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27 Christmas Gift Ideas for Bodybuilders

Christmas Gift Ideas for Bodybuilders

Christmas is literally just around the corner, so if you have a bodybuilder in your life that you are struggling to buy for then this article is for you.

Below you will find some gift ideas for bodybuilders. So if you are looking for gift ideas for anniversary, graduation, Valentine’s Day, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day or just a gift to treat yourself then I would suggest you continue reading.

#1: Adjustable Dumbbell Set

A set of good quality dumbbells is probably one of the best gifts you can buy a bodybuilder who regularly trains at home.

Dumbbells offer more freedom than a barbell and offer more accurate targeting for your muscles.

The problem is that for most of us a set of non-adjustable dumbbells will be out of our price range. Although a set of adjustable ones are still an expensive gift they are certainly a more affordable option.

They also take up less space too, making them ideal for your home gym.

#2: A Blender

Bodybuilders tend to do a lot of meal prep, which can be a tedious and time consuming process.

A good blender will help make the meal prep a much easier process, which also helps to cut back on the mess too.

Blenders can help with the following:

  • Protein shakes
  • Homemade weight gainers
  • Fruit smoothies
  • Omelettes and scrambled eggs
  • Vegetable and fruit juice
  • Vegetable soup

If they already have a blender then a blender recipe book is always a good gift, whatever the occasion.

#3: Food Scale

Food Scale

Whether a bodybuilder is bulking, cutting or just trying to maintain their current physique they will need to stick to a regimented diet plan.

Using a food scale will allow them to accurately weigh food, so that they are able to calculate the calories and macronutrients consumed.

#4: Gym Clothes

Comfortable gym clothes are a must when training, so choose those that allow for a full range of motion.

Bodybuilders often like to show off their physiques, so any clothes that allow them to do that will be a bonus. And will provide them with a little extra motivation to continue reaching for their goals.

#5: BEAST Sensor Gym and Strength Tracker

This is not your everyday fitness tracker, it is designed for the serious lifter looking to improve their lifts.

Its technology is based on Velocity Based Training or VBT, which is a type of auto-regulation that uses bar speed to determine how much weight you should be lifting every set.

Using the BEAST Sensor will help track bar/body speed and acceleration, and depending on the training mode chosen (velocity, hypertrophy, max strength, power) it will be able to tell you whether the weight you are lifting is correct.

Lifters who guesstimate the amount they lift based on a percentage of their 1 rep max often find that the weight they are lifting is either too heavy or too light.

By giving an accurate figure you are better able to progress with less chance of injury.

This tracker can also keep tabs on your long-term progress, while giving insights on what you can do to improve.

#6: Supplement Gift Card

Whether they are looking for whey protein, pre-workouts, multivitamins or any other supplement, gift card for their favourite supplement store will be gratefully received.

Even if their fave online store does not offer gift cards, chances are if you give an Amazon gift card they will be able to find the product listed.

#7: Pull Up/Dip Belt

Pull Up/Dip Belt

This is a good gift for any bodybuilder looking to safely and easily add weight to their dips, pull ups and can ups.

Of course more reps of these bodyweight exercises is a good way to increase strength, but sometimes adding weight will give an even greater chance of gains.

When choosing a belt you should not choose a cheap one, but opt for one that will last years of use. Look for the brands made using heavy duty nylon with metal divots.

#8: Wireless Headphones

Theres nothing more annoying than having your headphones ripped from your ears after being caught on a barbell, well perhaps forgetting them entirely.

This is why wireless headphones are now a must-have for every gym goer.

Again, do not choose the cheapest pair. There are countless reviews online to help you choose a good quality pair of wireless headphones that wont break your budget.

#9: Foam Roller

To avoid muscle imbalances and a lack of mobility it is recommended that you choose a more balanced approach to training.

Unfortunately this is not always the case, with many lifters choosing to focus on “show” muscles like the chest, biceps and quads.

To improve mobility you may want to invest in a foam roller, as using one can help to release myofascial tissue by rolling it over various parts of your body.

A lacrosse ball may also be a good gift in addition as it is smaller so can reach those muscles that the foam roller cannot reach.

#10: Wearable Fitness Tracker

Wearable fitness trackers like Fitbit have become incredibly popular over the past few years, and for good reason.

These trackers can record and track various pieces of information, including steps taken, calories burned, the amount of sleep you get plus much more.

Most trackers come with apps that can sync this data, so that you are able to set and manage your goals.

If the bodybuilder in your life is trying to cut a little body fat then one of these trackers will serve as a fun and engaging way to motivate them to reach their goals.

#11: Shaker Bottle

Shaker Bottle

One of the more affordable gifts on this list, and certainly one of the most thoughtful too.

Even though they probably already have at least one shaker bottle, another will not go to waste as sometimes they go missing for no apparent reason, or worse still need to be thrown after not being washed for a few days.

#12: Food Storage/Tupperware

As stated previously, bodybuilders do a lot of meal prep. What with having to eat every 5 minutes or so. 🙂

But in all seriousness, meal prep is an important part of bodybuilding. Especially if you have a job that takes up the majority of your time.

If you work long shifts then it can be difficult to find time to eat what you should to maintain your gains.

Pre-preparing their meals will help, but they will need something to store this food in. Hence our Tupperware suggestion.

#13: Wrist Straps

Wrist straps are a good gift for those bodybuilders who lack grip/forearm strength (just don’t tell them that).

Used with heavy rows and deadlifts, wrist straps are used to help them hold onto the heavier weight for a longer amount of time. This will help to ensure they do not have to deal with underdeveloped back muscles.

When looking to buy wrist straps, look for a good quality pair that are durable, comfortable and that can be easily wrapped around the bar.

#14: Gym Bag

When looking at gym bags you will need to choose one that is big enough and has enough different compartments for the various things a bodybuilder needs at the gym.

Again, don’t skimp on the quality. You don’t want to choose a cheap brand that will rip and tear easily.

#15: Bathroom Scales

Bathroom Scales

Whether cutting or bulking, a bodybuilder will need to keep track of their progress.

The ability to track their body weight is the most basic pieces of information, so buying one as a gift will be appreciated. Although chances are they already have one.

When choosing a bathroom scale you do not need to buy one that measures body fat percentages. They are usually inaccurate so are a waste of money.

Also, those offering user recognition or wireless data transmission are best avoided too. Just get one that can accurately and consistently measure weight.

#16: Body Measuring Tape & Body Fat Callipers

Body weight is just one way to track how your body is transforming. It is also a good idea to track body measurements and body fat too.

A measuring tape and body fat callipers can do this, and are not overly expensive too, making them an ideal gift for bodybuilders.

The tape can be used to measure the various parts of the body, while the callipers can measure body fat by measuring the thickness of skin folds in a few key spots.

#17: Gym Membership

Chances are the bodybuilder in your life already has a gym membership, however instead of giving them money towards it be more thoughtful by extending the membership yourself.

You can probably do this over the phone, or by popping into the gym yourself.

#18: Giant Water Bottle

Hydration is important as being dehydrated will have a negative impact on your ability to burn fat and build muscle efficiently.

Most bodybuilders should be aiming to consume around a gallon (4.5 litres) of water every day, which may not seem too difficult.

However, you maybe surprised by just how little water people actually consume.

Rather than having to refill a smaller water bottle, buy a giant one that will tell them just how much water they have consumed.

#19: Neck Harness

Certain exercises, such as shrugs and deadlifts can train the neck indirectly but for some bodybuilders this is not enough.

This is where a neck harness can help.

#20: George Foreman Grill

George Foreman Grill

Its probably not a surprise to learn that bodybuilders need to eat lots, and by lots I mean lots.

Protein is incredibly important for building and maintaining muscle mass, and one of the better sources of protein is meat.

The problem with certain meat is that it can be full of fat, which is certainly not ideal. Especially if you are trying to cut body fat.

This is where a gift like a George Foreman Grill can come in handy.

This device will allow you to grill meat while draining excess fat. You can also use it to grill vegetables and other foods too.

#21: Fat Gripz

Thick bar training can improve grip strength and therefore overall strength and muscle mass

These could be an ideal gift for those bodybuilders looking to increase both.

#22: Arnold Schwarzenegger Poster

This may seem like a bit of a joke present, but what is more motivational than The Oak in his prime?

Arnie is one of the most iconic bodybuilders of all time, and even today there are those who would love to achieve just a taste of his success.

#23: Jump/Speed Rope

Another cheap gift that is great for the bodybuilder looking to add a little cardio to his workouts.

Skipping is a great way to burn off calories, so is ideal for use during a cutting period.

#24: Battle Rope

Battle Rope

If you have a little space then a Battle Rope is a good gift that can add a killer element to your cardio.

Perfect for HIIT workouts, and a definite calorie burner.

#25: Bosu Ball

Most will use this to train the core, but can also be be used to add balance and coordination to your strength training.

It can also be flipped over for different exercises too.

#26: Portable Post Landmine

A great gift for adding different exercises to your repertoire. For example the landmine press and landmine row.

#27: Gains

Our final Christmas gift suggestion is gains.

Hopefully, they will appreciate the gift you bought for them. And will use it to reach their own muscle and strength gains.

Remember these ideas are not just for Christmas, but can be used for any occasion throughout the year.

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