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Scitec Nutrition

We have talked with 2 athletes who mention and reviews Scitec Nutrition supplements.

Nick Staro
Nick Staro (male, 26)
How I Came Back Strong after a Motorcycle Accident and Placed 2nd in Mr. Hellas
My supplements include: Whey protein (Scitec nutrition), protein isolate, creatine monohydrate, multivitamins and fish oil. Everything else, in my opinion, is  waste  of money.  
Marko Drobac
Marko Drobac (male, 18)
How I Gained 25 Kg of Muscle Mass by Training 5 Days a Week
After my workout, I like to take 5 grams of Universal creatine and one measure of Scitec Nutrition protein so I can recover my muscles.
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