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Top 2 Muscle Building Supplements

muscle building

Fellas, so you want to build some muscle, huh? Unless you looked up to Peewee Herman, I am sure you have (or had) the goal of building muscle. Besides, ladies love NATURAL muscle!

The reason I emphasize “natural” is because this article is not for those looking to achieve the unnatural, steroid-induced bodybuilder physique. This article is about using products to help you build natural, healthy muscle without the side effects of growing man boobs and shrinking your balls to the size of green peas. Now that I got that “please don’t do steroids” public service announcement out of the way, the following are several benefits of adding natural muscle mass:

  • Boosts Metabolism
  • Improves Sex Drive
  • Increases Strength
  • Improves Stamina
  • Reduces Risk of Injury
  • Improves Body Composition

Before I name these products, I have another public service announcement: These products alone WILL NOT build muscle! One thing that irks me is that most of these supplement companies will blatantly lie to consumers in order to make a profit. I am sure you seen these supplement advertisements in some of these bodybuilding magazines (who are being funded by the supplement companies) that illustrates their product as being the key to unlocking endless muscle growth. Also, they have the audacity to have some steroid-induced bodybuilder advertising the supplement as if that is ALL he took to get that massive.

News flash fellas! To get muscle, you will have to earn it! While genetics play a role, you have to consistently train your muscles (e.g., calisthenics, lift weights, etc.) week to week, month to month, and year to year to truly earn muscle growth. Also, eating quality, natural foods and drinking water most of the time will expedite the muscle-building process. As for these 3 supplements I am about to name, they are just that, Supplements! They are here to ONLY aid in the muscle-building process. Remember that! With that said, here are the top 2 muscle-building supplements:

Top 2 Muscle Building Supplements

1. Whey Protein

Arguably the most popular supplement that guys who desire shoulders the size of boulders get is whey protein. The funny thing about whey protein is you probably consume it daily without being aware of it. Whey is one of two protein components in milk. (The other is casein protein.) What makes whey protein so popular amongst athletes and people in general is that it quickly aids in muscle protein synthesis (i.e.muscle growth) if consumed 20 to 30 minutes upon completion of resistance training. If you are serious about building muscle naturally, I strongly recommend whey protein, especially if you are a beginner resistance trainee. Interested in buying whey protein?

2. Multivitamin

While whey protein is the popular supplement to aid in muscle-building, multivitamins is the most essential one. If you are thinking multivitamins is just a pill to ensure you get all your vitamins and minerals, you are absolutely right! That is why it is the most essential supplement to build muscle. Still don’t get why? To simply explain, your body needs a stable environment (i.e. efficient in nutrients) to promote muscle growth. Without a stable environment (i.e., nutrient deficiency), that ceases your bodily operations from building muscle. Since you are reading this, I am sure you don’t want that. Unless you are eating how they did back in the primitive days, (long before McDonalds was ruining diet plans around the world) please invest in a male multivitamin. Your muscles will appreciate that. If you‘re looking for a quality men’s multivitamin, this is a good brand.

Well there you have it fellas! 2 supplements that will supplement your goal towards building a natural, muscular physique that your gossipy lady will get off the phone for!

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