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Squat Workouts: 8 Effective Benefits

squat workout
How many people out there actually train legs? How many of you do squat workouts?

I am going to go out on a limb and say a large majority of us neglect the most important aspect of our bodies or legs! Soak this in, an average person walks about 216,262,500 steps in a lifetime, which translates to 110,000 miles or 5 times around the Earth via the equator. Now think about runners, athletes, etc. who are doing more.

There is a lot of confusion about actually working on your legs, at least from what I hear. Some people believe that doing cardio is building your legs and that is all you need to do, actually it’s the opposite, you are losing muscle mass. Ever hear the term runner’s body? Well, there is a reason for that.
Why do you think?  As we age our joints have more stress on them? Yes, some of it can be from your jobs but did you ever realize its because you never focused on strengthening the muscles around the joints?


8 Effective Benefits of Squat Workouts


1) Creates an Anabolic environment

No not steroids, except for deadlifts is the only exercise that can promote muscle growth throughout all the muscles in your body.


2) Helps with mobility

Yes, takes the pressure off your knees and other joints as we age!


3) Full Body Workout

Doing squats is the closest thing to doing a full-body workout with one exercise.


4) Growth Hormones and Testosterone

These anabolic hormones are vital for muscle growth, and the squat stimulates your body to produce these more than any other exercise. Want bigger biceps? Add squats to your routine.

5) Tone and Tighten Your Butt

This one is for the females who always say I do all this cardio and my butt looks the same. Try squatting and I guarantee you that it will give you a nicer looking rear-end.

6) Prevent Injuries

90% of athletic injuries involve the weaker stabilizer muscles, ligaments, and connective tissue. By using a free-standing compound exercise that requires good balance such as the squat, you will reduce the risk of injury

7) Flexibility

Sounds weird right, but it’s true it will help.

8) Abs

This is 100% true! Doing squats can bring out your abs even more than doing straight crunches for hours, why, when squatting you are using your core more than anything to stay balanced!

There are plenty of other benefits to list, but I am trying to keep this short!
SQUATS NEED TO BE PREFORMED CORRECTLY, which means you need to start with very little weight, even if you are embarrassed, to get the form down!
I hope this brings some light to the importance of the squat!
There are many variations of the squat, if you would like some ideas on how to incorporate then please reach out to me!
Fuel the Machine!
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