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Review on Optimum Nutrition – Pro Complex Gainer

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Do you want to gain muscle mass fast? Better yet, do you need a quality supplement brand that will have your friends wondering how did you get big so fast?

Well let me introduce you to Optimum Nutrition-Pro Complex Gainer. Too many ectomorph guys pick a weight gainer based on just its calorie content. If calories were the only aspect to gain muscle, then eating Krispy Kreme with a side order of large pizza would be on the menu every day. While calories are important, a quality weight gainer should also have enough nutrients to support muscle growth. In that regard, Optimum Nutrition-Pro Complex Gainer fits the bill! So how does it fit the bill? Well let’s delve into how this weight gaining supplement is so effective!


What do you get in one serving of Pro Complex Gainer?

Here is the nutritional profile per serving of Pro Complex Gainer:

  • Over 650 calories

  • 8g fat

  • 85g carbs

  • 4g-5g fiber

  • 60g protein (superior blend of whey, casein, and egg)

  • 5g sugar

Basically, you only get 5g of sugar per scoop (whereas other weight gainers contain much more sugar) while having a high protein to carb ratio in which is conducive to gaining muscle mass in a fast but efficient manner. With 85g of carbs, this supplies your body with the fuel it needs to endure brutal workout sessions! You remember that you got to train hard to build muscle mass fast too, right? ☺ Anyway, Pro Complex Gainer also provides a wealth of essential vitamins and nutrients (e.g. vitamin C, calcium and iron) that are needed by your body to properly process proteins, carbs, and fats.


Is Pro Complex Gainer easily digested and absorbed by your muscles?

Yes, it is. Pro Complex Gainer contains 60 grams of 7 high quality protein sources that make it easy to be digested and absorbed by your muscles. This sets the environment for fast muscle gains!


How many times should you take Pro Complex Gainer?

Depends on how much you’re currently eating. The consensus is it takes 3500 calories to build 1lb of muscle. Ironically, it takes that same amount of calories to gain 1lb of fat. If you want to get big at a fast rate, then you have to consume a good amount of calories. Since Pro Complex Gainer contains quality protein and low amounts of sugar per serving, you can rest assured that you will gain muscle mass while minimizing fat gain.

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