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Goran Borkovic
How I Made a Remarkable Comeback to Bodybuilding After a Serious Motorcycle Accident

Goran Borkovics Stats When We Talked with Him 💪

32 years
189 cm
93 kg
(205 lbs)

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👋 Hi! Tell us about yourself and your training

Hello. My name is Goran and I’m 31 y.o. Croatian. Past four years living and working in Dublin, Ireland. Bodybuilding is my love and it describes my life a lot.

I have FISAF (Federation for international Sports, Aerobic and Fitness) International license and Master of Management college degree. I used to work in the biggest gym chain in Dublin as a personal trainer. Now I have my own business.

Back in days when I was 12 and I’ve started to eat more unhealthy food like pizzas, burgers, and bakery. I was active, either on physical activity class in school or after school with my friends but obviously, it wasn’t enough to prevent me from getting chubby.

All the sweets and McDonald’s brought me to the point where I was 180 cm tall and 80 kg with just 15 years and slightly active. I knew that I have more kilos than most of my friends but didn’t worry too much because I felt good and some people older than me told me I’m still growing, it’s just a phase and I’ll lose it when I grow up, which is not some theory that always works.

So at the age of 15, a big tragedy happened to my family and I’ve started to think of my health and wasn’t happy with my body shape. The new plan was to shred fat and gain muscles. So as I got interested in getting a nice and toned body, I told myself I’ll eat less but right and start to exercise.

My motivation came from different magazines and pictures of the muscular guys that looked f*** awesome, just like Marvel superheroes. In the beginning, I made mistakes both with my diet and workout plan. I had three meals per day and was active for an hour-hour and a half each day.

For breakfast, I had just a no-bun hot dog with a little bit of mayo, soya medallions stuffed with cheese and ham + some spinach or boiled veggies for lunch and for dinner I had mixed salad and pan-fried eggplants with a bit of sour cream.

My idea of getting as many veggies I can, soya food and a bit protein and fat without starch and sugars showed right, but just in a calorie deficit and losing weight. It was just efficient for losing fat, but not so smart when it comes to preserving health and muscle mass what can be again seen from all the meals and in the end in deficit in calories and nutrients.

Every day was more-less the same, 100-200 hundred pushups and 100-200 crunches combined with a poor diet.

In 45 days, I lost 15 kilos and I could see how the numbers on my scale from week to week are getting smaller and smaller. One day scale showed 65 kg and my father asked me if this is the end, because he got worried about such a fast and big loss of my weight. I noticed it is enough when I saw my reflection in the mirror with all the ribs, thin hands, and narrow shoulders.

Other people were shocked by that big change in that short period. My friends asked me if I’m sick and what happened to me that I lost so many kilos. I told them it was on purpose and my own decision to live healthier and get fitter.

Few months later, my neighbor asked me if I want to go to the gym with him to gain some muscle and that was the moment where progress came and I fell in love with gym. That’s how it all started, guys.

15 years of working out are behind me today and fitness in general is my lifestyle. I came to the point where I was 101kg in weight and my PRs were 180 kg on the bench, 200kg squats and 220 kg deadlifts.

My hobby is also cocktail bar tending in the past 10 years and it all started with hospitality school back in days.

Many summer seasons on the Croatian coast and islands, different cities, a lot of good contacts, people and of course earning kept me interested till nowadays. My other hobby is motorbikes for sure. That’s something I got from my father.

I’ll say today there is nothing better than good training, riding a motorbike and sometimes to have a nice classic cocktail in a good company.

⏱ Describe a typical day of training

Three days without training and I’m feeling like I’ll go crazy and miss something big in my life.

I’m training almost every day, most of the time Monday to Saturday. I’m saying most of the time because sometimes I’m a bit flexible when I’m on my holidays or out of the country, but never inactive for sure. Three days without training and I’m feeling like I’ll go crazy and miss something big in my life. Gains for sure, what else, right?

Usually, I have a split training plan that covers two muscle groups of the body. My philosophy in the beginning was to train big muscle groups (legs, chest and back) first half of the week while I’m fresh after the rest day (Sunday) and smaller ones (shoulders, arms and abs) second half of the wee.

Now I’m training each muscle group twice per week. Until now I tried many different approaches from hypertrophy training, strength training, supersets, tri-sets, and even Giga sets, GVT, descending and ascending pyramid when it comes to reps and sets, single muscle group per day, etc. Nowadays I’m putting the focus on proper form with low and high sets/reps/weights approach.

Most of the year looks like this:

  • MONDAY – legs and shoulders (heavier weights, hypertrophy and strength)
  • TUESDAY – chest, bicep, and abs (lighter weights, less sets, more reps – volume)
  • WEDNESDAY – back and tricep (heavier weights, hypertrophy and strength)
  • THURSDAY – legs and shoulders (lighter weights, less sets, more reps – volume)
  • FRIDAY – chest bicep and abs (heavier weights, higher volume)
  • SATURDAY – back and tricep (lighter weights, less sets, more reps, volume)
  • SUNDAY – active rest
  • Of course, sometimes I’m changing my training plans, days of training and approach. It all depends of my goals, and some other things and activities in my life.

    I had days where I had just 35-40 minutes for my training, but sometimes I was in the gym for two hours or even more.

    My days sometimes lasted long and they were really dynamic, sometimes even too much if you ask a regular person. I had 15 high paced minutes of cycling to my job, then four to five sessions of group training, looking after gym floor and moving all the light and heavy plates, dumbbells, and other equipment, following by 15 minutes of pedaling back home, all divided in 7 hours.

    Then I’m at home resting, eating and cycling back to gym for two to four sesisons of personal training followed by two hours of my own training and again pedaling home 15 minutes. Sounds crazy, right?

    It all came to that I was strong, lean and mean and I could eat almost whatever without gaining almost any fat. Of course, I needed to be careful with a calorie surplus and all the macros on longer stages in connection to all the other benefits.

    Training is something that makes me feel extremely happy and excited. That pump, that tightness, reflect in the mirror. It’s nice when you know that hard work pays off, and not just you, but everyone else will see results you got and you’re getting even more motivated.

    I’m the guy who loves to train everywhere and with new people. That way we are sharing experience and knowledge what just can be helpful because I was collecting it past 16 years and not just reading someone’s elses.

    I was always ready and glad to train with someone better than myself because I wanted to see or hear some good advice, a new way to activate wanted muscle better, how to upgrade my squat, how to get bigger and deeper back or how to recover faster.

    All ” how-to”, “try this” or even “do” and “don’t’s“ were always welcome but, of course, with firm facts and arguments supported from side of fitness science.

    Very important thing when it comes to exercising is to MINIMIZE RISK OF INJURIES. Don’t train with your ego but with your brain.

    Now I want to explain this approach through the proper warmup, execution, and cool down. A lot of people skip that part and come to the gym just to do their session, forgetting the main thing, to prepare for activity.

    If you’re not prepared well you could injure yourself and even suffer serious pain longer period due to some pulled muscle or tendon. That’s what should be a part of every training, A PROPER WARMUP. Take yourself at least 10 to 20 minutes, and prepare your body for an upcoming activity. There is similar approach in any other sport.

    If you want to avoid the negative effects of exercising like soreness or tiredness, you should give your body what it needs. Stretch your muscles after a workout, hydrate them and give them food. That’s a minimum you should provide for proper results.

    In my gym bag, you’ll always find knee straps, lifting belts, elastic straps, even some chains, and foam rollers. I just love to be ready without searching all needed and losing my precious time.

    I’m not a big fan of new fancy diets and general ways of training. All needs to be logic but orientated on an individual approach.

    Seven billion people on Earth = seven billion different body weights, years, heights, body compositions, hormone levels, habits, possible injuries, intolerances, and allergies. So we all can’t have the same program.

    When it comes to food it usually looks like this:

    • BREAKFAST – Eggs and veggies with some integral bread and hummus
    • SNACK – Smoothie made with bananas, oats, cocoa powder, walnuts, cranberries stevia and cottage cheese
    • LUNCH – Pasta, rice or potato with grilled/steamed veggies and salmon/tuna/mackerel/chicken and/or olive oil, pumpkin oil, coconut oil
    • SNACK – A salad with some quality proteins and fat
    • DINNER –Pasta, rice or potato with grilled/steamed veggies and salmon/tuna/mackerel/chicken or/and olive oil, pumpkin oil or coconut oil
    • SNACK – Cottage cheese and nuts

    It’s all simplified here due to an easier understanding of the concept. But when it comes to macros, I’m always after that and having my hierarchy.

    For example, I’ll rather eat fish than meat, but when eating meat than rather chicken/turkey than beef and not so often, or more brown rice/pasta than white, or olive oil/almonds/avocado than sunflower oil or bacon, mayonnaise. OK it happens sometimes when I’m on my low carb.

    You should be aware of the fact that human body is 70% water and that’s why you should take big care of getting it. Still water and green tea are my first choices. There is also water I’m getting from food of course.

    Water can’t be replaced by any other liquid like soup, coffee juices or whatever. It should be pure and with no additives.

    Water is important because it’s filtrating our blood, dissolve vitamins, hydratize our cells, skin, hair and nails, prevents blood thickening, speeds up metabolism, lubricates our joints, keeps us better concentrated and happier, aids in recovery and sleep, prevents of heart attack and strokes, regulates body temperature, prevents inflammations, assist in flushing waste and much more.

    People in general should drink at least two to three liters per day, depending of their body needs. Beside air, we need water to survive and it’s important for many functions in our bodies. There are many ways and reasons how and why we are losing water. It is important to keeps our bodies healthy and functional. Water is elixir of life, don’t forget that. DRINK WATER!

    When it comes to supplements, I made mistakes back in days spending big sums of money believing it will help me to achieve goals much faster, and guess what? I WAS WRONG by believing in those stories. Later I decided to cut off all of that and to eat balanced diet. Nothing can replace real food. There is no magic powder.

    Bodybuilding is not for everyone maybe, but should be in the real meaning of word. „Getting big like Ronnie Coleman“, or „shredded as Helmut Strebl“, or even „athlete like The Rock“ is just how half of people still explain and understand their goals, which is good but not so good in the same time. I’ll rather explain it like the level of physical ability to perform given tasks in everyday life.

    We all have different goals either in physique, body fat, strength, weight management or something else when there are possible health problems. That’s what we should be focused on, HEALTH! That’s the word we like to mention so often, that actually is not always first, unfortunately right.

    We should take the biggest care of our bodies, the only what’s actually ours and unique, the only thing that matters and keeps us alive, the only transport, machine and house we have to live in.

    Health is not always „just given“, It’s something that we gradually work on and not a race with someone. It’s a race against our self and our bad habits trying to leave just good ones and elevate on higher levels, both physically and psychologically.

    👊 How do you keep going and push harder?

    By helping yourself, you help others!

    There are days when you’re motivated or feel energetic, but there are days where you feel bit lazy, down or not motivated. Of course, happened a tons of times to all of us in some stages.

    The importance lays in keeping focus on our goals and actually finding that answer when there is WHY?! There are people who suffer a lack of motivation due to their discipline sometimes, or maybe how their private or business life is, or maybe wrong diet, bad weather or new job.

    Stress is the biggest illness today and it takes a lot. Cortisol is one of the biggest killers and not just for our brain but for our body too. It prevents our hormones to work normally or even go crazy, depending of the way how successfully we can control that in our head.

    And there is one of my favorite quotes „What mind believes, body achieves“, and it means we must fight with our head on everyday basis. Not in the way of struggle, but in the way of making choices, how we see, feel or interpret certain things, actually it’s called perception.

    And sometimes that perception can be tough enemy, it can stop us from staying active, put imbalance in our routine, or change it for longer and slower us on the way to wanted gains.

    There are days when I feel I’ll rather be at home watching movies with my family, especially when it’s rainy, what it’s like 80% of days in Ireland, or I have chocolate cravings, which is my favorite sweet.

    But then I remember my goals and that I want them more than anything so I give myself a few minutes of thinking and comparing now where I am and what I’ve done to previous situations in life or (sometimes even seconds) and I’m again on the right track.

    Sometimes I help myself with nice music, motivational video, summer body pictures or just thought how I feel after training and fact that I’ll get a lot of benefits, even to be less low-motivated in the future.

    The most important thing is to find that motivation and understand that HEALTH is always in the first place and then everything else, even our family, our carrier and our further goals. If we are not healthy, everything ends up just on one wish and depends of our state.

    So find that bright spot, that spark that will light your fire and keep it following, even if it’s too dark to see everything bright. Stay on the track and with that continuity, discipline and determination, results will come eventually.

    When you’re training, always try to upgrade, to go harder than last time, maybe more reps or sets, or maybe lower rest times, some new exercises or maybe even ways you’ve never tried before. Then you can put on some headset and play heavy metal, gangsta rap or some progressive electronic music.

    Maybe just your favorite cheat meal or shirt that floats around your body like a loose curtain will keep you on track. Doesn’t matter what it is, just remember the story of “If I want this then I need to do that…”, or “You can get it, but first these tasks need to be done”.

    There is no right or wrong things with motivation, just our thoughts and imagination which help us or stop us. So choose carefully what you think about.

    Find your way and remember: BY HELPING YOURSELF, YOU HELP OTHERS! You can’t pour from an empty cup. So be selfish and love yourself, respect your body and you’ll get the same back from many sides. Just keep moving and never quit!

    I’ll tell you now something that was the biggest struggle in my life. The worst period I had almost four years ago when I survived a big motorbike accident with a double fracture of the left femur and many other hematomas and cuts.

    After I woke up in the hospital all confused in pain, I was informed I suffered big injuries and survived almost impossible. My leg broke both in the middle of the femur’s body and femur’s neck.

    I’ve been told I won’t be able to walk normally anymore, my left leg might be shorter or even I’ll be limping. I didn’t want to listen to that because it was too scary to hear. I needed to accept myself as a guy who won’t be the same and I won’t be able to train like I used to.

    All those words were harsh but I told myself that’s a bull***it and everything will be like it used to be because I’m strong and I’m willing to come back, not asking the price.

    I have a lot of time ahead and I’ll be back in shape no matter what. Three days after the accident I was still in my bed with broken leg waiting for the surgery and that titanium rod made just for the length of my leg/femur bone to be installed inside the bone.

    The period of recovery for such injuries can last long, sometimes even two years. Right after the 3rd day, I was on the surgery table and surgery went successful. The day after the surgery doctors told me I need to start walking. I was afraid because it felt like it will break again.

    On the sixth day, they already let me out of the hospital and gave me some exercises for my leg. Many days my leg stayed swollen and sometimes really sore.

    In the beginning, I couldn’t move anywhere without crutches and someone’s help. Not even on a toilet or shower. All of that was a big disappointment because just a few days ago I was stronger than any of my friends and everybody respected and amazed my gym results and lifestyle.

    In the end, I’m sitting here in pain asking myself why that happened and looking at my leg. The worst thing was that I felt the leg, but I couldn’t move it, not a single millimeter. The struggle was real and all came to that I was sitting at home, reading books to calm my head and to stay myself through autosuggestion. I never doubt in final results. I saw myself in my mind doing squats again.

    With hard work, a lot of pain, struggle, sweat, tears and hard work I came back slowly but surely. I was exercising my leg daily, even a few times per day through light movements of flexion and extension.

    Step by step, if I can call it that way, I was closer to my goal because I was so dedicated and I gave myself even some extra tasks like going up and down the stairs, first just myself, then adding in my backpack additional, 5 or 10 kg plate.

    I started to train my upper body and to walk around the town. It was a home workout and shorter walks in the very beginning. Later on, I was tougher on myself. I decided I need to come back to shape, to gain strength in my leg and then I can continue with my regular gym activities.

    There were days when I made 17 kilometers on crutches or walked to kids’ playground with 20 kg on my back, doing one hour of split training and walking back again with those 20 kilos, up the stairs to the 3rd floor.

    One day, just after six months I came to hospital and doctors couldn’t believe such fast and successful recovery. They were amazed and couldn’t believe my recovery went too fast, especially after such injury. I told them just that I know my body, I understand anatomy and I seriously decided I want my leg and my life back.

    That’s how I left the crutches and came back to life that I had, and my story inspired a lot of people. It’s even motivating for myself.

    Just a story and example how you become stronger and reach your goals. I sacrificed something, like comfort and loads of free time, but I got back something very big. It was my life and possibility of doing what I love the most again.

    Long story short, hard work eventually pays off. So when you find yourself down, hurt or not motivated enough, find that bright spot, remember your „why“ and MOVE YOUR ASS AND TAKE WHAT’S YOURS!!!

    🏆 How are you doing today and what does the future look like?

    Every year I’m going through the same thing, getting back to the gym properly after a few months of the island life.

    Since I’m from Croatia, I’m spending my summer days on one specific island just in the South part of the Adriatic Sea. It’s called Hvar and it’s a real jewel of all seas.

    Warm sunny days (more than 300 sunny days per year), nice and extremely tasty Mediterranean food followed by quality wines and domestic products, smaller islands with beautiful crystal waters and blues bays…just like in the movies, right. But then I’m training 3-4 days per week just to keep myself in shape as much as possible.

    So it’s not always that I’m 24/7 in the gym (most of the time I’m into that mindset). But after my return, I always start easier and upgrade again till the next summer. Every October I’m starting again, getting back on my track and reaching goals.

    Next few years on my „to do“ list is to open my own recognized studios that will help a wide range of people to overcome their pain, to reach their goals and to live happier.

    At the moment, I’m doing both group and personal sessions in the gym that I’m renting, but not just with healthy people. It’s a wide range of programs like kid’s fitness, senior citizens fitness up to pregnancy fitness and some advanced programs like strength, conditioning, etc.

    Also, actively developing my fitness online coaching pages that are getting more and more popular each day. I’m attending big fitness events in Europe such as FIBO in Germany, Power Expo in Birmingham, Fitness competitions in Belfast and hanging out with some famous influencers from the fitness world. Also coming soon with a lot of ideas, new products, giveaways, and awesome content.

    There is nothing I would change for my fitness lifestyle.

    🤕 How do you recover, rest and handle injuries?

    As I said already, I don’t have problems with injuries so often because I’m careful with all the pre-workout prep and controlled movements and overload I’m using in my training especially, because I suffer lower back problems caused by four road accidents, especially the last one that was the hardest.

    I got more interested in recovery and health fitness in the past three years so I’m spending time learning and practicing different classes in yoga as well as trying new techniques trying to find what’s most suitable for my problem.

    Also, I’m doing lower back and deep back muscle exercises but carefully and not forcing any huge weights. Sometimes it’s just isometric movement (putting muscle into work without movement like planks, wall sits, etc.) that helps a lot.

    Sauna, massages, swimming or longer walks are my second choices. Even when it’s my rest day. I’ll rather have active rest than sit home for hours. That’s what helps with the faster recovery and nusproducts of exercising.

    Rest for doesn’t mean to sleep, lay or sit all day, but it’s something you should do when you’re not in the gym. For me, it’s usually one of the above or even some hiking or motorbike rides.

    Again motorbike, of course, that’s a special kind of love…or craziness, I’m not sure. I like to meditate as well and have a cold shower right after. All first in the morning, for the fresh start of the day.

    🍎 How is your diet and what supplements do you use?

    Creatine keeps your muscles hydrated and gives you a bigger fuller look.

    When I was younger I had one mission, which was to get bigger and stronger by gaining minimum fat. And always I was careful of the amount of fat I’m getting. Like too much is not good for you, the same is if you’re not getting enough.

    You can disturb the balance between your hormones, organ functions, metabolic processes, etc. So I stand where I am now because I kept my body always supplied with some walnuts, hazelnuts, pumpkin seeds, olive oil, fish oil or bluefish. I knew that’s what I need for “my brain, testosterone and dissolving vitamins.

    Since I’m not a big fan of supplements and I tried a lot of them, I can tell I have experience and the only one that showed me it works it was and still is creatine. It keeps your muscles hydrated and gives you a bigger fuller look.

    Strength gains are also present what’s more than fair. All the others are just here to give you an extra mental boost but I haven’t felt their effectiveness on my body so much, at least not in prescribed doses.

    The thing that works for sure is a proper diet plan and workout plan combined with rest and other activities. Reducing your stress is a big YES. That’s one more link in the chain connected to your gains because bigger amounts of cortisol (stress hormone which regulates the metabolism of fats, carbs, and proteins) will slower your results.

    You maybe remember the days you were down because you got lower test results in school, you failed to accomplish week tasks your boss gave you or you had a fight with your loved ones.

    When I talk about diet plan, that’s what scares a lot of people. Especially when I say NO ALCOHOL. Everybody stay there shocked, already want to give up, just like I cut off oxygen for them. But that’s how it is.

    Of course, we are all people and sometimes even I drink, but only on special occasions. It means for me, no excess calories that day and maybe one meal less, because 1 gram of alcohol itself has a much more calories than sugar or protein. Just a little bit less than gram of fat (carbs and proteins = 4 kcal/gram, alcohol 7 kcal/gram, fats 9kcal/gram).

    So don’t fool yourself, alcohol is very tricky and caloric especially when combining with coke, isotonic drinks, lemonades or some other soft drinks. Especially dangerous with energy drinks. It won’t just make your heart rate elevated but it will make your body confused or suffer some bigger things like insomnia, crankiness, pass-outs or even death.

    My suggestion as always is “Drink responsibly and don’t eat as much as usual that day because sooner or later you’ll feel hunger provoked by alcohol, and usually it’s something that’s not Ceasar salad or grilled veggies but nice and juicy double cheeseburger with cheddar fries!” That’s what sneaky alcohol can do to you. WHAT A BASTARD!

    So, when it comes to my choices, I’ll rather try to eat well and stay as leaner as I can the whole year than go wild on carbs and junk food in making those gains faster but later on to have a problem to shred all that fat. No way. When I go bulking it’s never junk food, but rather caloric surplus with higher amounts of carbs and some proteins as well and lower amount of fat at the same time.

    When I have cravings that are not on my diet plan and when it’s not Sunday, I help myself with a protein shake (I use it just on those occasions) or some fruits combined with cottage cheese and sometimes sweetener like Stevia.

    But, when it comes to cheat day, especially if I’m shredding with a low carb regimen, than I can’t wait for Sunday to have that nice, warm and crunchy pizza slice…or slices! Ok, you got me here…sometimes even a bit of chocolate. But I bleed when I cut as well. So there you go, we all cheat our meals sometimes.

    All that works for me is just regular activity, proper diet and rest. No coffee or some pre-workouts will boost me much because they are many times proven not efficient. Your choice of food and liquids are playing main roles here.

    When it comes to tracking all of that, one of the best is MyFitnessPal. I love it. It’s simple and nice organized basic plan that will track your calorie intake and provide you with other info about vitamins, minerals and water intake.

    👍 What has inspired and motivated you?

    The best decision in my life was to follow what I love and to go to the International license, where I’ve learned many things, met a lot of interesting people, doctors, and scientists in the field of fitness science.

    These people gave me a lot of new info with results of their researches and opened new ways of thinking in me connected to fitness world. Not to mention I was the only Croatian there and got the best results between 52 people. I was so proud and motivated and it still lasts. 😀

    The best advice I can give to you dear friends will be:

    1. Inform yourself and learn about your body and everything you put in it
    2. Stay quiet when your body talks
    3. Stay safe and minimize risks of injuries
    4. Stay determined on your way
    5. Avoid bullshit stories

    ✏️ Advice for other people who want to improve themselves?

    If you’re a beginner and don’t know how to train, be careful whom you’ll choose for your PT.

    The thing that is sometimes frustrating but inspiring at the same time inside the gym is that some people are always old fashioned and too general in training with their clients.

    If you’re a beginner and don’t know how to train, be careful whom you’ll choose for your PT. Always ask for license, college or they have proper fitness or health expert qualifications.

    Still, it doesn’t mean that all the people with licenses know what are they’re doing and vice versa, but it’s a much smaller chance he didn’t remember something.

    I had a chance to see many PTs and influencers are making the same mistakes and assembling the same diet and workout plans for everyone they meet. It can’t be like that. Some people have issues with their knees, others with their shoulder and so on.

    And if I have to say, choose someone passionate about being fit, looks like an active person and live like that and can teach you something, rather than someone who will take your money and give you lunges for dinner because you’re not allowed to eat after 6 (bullshit). That’s the advice for beginners. Inform yourself, read, eat right, train smart. #noegohere

    And yeah, if someone asks if fitness/going to gym/bodybuilding/whatever is “a sport”, you can scream out loud “YES IT IS, THE MOST COMPLETE ONE.” And it’s pretty true. It develops and activates, if performed right, all body muscles equally with all those different approaches. It can be speed, flexibility, mobility, agility, stamina, etc.

    So when your kickboxing or ice-skiing trainer comes with old school story, “You’d go no gym, it makes you slow”, what is slow is their way of thinking and learning. They lost their fire.

    On the other side, if you want to accomplish something of the previously said, then your gym membership might be something you need, at least if you want to be leaner or lighter. You might see new techniques or some old recipes hidden from your sight.

    One of my favorites when I was a kid was the discovery of training legs twice per week and making protein shake just with water. Crazy, right?

    🤝 Are you taking on clients right now?

    I have loads of happy clients behind me, starting with my father that lost 42 kg and he’s 57 years young now, from a wide range of people that are my friends, colleagues or some new clients that found me in my gym because they heard about me or seen my social network profiles.

    I can tell one thing, their reply is mostly positive and they are willing to learn, especially seen in their expressing and understanding of fitness vocabulary. They even bring their family members or neighbors to my classes, sometimes even their bosses.

    All of them made results and it says to me that I’m doing a proper job. Nothing is more motivating than that.

    This is how it works with my online clients: First, I send them questions in shape of an interview. Second, tell them to go to their medic for check up. Finally, when everything’s ready we can start. I also talk to them and train them in the real-time video (WhatsApp, Facebook, Skype…).

    And it’s interesting to have clients you haven’t seen. I can tell it’s working. Especially if they already have some healthy habits or practice in exercising. It also can aid in a therapeutical or recovery purposes.

    I almost forgot! Some of their demands are hilariously common, especially when girls want to become fitter with no other muscle hypertrophy but booty because they think they’ll look like Lou Ferrigno in Hulk, enormously big with raging voice. Haha, crazy.

    And of course, one of my favorite questions is “How can I get big and lean fast?” “What supplements will make me big?“ and “”I would like to get results with minimum of exercise”. Sometimes I want to reply: “If you find the answers or ways that are 100% natural, please let me know. I want the same!”

    Nothing’s faster than benefits but sometimes you can’t see them immediately because they come from the inside.

    📝 Where can we learn more about you?

    If you find yourself in the position of questioning why you go to the gym, or if it’s OK to go today or tomorrow for a walk, DON’T. You do it now because NOW is the answer. As soon as you begin, as soon you’ll see what you want.

    You can contact me for any advice, diet or workout plan through DMs on my Instagram (@lift_2_live_fit) or Facebook profile ( @Goran Borković).

    You heard how my life looks like and the progression of my life story from the early days. It begins like a lot of struggle and no experience and sometimes even pain and it ends with a good healthy story and enjoying all the benefits of this interesting lifestyle.

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