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Fitness Model Chest Workout

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Fitness models may not be the most massive guys in the gym, but they definitely possess the best muscle definition. For most people, the goal is to resemble a “fitness model” – not a bodybuilder.

Fitness models are extremely proportionate and strive to look as aesthetic as possible, while body builders often resemble a herculean figure with muscles so large they may scare children! This article will break down a “fitness model chest workout” which will help you developed a well rounded and sculpted chest with proper lower, mid and upper development. A great chest is well sculpted in all of these areas and this is the reason it looks so aesthetic. Take fitness model Greg Plitt for example. He does not have the most massive chest you have ever seen, but it is extremely proportionate to the rest of his body and has amazing definition. This is the goal of this workout. This workout will help you build the necessary size but also has many “shaper” exercise movements to sculpt and build the individual components of the chest.

Exercise One: Dumb Bell Incline Bench Press Superset with Diamond Pushups

Sets: 3

Dumb Bell Bench Weight: 80 % of 1 Rep Max on Set 1, 85 % of

1RM on Set 2, 90 % of 1RM on Set 3

Repetition Range: 6-8 on all 3 Sets

Diamond Pushups – Until Failure on All 3

Exercise Two: Dumb bell Flat Bench Press Superset with

Clapper Pushups

Sets: 3

Dumb Bell Bench Weight: 80 % of 1 Rep Max on Set 1, 85 % of

1RM on Set 2, 90 % of 1RM on Set 3

Clapper Pushups: Until Failure on All 3

Exercise Three: Decline Bench Press with Incline Pushups

Sets: 3

Decline Bench Press Weight: 80 % of 1 Rep Max on Set 1, 85 %

of 1RM on Set 2, 90 % of 1RM on Set 3

Incline Pushups: Done Until Failure

Exercise Four: Low Cable Crossover with Slow Motion


Sets: 3

Low Cable Chest Cross Over Weight: 60% of 1 rep max on set 1,

70 percent of 1RM on set 2, 80 percent of 1rm on Set 3

Repetitions: 10-12 each set

Slow motion Pushups: 3-5 Seconds Up, 3-5 seconds down each

set, Done until failure


This chest workout is extremely difficult because every superset contains a heavy complex chest movement such as the dumb bell bench press and barbell bench press, combined with a “shaper” exercise that fatigues the muscle to its maximum, and breaks down additional muscle fibers. This chest workout routine is the perfect storm to build lean muscle mass as well as shapes the smaller surrounding chest muscles. This is what gives you that “fitness model” looking chest.

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