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Are You Taking the Right Supplements?

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More and more people are spending lots of money on supplements to improve their health. It is strange to note that even with this increase in spending, we are not seeing a decrease in chronic diseases.

In fact, the rate of chronic diseases is actually on the rise. This is due to many factors but a major contributor is vitamin and mineral deficiency. Despite all of these supplements, most people are not getting the essentials that the body requires.

The main issue is that not all supplements are made equally. The labels or high cost may influence one to buy, but this does not mean that they are getting the right thing. Most supplements use supplement isolates rather than the whole vitamin or mineral as a whole and therefore do not give the correct amount the body requires. Whole foods give complete supplements and these can be found in living things, which in turn gives life to your body.

Most supplements will be manufactured in a lab and therefore do not come from the ground or anything living. They are actually copies of supplements and in essence just another drug. Isolation of these nutrients is what brings about the whole problem. Nutrients function as a complex interrelated unit and do not function well when isolated, add that to the fact that the body requirements will vary with each individual.

Are You Taking the Right Supplements?

The right supplements to take are whole food supplements. Most pharmaceutical companies do not make these due to the high cost of production and instead, settle for producing synthetic supplements. Whole food supplements re-manufactured in a way that they retain the entire vitamin or mineral complex and when ingested, it is digested as a whole and the body does not have to draw from its resources to complete the missing elements.

These whole food supplements come from actual plants and are obtained by removing the water and fiber, all while packaging it without the use of chemicals. When buying whole food supplements you should look out for the list of each individual food that the vitamin was extracted from and not just a list of nutrients that you are not familiar with. They will have a list of many vegetables and fruits from which the extract has originated.

It is important to also note that when working out, taking one recommended multivitamin a day is not sufficient enough as one pill cannot hold all the required supplements required. Dietary supplements should include all the vitamins and minerals your body needs without any compromise.

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