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BCAAs: Here’s Why Your Body Needs It

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What some people don’t know is that there is a supplement that can help you during and after your workout. You’ve finally managed to stick to a fitness routine by going to the gym and lifting heavy 5 days a week. It sounds overkill, but when it comes to living the healthy life, lifting weights can do wonders for your body. Now that you’ve dedicated an hour a day for lifting metal, it’s now time for you to move on to the second part of your fitness routine: nutrition and supplement protocol. If you’re going to ask your gym instructors, the first thing that will come out of their mouths would be WHEY PROTEIN. What gym instructors don’t know is that there is another supplement that will help you during and after your workout. These supplements are called branch chain amino acids, and these are a must when it comes to getting nutrition for your workout.

Unlike whey protein, BCAA or branch chain amino acids are more essential when it comes to building lean muscle mass and other benefits such as:

BCAA’s can improve your immune system.

Because going to the gym can force your body into a lot of stress, you will be having a hard time recovering from the workout if your body can’t handle the stress. Essential amino acids are not produced by the body and must be consumed directly. Without it, you won’t have a normal and healthy immune system. Studies have shown that taking BCAA during workouts can prevent the deterioration of the immune system when stress is induced through workouts.

BCAA can help prevent lean muscle mass loss.

Sometimes, you will be forced to go on a break or relax from your workout program (like a week or so). Once your body starts to undergo little physical activity, you will be at risk for lean muscle mass loss. Most of the time, bodybuilders or athletes who’ve done surgery may experience a resting period of a month or two. Because of this catabolic effect, enough research has been done. One study showed that patients receiving a solution containing all three essential amino acids did not experience a negative nitrogen balance, which is an indication of lean muscle mass loss, compared to those who didn’t take the solution. One study also showed that introducing BCAA into the body during recovery periods from injury will increase the rate of recovery in the body as well as maintain a positive nitrogen balance.

BCAA will ensure you that you will not any deficiencies in amino acids.

This is important for people who’ve adopted a vegetarian diet or adjusted their diet by restricting their protein intake. When this happens, they will miss out on their intake of important amino acids, which could lead to loss of muscle mass and poor recovery periods.

Whether you’re a bodybuilder or just a gym goer dedicated to getting a six pack and lean muscle, investing in BCAA is one of the best things that you can do.

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