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12-Week Effective Plan: Push up Chest Workouts

push up workouts
Building a sturdy, functional, and fit body is a common goal, whether you play a sport, participate in fitness competitions, or simply want to look and feel healthy. To that end, men and women who take their training seriously focus much of their effort on the chest. A well-proportioned and well-defined chest sends a message of robust vitality. The area of the chest that presents the most challenge to develop is the inner section or” inner pecs.”
Two primary muscles form the majority of the chest: the pectoralis major and pectoralis minor. The pectoralis major is the large fan-shaped muscle near the skin’s surface., It has two heads; the clavicular head begins at the middle of the collarbone, and the sternocostal head starts at the sternum’s anterior surface. Both extend toward the upper part of the humerus and are responsible for abducting and medially rotating the arm. The pectoralis minor is a much smaller triangular-shaped muscle positioned underneath the pectoralis major and is responsible for scapular stabilization.
By looking at the way the pectoral fibers run on the anatomical model, you can see that isolating the inner portion is impossible without triggering the activation of the middle and outer sections. Thus, there is no such exercise or group of movements for spot-targeting the “inner pecs.”
So, with that said, there are some exercises that you can do at home that can help develop the mass and definition of the medial or “inner” aspect of the pectorals while concurrently building the upper, lower, and outer sections.
If you don’t have any home equipment, your chest training will focus on different variations of one movement: push-ups. Adjusting your hand placement and your degree of angle (incline or decline) will trigger the development of all four areas.
You can also do a modified body weight fly, called a Valslide Fly. Simply get into a plank position with your forearms and elbows towels or furniture sliders. Maintain forearm contact with the floor and slide both arms to the side until your body is one inch above the floor. Pause for two seconds or so and then push your arms back to the original plank position using a controlled motion.

If you have access to a flat bench with dumbbells, flat and 30-degree incline dumbbell presses will help the build mass and definition that produces a thick and separated look.


Training Plan:


Week 1-3

 Day         Exercise                           Sets          Reps                         Rest Between Sets    

 1               Regular Push-up             3               12-15                             60-90 seconds
                   (Can substitute Dumbbell Flat Bench Press if you have equipment)
 1               Narrow Push-up             3               12-15                             60-90 seconds
 1                Valslide Fly                      3                12-15                             60-90 seconds
 2                Incline Push-up             3                10-12                             60-90 seconds
                   (use books, short boxes or short stools; can substitute Dumbbell Incline Bench
                   Press if you have equipment)
 2                  Wide Grip Push-up     3               10-12                            60-90 seconds
 2                 Dips                                   2                10-12                            60-90 seconds

                    (use chair, table, or countertop)


Week 4-6

Day            Exercise                          Sets            Reps                        Rest Between Sets        

1                  Decline Push-up          3                12-15                             45-75 seconds

(Elevate feet to approximately 30 degrees. Can substitute Dumbbell Decline Bench Press if you have          equipment)

1                 Wide Grip Push-up       3               12-15                             45-75 seconds

1                 Dips                                    3                12-15                             45-75 seconds

2                  Incline Push-up             3                 10-12                             45-75 seconds

(Can substitute Dumbbell Incline Bench Press if you have equipment)

 2                   Clap Push-up                 3                  10-12                            45-75 seconds

 2                    Valslide Fly                    2                  10-12                            45-75 seconds


Week 7-9

 Day              Exercise                     Sets         Reps                         Rest Between Sets    

 1                    Weighted Push-up        3               12-15                             45-75 seconds

(Can substitute Dumbbell Bench Press if you have equipment)

 1                     Incline Push-up             3               12-15                             45-75 seconds

 (Can substitute Dumbbell Incline Bench Press if you have equipment)

 1                     Valslide Fly                      3               12-15                             45-75 seconds

 2                      Box Push-up                  3               10-12                             45-75 seconds

 2                      Clap Push-up                3                10-12                             45-75 seconds

2                        Narrow Push-up         3                10-12                            45-75 seconds


Week 10-12

Day                Exercise                            Sets            Reps                         Rest Between Sets  

1                      Single Leg Push-up      3                 12-15                             45-75 seconds

(Can substitute Dumbbell Bench Press if you have equipment)

1                      Box Push-up                   3                 12-15                              45-75 seconds

1                       Valslide Fly                     3                 12-15                             45-75 seconds

2                      Weighted Push-up        3                10-12                             45-75 seconds

2                      Decline Push-up            3                 10-12                             45-75 seconds

(Can substitute Dumbbell Decline Bench Press if you have equipment)

2                        Narrow push-up           3                  10-12                             45-75 seconds


Keep in mind that quality nutrition is the underlying factor that will dictate your results. Choosing foods such as lean proteins, fresh fruits and vegetables, healthy fats, and eliminating processed foods and alcohol will stimulate the muscle growth necessary to achieve the polished look that you want and grab the attention of the opposite sex!

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