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21 Best YouTube Fitness Channels

best youtube fitness channels

We searched for the top 21 fitness influencers and channels on YouTube to compile a list of some amazing fitness role models for you. These hard bodies are posting regular videos on YouTube with great fitness, training, health, and nutrition tips, as well as some solid motivation to keep you going.

We have included both male and female YouTubers so that you are sure to find someone who you can resonate with. Each one has their own unique style as well and target audience, and we included some information about those things as well for you to find someone who you connect with and who can give you the best information for your body type, goals, and lifestyle. On a side note, these are all-natural YouTube fitness stars, who are adamant about achieving results through natural, healthy solutions. We left out anyone who does not teach or practice healthy fitness and nutritional habits. Go ahead. Follow along as we go through the top fitness influencers on YouTube.

21 Best Youtube Fitness Channels

 1. Dana Linn Bailey

Dana Linn Bailey is a powerful, female role model, in more ways than one. She has a rock solid body and has achieved natural muscle in a way that women, and even men, would be jealous of. She also is a strong advocate for body acceptance and encourages other women to love their bodies, no matter what they look like. Even as a fitness model, she gets made fun of for how she looks. Comments range from being “too masculine” to not being “soft enough” for a woman. But, Dana wants to be a strong role model for women as an example of how you can love and accept your own body, just like it is. She has stretched the limits of what is possible for the female body and we can’t get enough of her fierce and toned body. She is not just focused on women; her workouts are relevant to men as well. She features a number of powerlifting style instructional videos, as well as practical workouts such as her secrets to training the abs and chest training. Her videos have more of a “diary” feel to them rather than being like a show, often showcasing her road to different competitions and her ups and downs along the way. If a girl/woman wants to get that level of muscle, Dana Linn Bailey is the girl to watch. She has over 380,000 subscribers and is making a splash all over YouTube, even beyond her own channel.

Dana Linn Bailey YouTube Channel

2. Christian Guzman

Christian Guzman is one ripped dude. He has over 720k likes and growing. He has over 900 videos uploaded. He has a variety of different types of videos from how to get completely shredded to motivational type videos, food tips, and also some diary style videos. His girlfriend is Heidi Somers (see below). He is really honest and open in his videos, which makes him likable. He seems like a down-to-earth kind of guy and shares workouts and his heart.

Christian Guzman YouTube Channel

3. Nikki Blackketter

It’s safe to say that Nikki Blakketter is one of the hottest girls on YouTube! She has over 600k subscribers and has an amazing body, making her an inspiration to a lot of people. She lives in Los Angeles, CA and does a semi-daily VLOG focused on fitness and weightlifting workouts. Nikki is playful in her videos and fun to watch as she features a relatable cast of characters from her roommate, to her boyfriend, and a cute little feline friend who shows its face from time to time. She considers herself an expert on glutes and legs, and we believe her. On a side note – Nikki used to date Christian Guzman and now he is with Heidi Somers. Who knew there was so much drama on YouTube?

Nikki Blackketter YouTube Channel

4. Chris “Beastmode” Jones

Chris “Beastmode” Jones is a dedicated natural bodybuilder and builds his programs on that foundation. He is dedicated to that concept. His channel, “Physiques of Greatness,” currently has 744k subscribers. He has many signature “Beastmode” programs and products from the “4 days in 1 off” program to Beastmode Bootcamp. He also has meal plans available to help you get results like him. He has an amazing body and he tells you how to get it. He has lots of videos on YouTube including tips on bodybuilding at both the gym and at home, though mainly focused on gym workouts. If you are looking to lose weight, Chris may not be the guy for you. His focus is more on gains than on weight loss. He teaches his followers how to bulk up and get muscle. One of the things that is unique about Chris is that he also teaches you what to eat to make that happen, which is not always something that bodybuilders offer for free.

Chris “Beatmode” Jones YouTube Channel

5. Kaisa Keranen

Kaisa Keranen is the creator of KaisaFit. This Seattle based trainer is the only one on the list that doesn’t have an official YouTube channel; however, she is making waves all over YouTube with her bodyweight exercises, which is why we wanted to include her. She is a great role model for women who may be a little intimidated by doing strength training at the gym. Because she shows how to get results anywhere, even in a park, small office space, or in a hotel room, she encourages her watchers to ditch the excuses. She essentially removes the barriers that a lot of women have to strength training. Don’t be fooled by her bodyweight exercises. They are intense. Her videos feature unique and fun bodyweight exercises that target every muscle. You won’t get bored with her workouts. Kaisa is also a fitness expert with a Masters degree in Sports Performance & Injury Prevention, so you know that you can trust her programs to get your results and minimize injuries and strain.

Example of Kaisa Keranen Fitness


6. Jerry Ward

Jerry Ward is “The Diet Guy.” His YouTube channel is called bios3training and has over 150k subscribers. His tagline is “Bodybuilding, Sneakers, Life Experience and Self-Help all rolled into ONE!” Bios3 refers to the macro-nutrients (fat, carbohydrates, protein), 3 ranges of motion (full range, stretch range, contracted), 3 types of cardio (low intensity, high intensity, interval cardio), 3 rep ranges (low, mid, high), and 3 sets per exercise. The way that he has organized this information makes it easy to understand and follow his programs since everything is based on the number 3. He teaches how to leverage these things in creating an optimal program for any body type. All his videos have the undertone of these concepts ingrained into them.

Jerry Ward YouTube Channel

7. Matty Fusaro

Fusaro has nearly 170k subscribers. Fusaro fitness is about motivating people to change their lives and educating people about training and nutrition. He has nearly 900 videos so far. He seems to be a well-rounded trainer, covering everything that people know to be fit and healthy including the concepts of nutrition, mindset, and training. He considers his mission to be to inspire. He also wants people to enjoy the process and that involves feeling motivated and also working on the mind aspect.

Matty Fusaro YouTube Channel


8. Stevie Richards

Stevie Richards channel has over 1007 videos and over 8 million views to date. This fitness influencer also focuses on both weight loss and muscle gains to help men and women to get results no matter what their goals are. Stevie also provides practical workout ideas, such as working out with resistance bands and bodyweight workouts.

Stevie Richards YouTube Channel

9. Daniel and Kelli – Fitness Blender

Fitness Blender, a channel started by husband-wife duo, Daniel and Kelli, has close to 4 1/2 million subscribers. They feature over 500 workout videos that are free, full-length workouts, with a variety for any level or body type. You’re sure to find workouts that work for you. They focus on real foods and workouts, with a no-gimmick policy. They also have videos featuring health tips, recipes, nutrition, and have full workout programs.

Fitness Blender YouTube Channel

10. Rob Lipsett

Rob Lipsett has over 300k subscribers. He is one fit guy and is considered to be a major YouTube fitness influencer. If you are looking for practical information and workouts, he does not seem the one to look to, at least via his YouTube channel. His channel seems to focus more on showing off his physique rather than sharing tips. However, if you are looking for inspiration and motivation, this may just be a guy to check out. He spends a lot of time in his videos talking about his body and showing what his life is like as someone who is physically fit. He shows competition prep that he is doing and results he is getting. If you are looking for more tips, info, and strategies for fitness and training, his website is a better bet, but his YouTube channel will definitely inspire you to get to the gym.

Rob Lipsett YouTube Channel

11. Steve Cook

Steve Cook is a massive fitness influencer on YouTube with almost 850k subscribers, not to mention he has a great smile and genuinely seems like a nice guy. His focus on YouTube is to provide practical tips on nutrition and fitness. He promotes his signature programs via his channel, which are focused on either getting bigger or getting lean, based on a person’s individual goals. Because his programs provide information for someone trying to make gains and also for the person looking to get lean, he is able to connect with more than one type of follower. Check out Steve Cook to start reaching your goals.

Steve Cook YouTube Channel


12. Scott Herman

Scott is another incredible fitness influencer. He has over 1.5 million subscribers on YouTube and over 1400 videos uploaded. He is a fitness model, personal trainer, a BSN athlete, and is also the CEO of His videos feature practical tips on exercise, nutrition, and also supplementation. Herman seems really focused on helping others with his programs and has a keen interest in people’s health and fitness. The videos are less like “diary” posts, but provide more helpful tips and content that people can apply to their real lives. He is focused on building natural muscle and for those who need to lose a few pounds, he provides tips for weight loss as well in addition to strength training.

Scott Herman YouTube Channel

13. Whitney Simmons

This fit girl has over 720k subscribers on YouTube. She is passionate about health and fitness and believes that you don’t have to deprive yourself from foods that you like, but that it is more about balance. From her videos, she seems to really care about helping others. Though she does have a great body to show off, she does give practical, healthy advice first and foremost, aimed at her audience. She also is upbeat and motivational. Whitney gives healthy meal ideas and a full spectrum of workouts. She is a great role model for women and she doesn’t just focus on women who are already fit, but all body types and goals. She has something for everyone, even beginners. She is cute, fun to watch, and relatable. She has her own story and fitness journey that involves some struggles that many women can relate to. She was fit much of her life, but gained some weight and lost her focus after a personal struggle. Her story is powerful and is inspirational because she was able to overcome her obstacles and create a body that is lean, muscular, and looks amazing in a bikini (or anything).

Whitney Simmons YouTube Channel

14. Bradley Martyn

Whether or not Bradley’s bulk is natural or not is up for debate; however, he has gained quite a following on YouTube, nonetheless with 1.2 million subscribers. I know, we promised all-natural weightlifters. Since Martyn has never admitted to using steroids, we will assume he is clean. One thing is for sure, he is loved by many. Very few YouTubers have reached this level of followers. He can probably owe some of it to the fact that is loyal and consistent with his viewers, posting 5 videos to YouTube every week at 10 am PST. Have a look.

Bradley Martyn YouTube Channel


15. Chelsea Karabin

Chelsea Karabin is a 22-year-old fitness coach, owner of RTB Apparel, the owner of the YouTube channel ChelseaLifts, and is a gym owner. Chelsea is a fantastic source of inspiration for women who are interested in weight training or who want some extra tips and motivation.

Chelsea Karabin YouTube Channel


16. Grace Fit UK

This lovely Londoner has over 150k subscribers and a waist to die for. Grace Fit UK is a fitness channel by Grace Beverley. She is fun to watch and often has guests with her in her videos. Her videos have a very relaxed feel to them and she is somewhat soft-spoken. We really like this girl.

Grace Fit UK YouTube Channel


17. Jeff Nippard

This Canadian bodybuilder has over 370k subscribers. Jeff Nippard is actually quite unique compared to the others on the list so far. He is specifically focused on the biological and chemical foundations of health and fitness. He has a BSc in Biochemistry/Chemistry. Because of his background and passion for the science behind fitness and health, most of his videos focus on health and fitness from a scientific perspective. Nippard has been training for 11 years and competes in the World Natural Bodybuilding Federation. Some examples of his videos are the science behind supersets, building forearms, and how to get six pack abs, all from a scientific focus to help his viewers understand the “why” behind the concepts.

Jeff Nipard YouTube


18. Lex Fitness

Lex Griffin’s channel has over 400k subscribers. His key focus is on telling people how to get in shape in a no-nonsense fashion. His philosophy is that max results come from diet and training, and not one
alone. Check him out.

Lex Fitness YouTube Channel

19. Jeff Cavaliere (ATHLEAN-X)

Wow! This guy has 3.7 million subscribers. Jeff Cavaliere’s channel is called ATHLEAN-X, the name of his signature program. It is a home base for free workouts. He also provides nutritional info and supplement info. Cavaliere is a professional athlete, a physical therapist, a strength coach, and has worked with celebrity clients. He also posts workouts to his channel weekly.

Jeff Cavaliere YouTube Channel

20. Heidi Somers

Heidi Somer has over 535,000 subscribers. Somers also has a great before and after story for your inspiration. She had a high body fat percentage and was overweight for her height, but overcame her struggle with her weight and poor nutrition. She lost the weight and looks AMAZING! She is a great role model for girls and women because she doesn’t push a particular diet, counting calories, or insist on buying into products or programs that are not healthy or sustainable. She advocates mindful eating and listening to your body. She features many tips and tricks for weight loss and working out. She even has videos about exactly what she eats and exactly what she does to get the body that she has. She is focused on natural weight loss and getting fit by doing the work, not by using pills or other unnatural methods. She is also fun to listen to and has a great personality for YouTube. One of our favorite things that we love about Somers is that she provides practical solutions for women. It feels attainable when you listen to her because it is nothing that any girl couldn’t integrate into her life. She also has the weight loss aspect, not just bodybuilding. 

Heidi Somers YouTube Channel

21. Troy Adashun

Last but not least on the list is Troy Adashun.  Troy created some great videos for MO in the past and with 68,402 subscribers, Troy maybe not have the following that some of the others have but his channel is growing rapidly.  Not only is he pumping out high quality videos on a regular basis, he also has launched his own line of supplements called Alpha Lion.  In addition, he has authored multiple books which you can find on amazon with titles such as The Flat Abs Diet and Smoothie Recipes for Weight loss.

Troy Adashun’s Youtube Channel


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