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Top 4 Supplements for Crossfit Athletes

crossfit athletes

So you decided to try Crossfit huh? Well that’s fantastic! Crossfit is a popular exercise program that became well-known after being utilized by industries such as pro athletes, law enforcement and martial arts. If you are the type of person who love pushing their body to the extreme, this program is your cup of tea. No matter if you are newbie or a veteran, proper supplementation is vital to survive a typical Crossfit training session. Here are 4 supplements that all Crossfit athletes should have.

Top 4 Supplements for Crossfit Athletes


This nutrient is naturally produced in your body. However, when performing strenuous exercise, it needs more magnesium. Magnesium helps your body regulate a various biochemical reactions, including muscle recovery. How intense Crossfit training is to the human physique, muscle recovery is everything. So make sure your supplement contain a sufficient amount of magnesium.
Daily Recommendation:  About 400 mg/day for men and 310 mg/day for women


It is mainly used to by the body to aid in energy production. This natural substance derives from amino acids and can be traced in every human cell. With Crossfit, a great amount of energy is needed to successfully complete a workout.  With that said, this supplement helps individuals increase their workout performance.  In addition, carnitine improves recovery from a workout injury.
Daily Recommendation: 2 to 3 grams per day

Omega 3

Supplementing with Omega 3 is important even you weren’t a Crossfit athlete. Omega-3 will increase a one’s improve their immune system blood flow, lower their cholesterol, reduce inflammation and improve bodily organ functions such as the heart and liver. Also, several studies have alluded to improve joint health for those who get an adequate dosage of omega 3. If you are a Crossfit veteran, you are probably jumping for joy after that line because achy joints are a part of the Crossfit program. Unless you eat nothing but fatty, cold water fish (e.g., catfish, halibut, salmon, striped sea bass, and albacore tuna) on a daily basis, I recommend investing in fish oil pills to get your omega 3.

Daily Recommendation: 2 fish oil pills per day


Creatine isn’t only good for football players. Crossfit athletes benefit from taking this supplement as well. This supplement supplies the body’s muscle cells with energy. Countless health studies touted creatine for improving strength, power and speed. That sounds like a supplement worth trying!
Daily Recommendation: About 2 grams per day of creatine powder

These 4 supplements will help take your Crossfit workout to the next level!

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