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Choosing the Right Weight Training Program

weight training

Choosing the right weight training program might seem like a daunting task but when done in an organized and orderly fashion, one can reap a lot of benefits from a good program.

With all the machines, dumbbells, barbells, weights and right exercises to choose from, it may seem complicated.

One can simplify the task by having the right set program. In order to start on the right track, one should look into the following:

Right Weight Training Program

Set Objectives

  • This is the main driving force of your program. The goals should be achievable and relevant as well as scheduled in that you know where you need to be in what period of time.

Baby Steps

  • There’s no need for someone to over exert themselves. A regimen of three days a week on alternate days is good enough to see results when beginning. Extreme exertion can lead to injury.

Concentrate on Compound Lifts

  • Squats and deadlifts are a good place to start your training program. Not only can you get a lot more done with pushups, rows, chin-ups, squat patterns, and deadlifts, but it will save you time as well.

Important Exercises first

  • The more important the exercise, the earlier it should be done. This will ensure that your form is not compromised by fatigue.


  • You should have strict timing periods in between sets so as to maximize efficiency. You can rest for approximately 90-120 seconds per set.

Cardio and Strength

  • It is important to combine strength and cardio and this can be done by doing exercises in supersets which are back to back. This will help get your heart rate up and give you a good cardio workout.

Track Workouts

  • It is important to write down the reps, sets, and weights you use in each workout. This helps in keeping track of the progress and knowing when it is time to up the ante and increase the intensity.

Change the Program

  • Changing your routine is very important and one should not stick to the same routine for more than three weeks. It will help alleviate boredom and the same routine may not show the results one is expecting.

It is important to note that the right weight routines are key to your advancement in weight training. One should also get quality sleep and use the right dietary supplements so as to maximize all the sweat sessions.

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