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Does Raspberry Ketones Help You Lose Weight Up To 5 lbs?

Raspberry ketones

The Raspberry ketone has received a lot of weight loss hype recently, but is this attention deserved and do raspberry ketones really work? I have researched the effects of raspberry ketones and have taken them myself and I can certainly tell you that I am 100 percent certain they can help you lose body fat.

Raspberry Ketones and Weight loss

The raspberry ketone is actually nothing more than the aromatic compound which gives the raspberry its delicious and fruity smell. The raspberry ketone is found in the red flesh of the raspberry and extracted to make raspberry ketones. So why can’t you just eat a bunch of raspberry’s to get the same effect? The raspberry ketones are actually found in pretty small quantity in the flesh of the raspberry and you would have to eat a ton of them to get the same weight loss effect. In fact you would have to eat about 90 lbs. of raspberry ketones to equal a serving size!

Dr. Oz recently touted the raspberry ketones as a miracle weight loss supplement on his show and the minute it got Dr Oz’s gold standard of approval it seemed like raspberry ketone sales sky rocketed. I first experimented with Raspberry ketones in the summer of 2011 and was able to lose a considerable amount of body fat doing nothing more than my standard workouts and taking raspberry ketones three times a day. I have found that the results are really accelerated when you take the product 3 times a day for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

So why do raspberry ketones help you to lose weight? Raspberry ketones have been found to increase the adiponectin in the human blood stream. This helps increase your metabolism and burn fat cells. When you put more adiponectin in your body it has been found to have positive effects on both metabolism and the body’s ability to “empty out” these fat cells and deposits. Supplementing with raspberry ketones daily has been found to increase your energy levels, detoxify your blood, increase your metabolism, and help you empty out stored fat cells. These claims have all been studied and backed by numerous research studies and has Dr. Oz’s approval. I did not believe the hype at first but when I supplemented with raspberry ketones I found that I had slightly increased energy levels and lost 2 lbs of body fat the first month. Many users are reporting that they are losing up to 5 lbs of body fat per month with raspberry ketones.

What is the Best Kind of Raspberry Ketones to buy and how much should you take daily? If you are looking to lose weight at the fastest rate possible, you should try taking a 100 Mg dose three times a day starting out. If you are not losing weight fast enough the first few weeks you can try to bump up your dosage to 200 mg 3 x a day but you do not need to exceed this amount. Make sure that you are buying a product that is pure raspberry ketones, or a combination of raspberry ketones with green tea extract or Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA). Check the amount of mg per serving to assure that you are taking the proper amount of mg per day. Raspberry ketones have been a proven weight loss and metabolism boosting supplement. My favorite aspect of raspberry ketones for weight loss is that it is not a stimulant based product and does not have harmful side effects. Many weight loss products will make you jittery, dizzy, and are harmful for your long term health. Raspberry ketones are a great weight loss supplement because they are all natural and promote good health along with an increased metabolism.

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