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10 Tips To Motivate Someone To Work Out

Motivate Someone to Work Out

There are plenty of reasons why you like to work out, whether it is for good health or simply to look good for your significant other.

Whatever the reason, being fit is a good idea and offers various health benefits [1][2]. So why are there those people who feel that fitness and exercise is not for them?

Maybe it is a confidence issue, or perhaps they just do not have the motivation for it.

If you have a friend or loved one who you feel would benefit from working out then there are methods you can use to motivate them.

The following article will hopefully give you a few ideas on how to motivate someone to work out. [toc]

Why Do You Want Them To Work Out?

Before you decide to start pestering someone to work out maybe you should first ask why do you want them to work out in the first place.

If it is for health reasons then it may be a good conversation to have. For any other reason then perhaps not, especially if it is because you want them to change in appearance.

Fat shaming is not good, and the damage can last a lifetime.

Tips To Encourage Someone To Work Out

If you still think that encouraging someone to work out is a good idea then there are a few tips that could help:

#1: Focus On Being Healthy Rather Than Looking Good

Of course, there are those who decide to work out just to look good, however, this might not be the best approach to take.

If they are lacking energy then you could explain how exercise can boost energy, while the feel-good endorphins released through exercise are not to be sniffed at either.

Research has found that focussing on health is a better way to encourage than appearance [3].

#2: Don’t Make Them Feel Ashamed

To ensure they are receptive to what you are suggesting it is better that you don’t make them feel ashamed for their current lifestyle choices.

You cannot bully someone into making a change, and doing so will only lead to resentment.

At the end of the day, you want a happy and healthy relationship don’t you?

#3: Explain Why You Are Making A Change

Your friends and family may not understand why you have decided to make this healthier change to your lifestyle.

Once you have explained that you are doing it to improve your own quality of life then they will be more inclined to help with your goals.

This, in turn, may lead them to decide to make these changes for themselves too.

#4: Let Them Ask Questions

You most certainly do not want to pester someone to workout, however, you can certainly encourage them to ask questions about your own fitness regime.

Remember there are no dumb or wrong questions to ask. Just answer truthfully, but perhaps try not to overwhelm them with too much information.

#5: Look For A Meaningful Goal

Even though you have a goal in mind does not mean that that person you care for has the same goal.

The only way they are going to stay motivated is to have a meaningful goal in mind. This may be better health, or just to look better, but it must be something tangible.

If you both sign up for a race or event like Tough Mudded then you will create a sense of urgency to get fitter for the race itself. Sometimes a push like this is all you need.

#6: Show Them Some Old Photos/Videos

Quite often people do not realise how far they have fallen off the wagon.

Sometimes it is not until someone mentions it that they realise that they have let themselves go a bit.

If you have any old photos or videos perhaps it is time to show them, but try not to be judgemental. This just serves as a reference point to where they once were and may motivate them to get back to that stage again.

#7: Make It Fun

Not everyone wants to join the gym, and many may feel self-conscious joining a fitness class.

The most important step at this stage is to make any workouts fun. If they are not fun then they are not going to want to stick to them.

Start off with fun activities and once they see their body changing they may feel motivated to add to their regime with other activities.

#8: Do It Together

Instead of them feeling resentful of your new goals, invite them to train with you. Or perhaps start small by going for a walk or hike together.

Common interests can bring your relationship much closer together.

#9: Set Rewards

If you have set milestones for yourselves, as you should, then it is important that you reward each other when you reach these goals.

It may be something as simple as a new pair of jeans or a pair of tickets to your favourite show. But whatever the reward this is important as it will motivate you both to reach the next goal you have set.

#10: Give Them Praise

Once you have encouraged someone to start working out it is important that you keep them interested.

Giving them support and praise is one of the better ways to keep them interested in their new healthier routine.

Whatever positive change you have noticed makes sure to tell them. Whether it is more energy, better posture or a happier mood, it is important that they know they are making progress.

In Conclusion

While the above tips may give them the motivation to work out, at the end of the day it is their decision.

Even if it will benefit them in the long run, if you keep pushing your own agenda then you may damage your own relationship with them.

If you have any of your own tips on how to motivate someone to work out then we would love to hear them. You can leave your own tips below this article using the comment form provided.

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