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Testoprim-D: How Does It Work? Benefits & Side Effects


Testoprim-D is an oral steroid that claims to offer a range of benefits. There are claims that its use can lead to a range of sometimes painful side effects too.

How does this steroid work, what are its benefits and potential side effects, and would we recommend its use? Read on to find out the truth. [toc]

What Is Testoprim-D?

Testoprim-D is an anabolic steroid that is a mixture of testosterone enanthate and propionate.

Both testosterone enanthate and propionate are AASs, which mean that they are both anabolic and androgenic. It is a synthetic drug used to treat low testosterone levels.

Using either steroid or a mixture of the two will help to stimulate your own testosterone production and has been used in the past to treat conditions such as hypogonadism. As it boosts testosterone there are plenty of other benefits to be gained, including an increase in muscle mass and strength [1]. It has also been shown to aid fat burning too [2].

How Does Testoprim-D Work?

It is claimed that using Testoprim-D will help to boost your testosterone levels, which will help you to build muscle and strength, as well as a host of other benefits [3][4][5].

When you experience a boost in your testosterone levels you are better able to regulate insulin, glucose and your fat metabolism. It has been shown that low t-levels causes an increase in adipose (fat) tissue [6], this can lead to a further drop in testosterone as testosterone will be converted into oestrogen [7].

Increased testosterone can also help to increase muscle mass and strength, which is can achieve by increasing muscle protein synthesis [8].

It can also strengthen bones by increasing bone density by stimulating bone mineralisation [9] and can increase your libido and help to improve your erections [10].

Benefits Of Testoprim-D

Anabolic steroids can potentially offer numerous health benefits [11][12]. Potential benefits of Testoprim-D include:

  • An increase in muscle mass
  • Strength increase
  • Testosterone boost

Potential Side Effects Of Testoprim-D

Using anabolic steroids may lead to you suffering from side effects [13]. Common side effects associated with Testoprim-D include:

  • Acne
  • Pain at the injection site
  • Higher oestrogen levels
  • Hypergonadism
  • Fatigue
  • Irritability
  • Insomnia
  • Mood swings
  • Aggression
  • Sexual problems

The main complaint about this steroid is that it can cause a painful injection site, which may cause swelling.

It has been suggested online that to minimise this pain and swelling you could try running the vial under hot water, mixing the steroid with 1ml of grapeseed oil, and by massaging the area after the injection.

Using these tips it has been suggested that you could reduce the time of swelling from 10 days to just 2.

It has also been suggested that to limit the pain you could limit the number of injections to just 1-2 times a week.

Testoprim-D FAQs

Here are some commonly asked questions (if you have any of your own you can leave them for us in the comments section):

How To Inject Testoprim-D?

You should inject into your glute, in the upper outer quadrant of the buttock. You should alternate between left and right buttock between consecutive injections.

Half-Life Of Testoprim-D

There is a range of times listed online for the half-life, from just 10 minutes up to 100 minutes.

Testoprim-D Dosage And Cycle Information

The recommended dosage of Testoprim-D is 750 mg, which is to be injected weekly (sometimes twice weekly according to internet rumours) over the course of a 10-week cycle.

Is Testoprim-D Illegal?

This steroid is unavailable in most places. You can’t even get a prescription for it, except in Mexico.

Like most anabolic steroids it is classed as a Schedule III Controlled Substance in the USA. Meaning that its use could land you in trouble with the authorities.

Where To Buy Testoprim-D?

While this steroid is available online it is getting harder to source.

If you really want to buy Testoprim-D then your best bet is to book a trip to Mexico. Online bodybuilding forums have stated that you can buy a box of this drug for around $30.

You may be able to buy it for a cheaper price in less tourist-filled areas, or by offering to buy in bulk. Some people have claimed that this approach could bring the cost per box down to just $10.

Of course, with the potential side effects you may encounter do you really want to risk using this steroid? Personally, I wouldn’t, there are safer alternatives available.

Safe Alternative To Testoprim-D

D-BalDo you really need to resort to using steroids to build muscle?

Certainly not, especially if it involves potentially dangerous side effects occurring.

There are alternatives available, which may not be as effective as anabolic steroids, but are certainly a much safer option.

For example, the natural alternatives sold by Crazy Bulk offer various benefits.

One of their more popular supplements is D-Bal, which is an alternative to the banned steroid Dianabol.

It is made from proven ingredients shown to boost testosterone, increase nitrogen retention and protein synthesis, which will all result in an increase in strength and muscle mass.

The benefits on offer include:

  • Gains in both muscle and strength
  • Improved endurance levels, resulting in better and longer workouts
  • An increase in nitrogen retention
  • Improved blood flow

If you doubt these claims then I would recommend visiting the Crazy Bulk website yourself. There are plenty of user testimonials available to back up these impressive claims.

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