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Maximize Your Workout: Best 5 Tabata Moves to Get You Started

tabata workout
Sick and tired of running hours on the treadmill and not achieving the results that you deserve? Well, think about changing up your workout routine.

If you haven’t already, try Tabata for the ultimate butt-kicking workout that will whip you into shape in no time!

Sounds interesting… What is Tabata?

Developed by a Japanese professor in the ‘90s to train Olympians, this high-intensity interval training is proven to maximize your endurance, speed, and strength. All you need is some sort of timer, and you’re good to go! Simply perform these movements for 20 seconds, then rest for 10 seconds and repeat 8 times for a full cycle. Aim for as many reps as possible without losing form. The sudden bursts of 100% effort, followed by the short periods of rest, will lead to anaerobic and aerobic gains. That is because the heart rate is constantly increasing and decreasing, which will rev up your metabolism into overdrive! Because of this, Tabata is well renowned for the after-burn effects it yields. This means that the body’s metabolism will be fired up for up to 48 hours after a Tabata workout!

Are you ready to cut your workout time in half and reap up fat-loss benefits? We’ve compiled a list of the top 5 Tabata movements for beginners. After each 4-minute movement, take a one minute break and proceed to the next move. Make sure to push yourself to the max, to get the best possible results. Remember, if it doesn’t feel like your lungs are about to self-combust and your heart is beating faster than Usain Bolt on a track, you’re doing it wrong! OK, maybe it’s a bit of an exaggeration, but you get the point.

Top 5 Tabata movements for beginners:

1. Squat jumps:

Start with your feet at hip-width apart. Push your hips down as you drop into a squat position, making sure your toes are parallel to one another. Once you are in a squatting position, use all of your energy to burst up into a jump. Land lightly into a squat position and repeat as many times as possible. Make sure your core and glutes are fully engaged.

Modification: Too hard? Try doing air squats instead, without the jump.

2. Push-up:

Get into high-plank position. Place both hands under your shoulders, and your toes on the ground. Make sure your toes are in-line with your hands. Flatten your back to ensure that your body is as straight as possible.

When you’re ready, begin lowering your chest towards the ground by bending your elbows but keeping them tucked beside your body.

Once your chest grazes the ground, push yourself up into the high-plank position and repeat. Ensure that your back is flat and your butt isn’t sticking out for good form.

Modification: Too hard? Try pushing up with your knees on the ground, instead of your toes.

3. Jumping singles:

This one is simple. Try and get as many jump-rope singles as you can in 20 seconds. Aim for the same number each time and don’t lose your intensity. Make sure your back is flat, your feet are together and you’re landing softly on your feet.

Modification: Don’t have a jumping rope? Jump or sprint in place for 20 seconds instead.

4. Walking lunges:

Stand with both feet shoulder-width apart. Using one leg, take a large step forward. At the same time, bend the front knee, and drop your back leg into a 90-degree angle, without touching the floor with your knee. Bring the back leg forward into the start position and repeat with the alternating leg. Make sure you maintain good form, and never bring your front knee past your front foot! Keep your back flat, hands on the hips and eyes looking straight forward.

Intensify it: Too easy? Hold two dumbbells as you are performing the walking lunge to make it harder.

5. Hollow-holds:

Lie down with your back against the floor, and your lower back touching the ground. Point your arms overhead, and ensure that your legs are straight with your toes pointed away from you.

Begin the movement by raising your shoulders and legs off the ground. Keep your abs tight, your glutes squeezed and your lower-back glued to the floor. Maintain the position for a full 20 seconds, and rest for 10. Repeat 8 times.

Modification: Too hard? Start with your shoulders and legs higher off the ground, almost as if you’re forming a V-shape.

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