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15 Best Fitness Instagram Accounts

fitness instagram models
Instagram is one of the most prevalent social media websites for users of all ages. It is a great way to share photos, videos, and follow your friends, family, or those who inspire you! We have gathered a list of some of our favorite Instagram fitness social influencers who are definitely worth the follow. These Fitness Instagram accounts show everything from healthy eating and effective workout exercises, to a glimpse of these influencers’ everyday lives. Check it out!




Dwayne Johnson

Instagram: @therock
Followers: 248 Million

Dwayne Johnson, also known as “The Rock,” needs no introduction. As you already know, he is a famous actor and former WWE wrestler. What you might not know is that after forming successful partnerships with well-known companies, he expanded his company and became a Co-founder, with Dany Garcia, of Seven Bucks Creative, A new Ad agency. If you’re looking for quality advice and content from a public figure, he is your go-to! His Instagram account shows videos of him exercising, offers inspirational advice, and shows his fans a glimpse of his everyday life!

Kayla Itsines

Instagram: @kayla_itsines
Followers: 13 Million

Kayla is an Australian personal trainer and the co-creator of the Bikini Body Guides, also known as ‘BBG,’ workout programs. Her Instagram account shows transformation photos of her clients, plenty of healthy snacks, and inspirational quotes to keep you motivated to stay active!


Instagram: @ulissesworld
Followers: 8.3 Million

Ulisses is an Instagram athlete who thrives on sharing his workouts with the world. Through his Instagram account, followers have access to his website which provides information to his YouTube channel, as well as his workout programs and accessories. His Instagram account also shows different exercises he does to create toned and muscular physiques. Check out his Instagram page for more on his training plans, muscle-building guides, and diet plans!

Paige Hathaway

Instagram: @paigehathaway
Followers: 3.9 Million

Paige Hathaway is the creator of the #Fitin5 Weeks Challenge. Her Instagram account shows many of her clients’ transformation videos and photos to prove her workouts work! Not only does her Instagram account show transformations, but she also offers fitness challenges. Her account also links to her website where you can find more information on how to train with her help. Check out her Instagram page for more information!

Lauren Drain

Instagram: @laurendrainfit
Followers: 3.7 Million

Lauren Drain is an American nurse, author, and physical therapist! By looking at her Instagram page, it is easy to see that she is successful in all these areas in her life. Her Instagram page links to her website, where you can find plenty of workouts and meal guides. For more information, look at her Instagram account!


Instagram: @simeonpanda
Followers: 7.8 Million

Simeon Panda is a fitness motivator and entrepreneur. He is the owner of SP Aesthetics and Just Lift. Simon has been very successful over the years and he is listed as a Forbes Fitness Entrepreneur. Check out his Instagram page if you are looking for exercise videos, fitness inspiration, and funny videos about working out.

Jeff Seid

Instagram: @jeff_seid
Followers: 4 Million

Jeff Seid is an accomplished trainer with over has 12 years of training experience. His Instagram page shows content from his everyday life, plenty of workout exercises, and furry friends! His Instagram page also shares his clothing line and YouTube channel for followers like you to check out.

Bradley Martyn

Instagram: @bradleymartyn
Followers: 3.8 Million

Bradley Martyn is a fitness specialist! On his Instagram page, he has several workout videos that his followers can access. His Instagram page also gives access to his website, containing his training program and apparel. Check out his Instagram for more information!

Cassey Ho

Instagram: @blogilates
Followers: 2 Million

Cassey Ho is the creator of POP Pilates, PIIT28, and runs her Instagram account “Blogilates.” Cassey is one of the top 3 health and fitness influencers in the world. Her Instagram page gives access to her YouTube account, showcases her healthy lifestyle, delicious foods, and workout videos. Take a look at her Instagram page to check it out.

Anna Victoria

Instagram: @annavictoria
Followers: 1.1 Million

Anna is a certified personal trainer and also the creator of The Fit Body Guides. Throughout Anna’s Instagram page, viewers can access progress photos of her clients, exercise videos, and a glimpse of Anna’s everyday life. Her Instagram also links to her website showcasing her workout guides. Anna is also a blogger. On her blogging page, she shares interesting topics about pre-workout energy supplements, weight loss, lifestyle, health, and BCAAs. For more information, take a look at her Instagram page!

Amanda Bisk

Instagram: @amandabisk
Followers: 682,000

Amanda Bisk is a former Australian Pole Vaulter who loves exercising, fitness, and yoga. Her Instagram account includes yoga poses with beautiful landscapes, her little pups, and her healthy lifestyle. Take a look at her Instagram page to see what we are talking about!

Julian Smith

Instagram: @smith.julian
Followers: 1.1 Million

Julian Smith, known as “The Quad Guy,” is a natural bodybuilder who presents a variety of workout videos for his Instagram followers to use! His Instagram shows the link for his website as well, which expresses membership fees for his workouts and training. Check out his Instagram page for more information!

Christmas Abbott

Instagram: @christmasabbott
Followers: 692,000

Christmas Abbott is a public figure, professional athlete, branding ambassador, transformational guru, motivational speaker, and entrepreneur for the Badass Body Team. From North Carolina, Christmas loves inspirational quotes, becoming a strong individual both mentally and physically, and sharing her love of fitness with her followers. Her Snapchat and Twitter account also available on her Instagram Page. She links her Instagram page also to her website where she has her blogging and inspiring testimonials page, her favorite products, and her 30 Day Gym Bundle Challenge program.

BJ Gaddour

Instagram: @bjgaddour
Followers: 296,000

BJ Gaddour, as he says, was a “former fat guy” who transformed his life for the better! He is a former fitness director for Men’s Health magazine with a fun sense of humor. His Instagram showcase some of his workout videos, along with inspirational fitness content. His Instagram page also shows access to his website.

Gideon Akande

Instagram: @getfitwithgiddy
Followers: 70,400

Gideon Akande, from Chicago, is Men’s Health Magazine’s top trainer and showcases all kinds of workouts on his Instagram page for his followers to use! His Instagram page is full of photos of him and his clients, as well as videos of him demonstrating various outdoor exercises. His Instagram page also links to his website. If you are looking for someone to give you the total package, check out his page!

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