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We have talked with 6 athletes who mention and reviews Xtend supplements.

Caio Tamura
Caio Tamura (male, 33)
How I Became a Black Belt Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Professor in Australia
To keep me going my supplementation is: Magnesium, Glucosamine, Multi-vitamin, Collagen and Amino-acids (X-tend brand) during training.
Sam Shampanier
Sam Shampanier (male, 66)
How I Decided to Get Fit at 48 - and Keep Going Strong at 66
30 minutes after the session commences, I start drinking BCAA (XTEND) and L-Carnitine LS3 (3000mg) mixed in a blender, keeping drinking throughout the whole session.
Nucia Freitas
Nucia Freitas (female)
I'm a Full Time Bikini Athlete and IFBB Pro. This Is How I Stay Fit in My 40s
Prior to training right now I use C4 from New Millen pre-workout supplement, Olimp L-Glutamin, and Xtend BCAA’s. After workout I use another L-Glutamin and a ISO 100 Dymatize Whey Protein shake.
Faisal Ali
Faisal Ali (male, 20)
How I Lost 30 Kg and Got Lean by Dieting and Doing Smart Gym Workouts
During my workout I use Xtend Scivation BCAAs which I adore a lot because this supplement keeps my muscles fresh for work after a heavy set.
Loued Capisinio
Loued Capisinio (male, 31)
How I Moved from the Philippines to Be a Personal Trainer at the Oxygen Gym in Kuwait
Good meals are also terrific for recovery and BCAA is also a good choice (I use the Scivation brand Xtend BCAA, which is also the most popular brand here in our gym).
Mohamed Radi
Mohamed Radi (male, 25)
How I Trained Hard, Gained 34 Kg and Stopped Being Too Thin
Besides focusing on the calories, I also focus on macronutrients, take Whey Dymatize protein and Xtend BCAA.
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