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What’s The Best BCAA Supplement?

bcaa supplement

If you have been training in the gym for years, chances are you have heard of Branch Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs). So why should you use BCAAs supplements? What is good for? Which are the best BCAAs supplements to use? All these questions are about to get answered…….now!

What is a BCAA supplement?

Branch Chain Amino Acids consists of 3 essential amino acids: valine, leucine, and isoleucine. These amino acids are essential because unlike most other amino acids (there are 20 different amino acids total), your body is unable to create them. Therefore, you must get these amino acids by consuming food or supplements.

Besides supplements, what food sources can you find BCAA?

While supplementing is great, you have to eat real foods in order to maximize your intake of BCAAs. BCAAs are mostly in food sources that contain an adequate amount of protein. Here is a list of 10 foods that is a great source of BCAA:

1. Chicken Breast

America’s favorite bird to eat has 6.6 grams of BCAA per 6 ounce.

2. 95% Lean Beef

A hamburger containing 6 ounce of 95% lean beef will deliver 6.2 grams of BCAA.

3. Wild Salmon

A nice, juicy 6oz piece of wild salmon has 5.9 grams of BCAA.

4. Whole Eggs

Whether boiled or scrambled, 1 whole egg will give you 1.3 grams of BCAA.

5. Egg Whites

If you prefer an egg minus the fat content, it will give you 0.8 grams of BCAA.

6. Roasted Peanuts

A 6oz bag of this delicious snack will deliver 6.8 grams of BCAA.

7. Canned Tuna

Who doesn’t like indulging in a can of tuna every now and then? A 6oz serving brings

5.6 grams of BCAA.

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8. Tilapia

A tasty 6oz of tilapia will give you 5.9 grams of BCAA.

9. Turkey Breast

The Thanksgiving bird will give you 5.2 grams of BCAA per 6oz serving.

10. Flank Steak

A 6oz of nice, juicy flank steak contains 5.9 grams of BCAA.

What are the benefits of taking a BCAA supplement?

In order to build a body that would inspire people to get fit, a quality BCAA supplement is the best supplement to supplement that goal. Here are 10 benefits of taking BCAA supplements:

1. Induces protein synthesis

BCAA helps your body increase protein synthesis in which is a main factor in the muscle-building process.

2. Reduces muscle loss

If you ever take a lengthy period of time off from training, as long as you continue to take BCAA, you will minimize muscle loss.

3. Helps build muscle despite your age

Research shows that a BCAA supplement that contains 40% leucine will help older men (35 and older) build muscle by prolonging protein synthesis after weight training.

4. Increases ability to burn fat

If you’re trying to lose some stubborn body fat, supplementing with BCAA may be the answer. A study showed that individuals who took a higher dose of BCAA had less body fat % and had a least likely of becoming overweight versus those who took lower amounts of BCAA.

5. Helps balance hormones during intense training

A study showed that by supplementing with BCAA, it helps athletes maintain a high testosterone to low cortisol ratio during intense training. Also, they had less inflammation (i.e., their bodies didn’t get sore) upon conclusion of training.

6. Helps develop muscular strength

BCAA will help you become stronger due to enhancing neuromuscular adaptions.

7. Speeds up muscle recovery

BCAA will reduce muscle soreness post-workout. In turn, this will speed up your recovery to back at 100% come next workout session.

8. Improves muscle endurance

BCAA reduces muscular fatigue while you train; thus, you will be able to do more reps with a certain weight.

9. Improves insulin health

The amino acid in BCAA supplements, isoleucine, aids in insulin health in which reduces risk of diabetes.

10. Improves quality of life

BCAA can help you increase longevity and improve your quality of life. BCAA has been used in medicine to treat ailments such as liver disease and to support cardiac health.

What are the main reasons to use BCAAs?

Use BCAA supplements to help and support the following 3 main functions:

1. To fully support your immune system, especially for muscle recovery

2. To ensure you get all of your amino acids

3. To promote and maintain lean muscle mass

The best BCAA supplement

1. Muscle Pharm BCAA 3:1:2

This is one of the best BCAA products to take. With a ratio of l-leucine (3 grams per serving), l-valine (2 grams) and l-isoleucine (1 gram) per serving, you get all the benefits of a BCAA before and after an intense workout session. That this product 30 to 45 minutes before and/or immediately after a workout.

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