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Pros and Cons of Pro-hormones

pros and cons
The rise of the supplement industry has been nothing short of a volcano exploding. Visiting your local supplement store can feel like a whirlwind of confusion as you pass the bright labels and impossible to pronounce ingredients.

Supplements have allowed the average fitness enthusiast to unlock new levels of potential. Pro-hormone supplements are a prime example. A less expensive and legal alternative to synthetic steroids, pro-hormones are a popular means to gain an extreme amount of muscle and strength in a short period of time. Are these supplements safe? More importantly, are they worth buying?

Pros and Cons of Pro-hormones



Plenty of Muscle

When used as a part of a great diet and exercise program, a pro-hormone stack will result in an impressive amount of lean muscle mass. Many men achieve that hard, dry cut look that you’ll see with professional bodybuilders.

Reclaim Your Youth

For older men, a pro-hormone is an excellent way to reap the benefits that anabolic hormones such as testosterone can provide such as improved mood, increased sex drive, and greater strength.


Losing Your Hair

With the amplified levels of testosterone in your body, you can expect much more Dihydrotestosterone, or DHT, to be floating around. Testosterone is converted into DHT, which is one of the chief suspects for male pattern baldness. While not a guarantee, hair loss is common when taking pro-hormones.

Forgetting your PCT

PCT stands for Post Cycle Therapy and it is absolutely essential when using a pro-hormone stack. A great PCT protects the liver from damage and helps to balance hormone levels, ensuring you avoid nasty estrogen-based side effects. Many newcomers forget to purchase a PCT and the result could be internal damage, loss of muscle mass, or estrogen dominance.


Although the modern pro-hormone market is far safer than that of the past, these supplements still hold the possibility of complications. If you are 35 or younger, it wouldn’t be advisable to take pro-hormones as your body may be at capacity for androgen hormones such as testosterone. For men who have a low testosterone level, pro-hormones may be a suitable and less expensive option than testosterone replacement therapy. Talk with your doctor to discuss the possibility of using pro-hormones.

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