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How to Build Muscle [infographic]

In this infographic you will learn some of the basics of how to build muscle. From what to eat to how to train, this graphic will help set you on the right path to building lean muscle.

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How to build muscle

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<img src=”” width=”612″>
<p>How to build muscle – An infographic by the team at <a href=””>Skinny2Fit</a></p>


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0 thoughts on “How to Build Muscle [infographic]”

  1. Agree
    Too many myth

    Eat well and train harder fucking simple
    Increase weight increase eating for size
    Decrease weight more reps to rip or lose weight
    They you go

  2. Great infographic! Having basic information and guidelines in one place helps forming a workout program that works for you or identifying what you are doing wrong if you don’t see the results you crave so thanks for sharing!

  3. I started strength training 2 years ago – improved quick & started competing in powerlifting competitions & set some records – it was super awesome. I have an injury that is keeping me from lifting right now but I am continuing with body weight exercises & then added boxing as something new to learn. I ended up with about 10 extra lbs of fat & I’m not sure what I should be doing nutritionally – I kind of kept eating like when I was lifting trying to maintain muscle & now I’m not sure if I should base my calorie reduction on what I was eating or what iifym calculates & should I include the calories burned from boxing in my calculations.

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