’s best for you! Don’t be afraid to ask and don’t settle for only one sport.

Try to be as complex as possible, that’s the only way you can become a real athlete, a human machine! The human body is amazing, and if you know how to handle it and how to make your mind work, you can achieve everything.

Always make sure you achieve your human natural potential.

🤝 Are you taking on clients right now?

I always have clients. I have a 1:1 program, I have group workouts, I have many seminars and bootcamps and of course I even have online coaching available.

At the moment my online sign up is open, and I also have a few spots left for those who want to work with me and are in the Bucharest area (Romania). If and when I have time, I always offer free tips, and many great information you can find on my website.

My most common question when I start with a new client is: How long should we workout to see results? And my answer is always the same: Minimum three months of good, healthy workout and diet.

📝 Where can we learn more about you?

There is a Wikipedia page for me: Valentin Bosioc

I have my website/blog: – there are many free tips there, also a shop
with all my e-books.

I am all over social media, but most important profiles are:
Facebook: @valentinbosioc
Instagram: @valentinbosioc
Twitter: @valentinbosioc
Youtube: valentinbosiocyoutube
I’m even on Snapchat (valentinbosioc), TikTok (valentinbosioc) and many more.

You can get special video shouts from me on Cameo: @valentinbosioc

If you want to check out my supplements and gym gear, check out and use my discount code VALENTINB.


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