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Brad Feinberg
How I Work as Personal Trainer to Imagine Dragons’ Dan Reynolds

Brad Feinbergs Stats When We Talked with Him πŸ’ͺ

United States
31 years
193 cm
(6 ‘4)
118 kg
(260 lbs)

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πŸ‘‹ Hi! Tell us about yourself and your training

My name is Brad Feinberg. I am originally from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania but now live in Las Vegas, NV.

I am a personal trainer/wellness coach and personal trainer to lead singer of the Imagine Dragons Dan Reynolds.

My coaching business is BradAssFitness which is an online coaching service where I have over 30 clients. I offer both Nutrition and Movement Programming.

I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Science from West Chester University. I have had my certifications in the NASE, CSCS, USA Olympic Weightlifting and Precision Nutrition.

All time PRs include 450lbs Back Squat, 605lbs Deadlift, 275lbs Snatch, 350lbs Clean and Jerk, 335lbs Bench Press and 235lbs Strict Press.

I have been training for almost 20 years and started because I wanted to improve my performance in tennis. I have also played basketball and have received my black belt in Kempo. I have also practiced MMA and Shotakon. My true passion is Rugby which I started playing in college.

I have my own brand which is AI Wellness which I created in late 2019 which focuses on providing the top quality ingredients in supplements and support to have you perform better in life.

⏱ Describe a typical day of training

Volume is not excessively high because my weight intensity is so high.

A typical day of training always starts with some form of cardio whether it be running, biking, rowing, etc. Most of the days will be low intensity for around 30 minutes but some days will include high intensity interval training.

After that I will get into weight training. Depending on the day will determine which movements I am focussing on. For the majority of my training cycles I am focusing on strength and building muscle and most of the time I will follow this split during the week:

  • Day 1 is legs both push and pull with a bigger focus on Squats.
  • Day 2 is upper body push.
  • Day 3 is upper body pull.
  • Day 4 is legs both push and pull with a focus on Deadlifts.
  • Day 5 is upper body push.
  • Day 6 is upper body pull and day 7 is rest.

Each day I will include 4-5 exercises and 3-4 sets per exercise. Each set will be 8-12 reps and I will achieve max failure for each set.

I believe in training with high intensity for the designated rep range to achieve muscle hypertrophy. Volume is not excessively high because my weight intensity is so high.

I listen to my body and if I need to decrease the volume or intensity because I am fatigued or exhausted then I will do so.

Each week I will increase weight intensity or volume to cause progressive overload. I will first increase weight intensity before volume.

I train with Dan Reynolds, you could say he is my training partner even though I am his personal trainer. I take AI supplements both pre workout and intra workout. Dan and I both train at Life Time Fitness in Summerlin, Las Vegas.

πŸ‘Š How do you keep going and push harder?

It is all a mindset

I keep myself motivated by always wanting to be the best. Simple but effective. I have always fought to overcome any challenge that comes my way even from a young age.

At 5 years old I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes so from a very young age I had to learn to overcome obstacles.

It is all a mindset and I always create the mindset to win and succeed everyday even with little accomplishments such as completing a workout everyday.

I also set weekly and monthly goals to hit such as new body fat percentages or weightlifting goals to help keep me on track.

πŸ† How are you doing today and what does the future look like?

My fitness goals today are focussed more on my business with AI Wellness, BraadAssFitness and to keep Dan Reybolds in shape.

Over the next couple of years, I have goals to have AI Wellness become the best in the world when it comes to supplementation, health and fitness.

Right now we have an excellent and premium product line ranging from pre-workout to multi vitamin and minerals to anti inflammatory products. We will be releasing more products to improve one’s quality of life.

I am also growing BradAssFitness by increasing my clients and client retention but also providing more programs to meet any individual’s goals.

Dan Reynolds and I have many projects launching in the future but ultimately it is keeping him at his best to perform at the highest level.

πŸ€• How do you recover, rest and handle injuries?

I recover by making sure I am focussing on certain key aspects everyday. I am eating enough calories to fuel my body and to recover but also making sure the quality of my food is optimal to get in essential micronutrients.

I supplement with vitamin and minerals, protein powder and anti-inflammatory products to make sure my body is recovering as fast as possible from life and training.

I also make sure I am getting at least 8 hours of sleep because let’s be real, sleep is the best recovery on the planet.

If I do get injured, which rarely happens, I listen to my body and pump the brakes. I have learned over the years that taking a step back from training when injured is truly the best way to heal.

Over use is never a good thing when it comes to being the best shape of your life.

I have traveled extensively in the past because I was on the Evolve Tour with the Imagine Dragons and when it comes to stress, travel causes a lot of it.

When travelling I also focus on eating the best quality of food when possible to prevent as much inflammation from bad quality foods.

I also focus on having a basic and simple workout routine to not over stress the body but to have an effective workout program to continue to make progress when on the road.

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I also make sure to stay hydrated and sleep to allow my body to recover from the stress of travel.

🍎 How is your diet and what supplements do you use?

I love coffee.

So first and form most, when it comes to nutrition my main goal is to have a good physique all year round. I eat enough food to have energy for the day and my workouts but not enough calories to gain fat.

So I am either in a deficit of calories or maintaining. You can absolutely build muscle while in a caloric deficit which is why I never β€œbulk,” and when I refer to bulk I mean eating an excess amount of calories that has you significantly gain fat to an unhealthy level.

I do believe in increasing caloric intake if one has a main goal of increasing strength and/or power but still not an excess to have you gain an unhealthy amount of fat.

So for me calorie counting and top quality food are my main focus. After that I make sure I get in enough protein to build and repair my body.

After that, I make sure I get in enough carbohydrates to maintain my glycogen levels and enough fats to help with hormone balance and sustained energy throughout the day.

I do eat similar meals each day but some days could look different if I have a higher activity level or if I want a different variety of meals.

I make sure I eat a lot of vegetables and fruits while having a different variety of colors to make sure I get plenty of micronutrients.

Once a week, I will most likely have a cheat meal to satisfy certain cravings such as burgers, wings, pizza or ice cream but I never over do it to the point where it sets me back a couple days because of a huge surplus of calories and inflammation.

Most of my meals are extremely delicious so the urge to cheat is not as high as if I was on a super strict meal plan. Some examples include protein french toast, wraps, chilli and protein ice cream. They all have high quality ingredients and fit my caloric needs.

I take AI Wellness supplements which is my own brand that I created late 2019. The products include a pre-workout, intra workout, multi vitamin and mineral and an anti inflammatory supplement.

I also take omega 3’s and Vitamin D.

Lastly, I love coffee. I drink a significant amount during the day to help keep me energized.

πŸ‘ What has inspired and motivated you?

My inspiration has come from within. I was diagnosed at the age of 5 with type 1 diabetes so my entire life has been a journey of health and wellness.

From a young age, I wanted to overcome this disease and prove to myself as well as others that even with this disease it cannot hold me back.

That is the heart of my inspiration.

I have always wanted to be the best and I truly love the feeling of fighting to be the best no matter what the challenge or obstacle I must face.

✏️ Advice for other people who want to improve themselves?

In order to change we must be uncomfortable.

The first piece of advice I would say is to remember that this is a long journey. There is so much false info out there saying that we can change our bodies within a couple weeks.

This is a long journey. It takes consistency, hard work and dedication to become your best self so remember that it takes time.

The sooner one can have the mindset of this being a lifestyle the more successful one will be. It is not a short term fad. It is a lifetime of work of practice.

I would also say to have fun. Changing your body can be hard and if you cannot enjoy what you are doing then why do it. Yes, there will be challenging times whether it is gearing up for a show, or trying to achieve a new PR or just getting ready for the summer.

If you cannot enjoy the journey and acknowledge your accomplishments along the way then it will be a rough time.

So enjoy the ride. Also set both goals that scare you and goals that you know you can achieve. In order to change we must be uncomfortable.

When you are out to change your body, if you are not fighting for a goal that makes you scared or nervous then you will not achieve greatness.

Now with that set goals that you know you can achieve along the way to build you to that unpredictable goal.

Embrace failure. We are so afraid to fail that we never embrace the fear and get to the other side of greatness. We cannot progress or grow without failure.

🀝 Are you taking on clients right now?

I am taking clients right now. My online coaching business is BradAssFitness and I specialize in creating a lifestyle that impacts certain factors of the body such as genetics and hormones to have you achieve the life and body you want.

In my experience, a key to success is having a structure that allows you to win and I create a tailored and customized structure for my clients.

No matter what the environment is, I can create something that works and most people do not stick to programs because the program may not fit their lifestyle and schedule.

Everything I coach and program is all in service of impacting key hormones in the body such as insulin levels, blood sugar levels, growth hormone levels, cortisol levels and inflammation to name a few.

Many times these hormones can become unbalanced and even with proper nutrition and exercise one may not see the results.

With having these factors at optimal levels, it allows your body to operate at an optimal level which can greatly help with building strength, building muscle and burning fat.

Lastly, I take both in person and online clients.

πŸ“ Where can we learn more about you?

You can learn more about me on my instagram channel which is @bradfeinberg88.

My website for BradAssFitness is and my website for AI Wellness is Ai also has an instagram channel which is @ai.wellness.

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