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NO2-Max Review – Is This Pre Workout Supplement Effective?

NO-2 Max

NO2-Max is a premium pre-workout designed to boost blood flow within your body. This will offer a range of benefits that will help ensure you give 100% at your next workout.

The following review will look more closely at this supplement, to see what ingredients it contains, whether it is safe to use and whether it is cost-effective to buy.

Please continue reading if you are looking for that little boost to your workout performance.

Claimed Benefits of NO2-Max

Using NO2-Max is claimed to offer the following user benefits:

  • Higher energy levels
  • More endurance
  • Better recovery
  • More strength
  • Muscle gains

How Does NO2-Max Work?

Using NO2-Max will help to increase the amount of Nitric Oxide in your blood, which helps to increase blood flow.

When your blood flow increases you are allowing more nutrients and oxygen to reach your muscles. This helps to maximise muscle growth and recovery.

Ingredients found in NO2-Max

You can view the NO2-Max label below:

NO2-Max Label

The main ingredient of NO2-Max is L-Arginine Alpha-Ketoglutarate.

L-Arginine is a branch-chain amino acid that has been shown to metabolise, which helps to produce more Nitric Oxide in your blood.

When this extra Nitric Oxide is produced there are many circulatory benefits to experience, for example, higher levels of endurance.

Higher Nitric Oxide levels will also improve circulation and will help with recovery post-workout too.

Is NO2-Max Safe to Use?

There should be no risk of encountering any side effects while using NO2-Max.

If you are in any doubt, however, then it is always best to speak to a doctor or health professional before using any supplement.

User Testimonials of NO2-Max

There are not too many user reviews available for NO2-Max online. However, we have a screenshot of one below:

NO2-Max User Review

The manufacturer Crazy Bulk has a range of products with plenty of testimonials and transformation pictures that go to show how effective their supplements are:

Crazy Bulk Products

NO2-Max FAQs

The following are questions submitted by our readers if you have any of your own questions you can ask them by leaving a comment below this review:

Is NO2-Max a steroid?

NO2-Max is not a steroid. That means that it is safer to use and that there will be no need for any painful injections.

How to take NO2-Max?

For best results, you should take 2 tablets daily with water 20 minutes before a workout.

Is NO2-Max legal?

Yes, NO2-Max is completely legal to both buy and use.

How long until you see results with NO2-Max?

Supplements like NO2-Max can only do so much. Your results will depend largely on your own dedication, plus your diet and exercise regime.

If you are expecting a supplement to give you massive muscles and a six-pack in just a few weeks then you are going to be disappointed. Even the strongest anabolic steroids cannot work if you are not willing to put in any effort of your own.

Do you need a prescription for NO2-Max?

There is no need for a prescription to buy NO2-Max.

Would we recommend NO2-Max?

If you are looking to give your workouts that little extra boost then NO2-Max will certainly help.

Its main ingredient has been shown to offer numerous benefits, including higher energy levels and increased endurance, which will obviously aid your muscle and strength building journey.

The ability to boost recovery times is also a great benefit to have.

Where to Buy NO2-Max?

NO-2 MaxYou won’t find NO2-Max available to buy on eBay, Amazon, or at your local GNC store.

This may look like a bad sign, but I see it as a positive.

As you can only buy NO2-Max direct from the official Crazy Bulk store you know that the product you are buying is the authentic one, and not a cheap fake made from poor or cheap ingredients.

Often when looking at supplements for sale on eBay or other online marketplaces you need to be careful to ensure the product is not made from potentially dangerous ingredients. Buying direct ensures you won’t need to worry about this.

A months supply of NO2-Max will cost £49.95($59.95), and as there is a buy two get a third FREE offer available in-store you can make HUGE SAVINGS by adding three bottles to your shopping cart.

UK and USA customers have FREE delivery available too.

Finally, as none of the Crazy Bulk products are available for trial, you can buy safe in the knowledge that you won’t encounter any hidden charges or unwanted auto-shipments.

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