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Anapolon: How Does It Work? Benefits & Side Effects


Anapolon is a powerful and popular oral anabolic steroid developed in the 1960s by Zoltan Pharmaceuticals. It is now regarded as one of the “go to” steroids for building muscle mass.

This article will look at this steroid in more detail, we will look at the benefits you will gain from its use and the potential side effects.

If you are considering giving this steroid a chance then I would highly recommend that you continue reading. [toc]

What Is Anapolon?

Anapolon is one of the brand names of Oxymetholone, it was originally created to treat patients with anaemia caused by bone marrow failure, or those who are deficient in red blood cells. It is usually administered orally, but occasionally oily injections are used.

How Does Anapolon Work?

This steroid does not directly increase testosterone levels like other anabolic steroids, for instance Trenbolone.

The anabolic to androgenic ratio of Anapolon is 320:45, which when compared to testosterone (100:100) shows how powerful this steroid is.

This steroid works by increasing protein synthesis and has also been shown to increase the number of red blood cells your body produces. This increases the amount of oxygen and vital nutrients sent to your muscle tissue.

These extra red blood cells will also give you a more intense pump, which also has numerous muscle and strength building benefits.

Anapolon Benefits

Using Anapolon will provide numerous benefits that include:

  • Increased muscle mass – It should be noted that Anapolon causes water retention
  • Significant strength gains
  • Better joint and ligament health – Due to an increased synthesis of synovial fluid
  • Lower levels of SHBG, which makes other anabolic steroids more effective
  • Increased stamina

Potential Anapolon Side Effects

Potential side effects of Anapolon include:

  • Water retention
  • High blood pressure
  • Acne
  • Hair loss
  • Changes to blood clotting
  • Gynocomastia
  • Mood swings
  • Liver toxicity at high doses

Even though Anapolon causes side effects like gyno and water retention, this is not because it aromatises but rather due to an increase in progestin activity.

How To Avoid Anapolon Side Effects?

As with any steroid, to reduce the risk of side effects it is important that you do not exceed the recommended dosage.

While not hepatotoxic at low doses, if you intend on using larger dosages it is recommended that you supplement with Milk Thistle.

To restart your natural testosterone production post-cycle you should make sure you take a PCT course for 3-4 weeks.

The PCT should include testosterone booster and oestrogen blockers such as Clomifene and Toremifene. Tamoxifen is not the best option as it will stimulate your progestin receptors.

Anapolon FAQs

Below are some questions we have had submitted by our readers. Please use the comment form found below this article to submit your own questions.

Is Anapolon Illegal?

Anapolon is classed as a Schedule III Controlled Substance in the USA, which means that it cannot be purchased without a prescription.

It is not illegal in every country across the globe, but you should always check the legal status before attempting to buy or use this anabolic steroid.

You do not want to risk a fine or prison sentence in your search for gains.

What Is The Anapolon Half-Life?

The half-life of Anapolon is 9 hours, while the detection time is up to 3 months.

This means that if you have an upcoming show you need to be careful if there is drug testing taking place.

How To Cycle Anapolon?

It is recommended that you do not cycle Anapolon for longer than 6 weeks, the usual cycle would be between 4-6 weeks.

As for the dosage, it is recommended that you stick to a dosage of 50 mg daily, never exceeding 100 mg daily.

You may think that increasing the dosage would result in better results, but this is not the case. It just increases the risk of encountering potentially dangerous side effects.

At the conclusion of the cycle, it is important that you follow a course of PCT.

Stacking Options For Anapolon

When stacking Anapolon it is important not to choose 17-alpha-alkylated ones. The reason for this is that they will increase the risk of liver-related side effects.

Stacking steroids like Anapolon will reduce the levels of SHBG (Sex Hormone-Binding Globulin), which increases the potency of anabolic steroids.

For building muscle mass it is recommended that you stack with steroids like Testosterone, Boldenone and Primobolan.

It is recommended that you avoid stacking with steroids like Nandrolone and Trenbolone. Doing so can increase the risk of encountering progestin-related side effects.

Where To Buy Anapolon?

You will find Anapolon listed for sale on various websites online. I would be careful about buying steroids online as it can be risky, with many websites selling fake products or are only there to steal your credit card information.

It is incredibly important that you do your research beforehand to see if the company selling the steroid is legitimate.

Chances are you know someone at your local gym who will be able to source steroids. But due to the side effects do you really want to?

Safe Alternative To Anapolon

Not only are the potential side effects of Anapolon a serious concern, but one thing we haven’t mentioned is that while this steroid is effective for bulking, you may find that once you discontinue its use many of the gains will be lost.

The reason for this is that this steroid causes water retention. Once discontinued this water weight will drop.

Is there a safe alternative to steroids like Anapolon? Yes, there are plenty of companies that sell safe and natural alternatives.

Buy Anadrole

Our recommendation would be a company called Crazy Bulk. They sell a variety of alternatives.

One such product is Anadrole, which is made from ingredients that include Acetyl L-Carnitine, Tribulus Terrestris, Shilajat, Soy Protein Isolate and Whey Protein Concentrate.

Benefits on offer include:

  • Muscle and strength gains
  • Increased stamina
  • Massive muscle pumps
  • Faster recovery post-workout

Anadrole is completely safe to use and is also legal to buy without needing a prescription.

If you are worried that the benefits sound too good to be true you should pay a visit to the Crazy Bulk website. They have plenty of user testimonials available to back up these impressive claims.

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