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5 Best Running Endurance Supplements

Want to learn how to improve your VO2 Max (i.e., endurance) to become a better

runner? That’s great! Let’s look at 5 supplements that will take your endurance to the  next level.

5 Best Running Endurance Supplements


Been feeling fatigue lately before your morning run? Chances are your iron is low. Iron helps bring oxygen to muscles. Iron can be found in red meat, chicken and other poultry products. If you’re deficient in iron, it could make you feel tired and weak. To counter this, you should invest in iron supplements. Since it is toxic to have too much iron in your system, consult with your doctor about what dosage amount of iron supplements is appropriate for you.

Daily Intake: For women, about 18mg; For men, about 8mg

Fish Oil

Being low in omega-3 fatty acids (i.e., fish oil) is a nutrient deficiency amongst most average citizens. So even if you eat a well-balanced diet, you likely don’t get enough omega-3 fat. As a runner, it is essential to have fish oil, especially if you don’t consume seafood on a regular basis. Fish oil helps nervous system function, immune function, and muscle recovery. Make sure the fish oil supplement you has EPA and DHA, two essential fats.

Daily Intake: Take 2 capsules of 1000-1200mg of omega-3


Unless you follow the FDA nutritional guidelines on a daily basis, you probably need to invest in a multivitamin to cover dietary gaps. Just make sure you’re not getting too much of any vitamin or mineral, as they could cause issues. Consider investing in a

“real food” multivitamin, a multivitamin that was extracted from real foods. Also, look for ones that are labeled “USP” (stands for United States Pharmacopoeia). Only the highest quality multivitamins get that distinct label.

Daily Intake: Choose one that has 100% Daily Value most vitamins and minerals, especially the ones you’re deficient in.


Strong, healthy bones are what separate average runners from great runners. If you don’t get 2 to 3 servings of dairy per day, to ensure bone health, invest in a calcium supplement.

Daily Intake: at least 1000mg

Vitamin D

Most avid runners get enough Vitamin D by running in sunlight. Nonetheless, if you are always wearing sunscreen that block Vitamin D from entering your skin, that could cause health issues long-term, including reduced running performance.

Daily Intake: Get at least 15 to 20 minutes of direct skin exposure to sunlight a few times per week.

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